Backdoor gun grab/control via “emergency orders”

Every gun-grabber’s dream: Use the Wuhan virus as an excuse to suspend your Second Amendment rights. See the following examples:

Los Angeles: “LA County Sheriff tells me he is beginning to close county gun stores immediately. Deputies are currently going to the stores one by one to order them shut down. Sheriff to utilize scofflaw violations for any gun store still open after he deemed them nonessential.

The Sheriff told me he is a gun owner himself, supports 2nd amendment, but believes too many first time buyers are panicking and bringing guns into homes where people are locked down, which he believes is recipe for disaster with potential accidental shootings.”

(The stores in Burbank are going to remain open because they facilitate security needs. They were ordered to close on Saturday, but the city revised it today.)

Pennsylvania: “Big news: PA Governor Tom Wolf has issued new guidelines that will allow gun stores to remain open across the state, as long as they follow specific social distancing mandates.

The governor’s order is very close to the ideas offered up by three state Supreme Court justices in their dissenting opinion in a suit challenging the governor’s original declaration about “essential” businesses.

Stores will be allowed to operate by appointment only, with undefined “limited” hours, so it’s not perfect. It’s better, and I hope it can be continued to be improved to ensure Pennsylvanians access to their rights.”

North Carolina: “Wake County Sheriff’s Office just suspended ALL pistol permit applications due to “unprecedented demand for weapons.” They will not reopen applications in Wake county until APRIL 30th. They say they’ve seen a 250% increase in demand.”

New Jersey: “New Jersey governor Phil Murphy has ordered all gun stores in the state to remain closed during the declared state of emergency over the coronavirus.”

Apparently gun-grabbers believe gun stores are “non essential” businesses and that an “increase in demand” means they can suspend your rights. Figures.

And this is WHY we need the Second Amendment to protect ourselves (posted at 9:19 last night): “Police in Yakima, Washington now say they DO NOT KNOW how many inmates have escaped local jail, witnesses report at least 20.”

All but eight are “unaccounted for.”

Watch the video of the inmates (obviously not yet fully processed as they are still in civilian clothing?) escaping here.


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It’s the Demonrat way! 🐀🐀🐀 Take away the ability of innocent, law abiding citizens to defend themselves, then release the violent criminals to prey upon the innocent.

Dr. Eowyn

The evil Left’s motto: Never let a crisis go to waste.



Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

It is very plain to see that Satan is alive and well . All this nonsense is so difficult to believe, if we were living in sane times.


I’m starting to feel like I’m a problem that needs to be taken care of.
Gotta go. Getting out my oil and pads and do a little cleaning.

Jackie Puppet

I was surprised that when Illinois went under lockdown, that gun stores were allowed to remain open. Apparently, gun stores provide an essential services, such as the ability to sell ammo to law enforcement.

I stopped by the closest one to my house, and they were open by appointment only, and there’s also a weapons shortage, depending on what one’s in the market for.


Why don’t ANY “Lawmakers” insist on adding to EVERY gun restriction that it ALSO effects THEIR armed Security forces the same way it does ALL of us average gun owners?


‘The Sheriff told me he is a gun owner himself, supports 2nd amendment, but “And THERE ya have it. That sheriff is as anti-gun as any gun-grabbin’ politician (And I didn’t capitalize the first letter because they don’t deserve any respect from We The People.)-either you support the Second Amendment as it was intended or you don’t,ALL OR NOTHING. You can’t pick our Rights apart and choose what parts you will or won’t support. Package deal,are you IN or OUT?


Reporting from So CA: One son and dau-in-law live in LA near LAX (airport). They usually ignore us old folks…but have been calling us almost every day (we live inland, in the “boon docks” according to people from LA or Orange Co—even tho’ we have @200,000 people in our “rural” area now)….. b/c They are scared. “Gangs” of people they don’t know are “canvassing” their area. They feel threatened for break-ins, etc. Dau-in-law’s yoga studio was broken into and vandalized last night (why?… nothing to steal…no money,…just things to destroy)….nothing on the shelves to buy soon after opening in any… Read more »

Deplorable Patriot

I wonder if they know they are just forcing people to buy their guns someplace else. Like on the streets. Illegal gun dealers/ criminals will raised their prices a little but will still be able to sell their guns. They will sell out and then guess what? They will be breaking into peoples homes to find more guns to sell.. That’s exactly how it works on the streets. I can walk out my front door and walk in any direction. Within 1/2 a mile I will be able to find a gun to buy. Wouldn’t even need to do that.… Read more »