Baby penguin meets first human

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Somewhere in Antarctica, a baby penguin stumbles across a man, Joel Oleson, sleeping on the ground. Baby had never seen a human being before.
First, Baby is confused by the man and stares at him.
Then Baby tries to jump over the man as if he’s a rock. But the man’s too big, and Baby just flops on top of the strange man, with its right wing over Joel’s face.
Next, Baby affectionately pecks Joel’s face, making a happy chirping sound. Baby even playfully snaps at Joel’s nose and hat.

I’d given anything to be Joel! 😀
H/t Daily Mail

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0 responses to “Baby penguin meets first human

  1. Two worlds collide, softly….

  2. How could you sleep through that?

  3. I want one 🙂

  4. good thing he didn’t get his eyes pecked out that would have sucked.

  5. I absolutely LOVE penguins!

  6. Grouchy must now change avatar to a smiley face! 😉

  7. In a sinful world it’s such a blessing to see such moments of PURE innocence! 🙂


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