Bad news for global warmists: Trees and forests increased 865,000 sq. mi. instead of decreased

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In 2015 in its alarming report, Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations dolefully claimed that global tree canopy (or forests) had decreased by a catastrophic 129 million hectares in just 25 years:

In 1990 the world had 4,128 million [hectares] of forest; by 2015 this area had decreased to 3,999 million ha. This is a change from 31.6 percent of global land area in 1990 to 30.6 percent in 2015.

But according to a new study published in Nature, satellite data show that in the 34 years from 1982 to 2016, global tree canopy cover actually increased by 865,000 square miles.

According to the square mile to hectare conversion formula, 1 square mile = 258.998811 hectares. An increase in global tree canopy of 865,000 sq. miles, therefore, is the equivalent of an increase of 224.034 million hectares — in contrast to the UN report’s decrease of 129 million hectares.

The abstract of “Global land change from 1982 to 2016,” by Xiao-Peng Song, et al., in Nature, 560 (2018), pp. 639-643, says:

Here we analyse 35 years’ worth of satellite data and provide a comprehensive record of global land-change dynamics during the period 1982–2016. We show that—contrary to the prevailing view that forest area has declined globally5—tree cover has increased by 2.24 million km2 (+7.1% relative to the 1982 level). This overall net gain is the result of a net loss in the tropics being outweighed by a net gain in the extratropics. Global bare ground cover has decreased by 1.16 million km2 (−3.1%), most notably in agricultural regions in Asia.

The greatest increase in tree canopy or forests occurred in Europe, including European Russia, where it exploded by 35%. China is a close second, where tree canopy gained 34%. In the U.S., tree canopy increased by 15%.

In fact, the increase in forests in the United States and bad management are fueling the terrible scourge of California wildfires.

Umair Irfan reports for Vox on Sept. 4, 2018, that California has 129 million dead trees, spread across 8.9 million acres, which are kindling for wildfires:

The bumper crop of kindling helps explain why this has been the worst year on record for California wildfires. Already, more than 876,000 acres have burned in California, compared to 228,000 last year at the same time. The Mendocino Complex Fire, now almost fully contained at more than 459,000 acres, is the single largest fire on record in state history. The largest fire before that, the Thomas Fire, was just put out in January this year.

Worse still, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesperson Heather Williams said the recent fires have barely made a dent in the glut of dead trees,  and peak fire season in Southern California is still to come later this year.

See also “CA Wildfires Could Increase 77% By 2100“.


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10 responses to “Bad news for global warmists: Trees and forests increased 865,000 sq. mi. instead of decreased

  1. LOL! Naturally the Left will just lie about it…you know…for a change of pace!

  2. The indigenous people of Brazil don’t believe in global warming and Al Gore must be crying foul as new flora and fauna discoveries are made to the amazement of scientists. Al Gore, take a hike in the Everglades!

  3. I drove a man out to Nassau County last weekend, and he said he believed the entire global warming tripe. Then I told him that the more plant life we have, the more carbon dioxide we have. But he would have NONE of it, and he wanted the right to contradict himself about it, too: He just believed the Party Line and would not listen to any reason!

    And what is it with this metric system nonsense??? One square mile equals 27,878,400 square feet. What is it with this HECTARE MADNESS? One sq. mi. = 288.1938375028744911199333562 hectares??? But that’s the UN and the elitists for you: They never give up trying to confuse us!

  4. The chicken little global warmists forgot what they should’ve learned in school; an increase of CO2 will help plant life grow, and the plants will convert the CO2 into oxygen.

    Global warming’s a win-win!

  5. Surely no one actually believes these hysterical morons do this because of the Earth, do they? No, they do it for “carbon credits” which, by the way, do nothing to modify the “problem”.

    No one has even sufficiently demonstrated that a “problem” exists, yet alone effectively established a human cause. Even with a human cause what would we do about it? No, they want to go off and use it as an excuse to lower our standard of living and steal more money from us.

    As this points out, more CO2 means more plant life. More plant life = more O2. Pretty basic. This news will deprive a snowflake somewhere of a whine.

  6. Once you get out of the cities you understand just how vast and uninhabited the vast majority of the world really is. Add to that the oceans, which many more lies are told about by the lying scientists. On the earth humans and animals live on one plain about what 10 feet tall for the tallest animal. The oceans not only occupy more square miles, but the volume that fish live in is 1000x+ the volume that humans and animals live within, since there is no 10 foot plain in the ocean that all fish are confined to. The average depth of the oceans is 12,000 feet, therefore divide 12,000 x 10 feet (plain that humans and animals live on the earth) and you have 1200 times the living space conservatively compared to what humans and animals live within, and they talk about no fish existing very soon, total bs. All propaganda created by lying scientists who get all their income from government grants, and they need to keep spreading the paranoia depopulation agenda or they loose their association recognition and their grant incomes. Everything now to the atheists who have taken all power is to close off all systems that have access to take away their power, and then to impose their agenda upon all through lies and fake science and manipulated data.

  7. Who would have thought that rain and warm weather would make the trees and forests grow???? It is counter intuitive to the investors in Al Gore’s carbon credits.

  8. Well trees and plants DO LOVE carbon dioxide don’t they.

  9. People talk as if trees are the only CO2 users. All plants, even that weed growing out of that crack in the sidewalk, absorbs CO2 and emits O2.


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