Baltimore high school students assault 9th-grader for wearing a Confederate shirt

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On October 26, 2018, multiple Kenwood High School students in Baltimore, Maryland physically attacked a fellow classmate for wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag on it.

A video of the brawl, wherein a mob of students are seen assaulting a classmate as a teacher unsuccessfully tries to break up the mayhem, can be seen here.

A Kenwood parent posted a photo on Facebook of the student who was attacked, with this comment:

“My 10th grader sent me this picture! I would like to know what happened to dress code and school rules?? Why would someone be allowed to wear this to school and not be told to change it? Just horrible.”

According to witnesses in the school, the male student was brutally attacked while sitting in a ninth grade classroom solely for wearing the shirt:

  • Student Alex Wilkinson, who was in an adjacent classroom from where the fight initially broke out before it poured into the hallway, said: “The people were just randomly seeing the guy and hearing about him wearing a shirt like that, and when they saw him, they decided to be rash about it. I definitely saw just a bunch of people just screaming at him from really up close.” Alex’s mother, Nicole Wilkinson, said: “I understand that it’s a controversial item. As a historian, I’d like to keep it in our history, of course, naturally. You know, it was just inappropriate for him to be wearing it in school.”
  • Tra’shaw Holmes, another student, said: “He was minding his business, honestly. They had no right touching him.” But Holmes’ mother objects to the t-shirt: “Why would his parents let him wear it — from the jump, knowing it was going to lead to something crazy? Knowing what’s going on in this world?”

School officials confirmed to WBFF Fox 45 that “there was a fight of some sort” in the classroom, but declined to comment further.

Source: Daily Wire

Kenwood High School is a 9-12 grade public school with 1,629 students: 53% White; 36% Black; 5% Hispanic; 56% from low-income families. says:

This school is rated below average in school quality compared to other schools in the state. Students here perform below average on state tests, have below average college readiness measures, and this school has below average results in how well it’s serving disadvantaged students. Large disparities in suspension rates exist at this school, which is concerning.

Its students are below state average on all performance indicators:

  • A graduation rate of 86% (state average is 87%).
  • AP course participation rate of 14% (state average is 27%).
  • 30% of its students passing 1 or more AP exams (state average is 63%).
  • 28% of its students are proficient in English (state average is 44%).
  • 3% of its students are proficient in Algebra (state average is 36%).

The school’s students per teacher ratio of 14:1 is the same as the state average, but the school’s students per counselor ratio of 331:1 is much better than the state average of 429:1.


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12 responses to “Baltimore high school students assault 9th-grader for wearing a Confederate shirt

  1. Stupid mentally ill liberals/Democrats, triggered to violence by our enemies that control the MSM. They do not even know the truth about the War Between The States, which the series American Experience, did a superb job of explaining the truth about the Republican Lincoln & the Republicans, against the Confederate Democrats! LOL

  2. Well, we don’t have to wonder why it happened. The parent who posted on their facebook answered that question. They learned the prejudice at home.
    They taught their child that it is ok committing violence on another. They are ignorant of their own prejudice. Sad.

  3. While the student didn’t use the best judgment in wearing the shirt, given how violent blacks are in Baltimore, part of me hopes he wears it again, just to show he’s not gonna be intimidated – and friends having his back to prevent more assaults.

    I gotta feeling things are gonna get worse at that school, too.

  4. Hint for Liberals

    Tra’shaw does not see any difference between a white Nazi and a white enabler.

  5. Baltimore has long had a class of people called “Billies”. Basically, its an area of Hill Billies right in the city. He’s probably one of them. I point this out because it probably isn’t all that “new”. The reaction may be.

    To be honest I think we’re long past the head scratching phase. They are dividing and destroying the country. Look at these elections. They are just “finding” votes they need to change the outcome days after the election? The “news” reports this as if its normal.

    PS: It now takes MULTIPLE attempts to post or sometimes pull up an article. Something is wrong and it may not be from the outside.

    They are driving everyone into a corral and asking them to stand on one side of a line or the other. They want civil war so they can institute martial law and impose their reign. It’s already here. They just need to “firm it up”.

  6. A while back, I formed a snake like hypothesis on low educational levels in students of today. It is this, while a young child is in formative years, if the parents don’t continuously nurture the love for learning in their children, the child eventually shuts down their curiosity & willingness to want to learn as they get older. Then they just do enough to get by, requires more effort, where having real curiosity & love of learning it often is effortless.

    Then again, what compounds the issue is the schools who allow many kids to drop between the cracks and many HS graduates can barely read, much less do higher maths. There we get the flaky types, many of whom can’t seem to muster up the mental strength to compete in learning, ending up without critical thinking skills, then they are more likely to become liberals out of a survival need.

    Whoa! Is that how SJWs & Democratic Socialists are made? LOL.

    Critical thinking – The boy wore a shirt which in our political climate would not be acceptable. However, who are those who’re attacking him? Others without critical thinking skills are triggered.

    • They are dumb ignorant Democrats who have been triggered by the Bolshevik/Democrat MSM to respond with hate & violence to someone wearing a Confederate DEMOCRAT Shirt! The irony huh?
      “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past”
      That’s why the Bolshevik monopoly MSM needs to be broken up, and the cultural Marxist entrenched brainwashing facilities, libraries, & publishing houses “De-Bolshevized” (((along with foundations & government)))

  7. Ummmmmm. “Why would his parents let him wear it — from the jump, knowing it was going to lead to some[s]thing[/s] crazy (ape acting mofos, throwin down on his cracker ass)?……”

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. shucks!

  9. This demonstrates the pervasiveness of the hate-mongering, racism, and general insanity which has been produced *by the school*, and their devil worshiper bosses in the federal government, both of which should be held accountable, along with those who were guilty of accosting the kid… note also the rank permissiveness showcased by the sniveling coward “adults”, demonstrating that they feel the mindless rage-based violence is justified… because a kid wore a shirt. A Real mature person would be condemning the violence wholesale, and working to shut it down. (But apparently its not considered bullying if its against a state-sanctioned target, is it?) Personally, I’d like to see this school stripped of funding, and shut down, obviously it is entirely worthless, and serves no purpose except to harm the citizens, but then this is the case with effectively all public schools these days, and who knows what number of private/special ones who purposefully corrupt themselves to get accreditation.

    It is well past time to shut down the entire public propaganda/indoctrination system, and return to actual education, but this cannot be done while the satanists run the government.

  10. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S. Black people are 90% racist and he would probably get beaten up at some point just for being white, and wearing a confederate flag, now he’ll get up all the time. Way to go, CLUELESS MOM!

  11. Well…here in CA, I’ve had parents who allowed Swastikas to be buzzed into the hair-styles of their middle school boys… Is this more “reprehensible” than a Confederate flag, which, at least, is a PART OF OUR HISTORY? —NO MATTER HOW people gyrate and partition,and vote and destroy and roll on the ground and “bite and lick and scratch and chew….” in order to expunge it from our history? We HAVE to come to terms, face to face…with our history at SOME POINT. Accept it…..use it to MOVE ON….instead of trying the old Commie method of destroying/erasing it from our history……


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