Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll

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Hot Air is reporting that the Ames straw poll came to an end this afternoon as the ballot count shows that 16,892 votes were cast, and Michele Bachmann (4,823) won a narrow victory over Ron Paul (4,671) — less than 200 votes difference.  Tim Pawlenty finished in a distant third (2,293), followed by Rick Santorum  and then Herman Cain.  Bachmann comes away with a win, but not by much — and since reports had her giving out 6,000 tickets to the event, it’s not exactly a big endorsement. Rick Perry got 718 write-in votes without showing up at all.
Not sure if this is a real indication of how likely things will go for her in the future . Given we have several RINOs in the running and the disappointing Herman Cain, I’m glad Michele won.
Like I’ve said before, time to put a woman in charge of things!

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0 responses to “Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll

  1. Interesting about Perry write-ins. I’ve read on other blogs that despite his recent signs of evangelical piety, Perry’s known in Texas for some extra-marital encounters. I didn’t catch his announcement on TV today; but, I’ve been told when he tried to coax his wife and children to joing him on the podium, they refused. This situation may backfire on him. The last thing we want is a Lone Star State version of Bill Clinton!

  2. I can’t decide how I feel about anyone except I know that after listening to Ron Paul’s views on foreign policy the other night at the debate, while I guess maybe I’d vote for him over Obama… sure wouldn’t be by much!
    As far as Perry goes…..I kind of like him, but I need to hear more. I know his wife was one of the people who really worked to convince him to run, and from now on……we’ll be seeing plenty of her. They were HS sweethearts and I guess she decided to hang in there, if there were indiscretions. Maybe she wanted to give him the whole spotlight, I don;t know.
    I don’t know why I’m not excited about Michelle Bachman…I don’t dislike her but I sure like Sarah Palin more, but I don’t think either of them would beat Obama…….
    which is the MOST important thing.
    One interesting thing is that today, after Perry announced, it started raining in Texas…funny that : )
    This will definitely be interesting to watch unfold.
    The one thing I find interesting, as well, is all the NY Times, liberal media types saying that these Republican candidates really need to be asked about this or that in their backgrounds……while no one seemed to have the LEAST bit of curiosity even while questionable things were percolating up about Obama, last time around.

  3. Bachmann vs. Paul? Hmmm….
    It’s way too early to tell.
    What about Mitt Romney, Debbie? Wasn’t he in the debate?
    I have the same reaction as Artist’s toward Bachmann: While I don’t dislike her, I can’t say I’m excited by her; but I haven’t really studied this matter to figure out why.

  4. Yes he was in the debate. HA says Romney didn’t “contest” the poll…maybe he didn’t want to spend the $ to participate..,

  5. I’ve heard former UN Ambassador, John Bolton, is considering running. I’ve always thought he was good. He could certainly deal with the Agenda 21/UN situation!

  6. I don’t think we can glean very much from this, anyway.
    I just hope the primary process will eliminate the heard of RINOs very early on.


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