Baby squirrel adopted by cat, purrs!

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Rocky the baby squrrelKaren and Jim Watkins are a couple in Mississippi with a big heart for strays and unwanted animals.

One day, a baby squirrel fell from his high nest. So Karen put the squirrel with her mommy cat, Emmy, and her kittens.

Happily, Emmy immediately adopted Rocky the squirrel as her own.

Now, Rocky thinks he’s a cat. He even purrs like a cat! LOL

Check out the Watkins’ animal rescue non-profit Central Mississippi T.A.I.L.S., here!



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0 responses to “Baby squirrel adopted by cat, purrs!

  1. That’s really amazing and fascinating.


    Love the purring!! This one’s a keeper!!

  3. Wow, what a great story!

  4. That is about the sweetest thing I have seen in a very, very long time.

  5. redneckdixiewarrior

    Who knew squirrels could purrrr? LOL! That is just so cute!

  6. Please note that the Watkins are no longer part of our group Central Mississippi TAILS. The squirrel was release back to the wild and that is all we know. We are now a low cost spay/neuter 501c3 that serve 4 counties in central MS. Our goal is to help control the unwanted pet population in that area. If you wish to donate you can contact us on our FB page, email or send any donations to P.O. Box 1251 Carthage, MS 39051 Thanks!


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