Balancing a feather

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Her name is Miyoko Shida, of the Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque. She performed this incredible feat of balance, concentration, and control for the Spanish TV program “Tú Sí Que Vales” (“You Can Do It”).
Shida is from Hiroshima, Japan, but lives in Paris, France.
She calls what she does Sanddornbalance, created by performance artist Mädir Eugster in 1996 as part of a play called Balance … forever turning.
Here’s Shida’s Facebook page:
H/t my sis-in-law Shireen!

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0 responses to “Balancing a feather

  1. Amazing!

  2. Wow!!

  3. OK, I could do that..
    OK I could not do that never ever. That was held by the feather?

  4. Unlike Steve, yes I can do that…but I won’t because my awesomeness of this feat would destabilize reality as we know it, and I wish not to see that happen until your minds can properly comprehend what you are viewing.

    • Will, you are awesome and thank you for not doing it and upsetting the delicate balance of the Universe..

      • You are welcome! 🙂

        • Will, wow that was close. The inverted neutrinos would have sucked us into a time continuum from which bizarro world would have been….hey wait a minute. Did you already do that? Seems to me we are already in Bizzaro world.

  5. Absolutely terrific! Thank you!


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