Baby Butchers at Planned Parenthood Endorse Hillary Clinton

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Your tax dollars at work.
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The New York Times reported yesterday that Planned Parenthood has endorsed Hillary Clinton. From their story:

“Planned Parenthood, which has become an ideological minefield in the 2016 presidential election, said Thursday that it would endorse Hillary Clinton — its first endorsement in a presidential primary in the nonprofit’s 100-year existence. Mrs. Clinton will officially accept the group’s support Sunday at a campaign rally in Manchester, N.H. “Everything Planned Parenthood has believed in and fought for over the past 100 years is on the ballot,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood.”

Cecile Richards

Cecile Richards

Cecile Richards tweeted the picture of Hillary as well as the following:
“Today, we’re proud to endorse .”
GOP candidates want to erase decades of progress for women: health insurance, birth control, abortion. We need her. In the White House.
“In : Why is the right choice for women’s & reproductive rights in 2016 →
“This election is much bigger than Planned Parenthood — it’s about a whole generation of people & their right to health care.”
“. understands the lives of women & has been fighting for them her entire life.”
In response to the last tweet, I asked Cecile the following: “Like those such as Broaddrick, Willey, Flowers, Lewinsky, etc.?” She chose not to reply to me. Shocker, not.

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0 responses to “Baby Butchers at Planned Parenthood Endorse Hillary Clinton

  1. I oppose abortion, irresponsible sexual activity and using my taxes to subsidize these behaviors.
    Actually I oppose everything Hillary supports, and I like Trump.
    So O’Reilly says I may be a bigot.

    • MeThePeople . . . you can count me in on being a bigot! O’Reilly used to be more on point, but these days he is out in left field. I just do not enjoy watching him anymore–so I don’t.In my opinion, he has turned into one of the 1% who feels they should be telling the rest of us morons how to conduct our lives.

  2. Of course they need her in the Whitehouse… to do their evil bidding. Cecile will be up the creek if Trump or Cruze get in. No more big $$$, fancy cars, pretty parties where they talk high and mighty trash.
    I hope the black people wake up and see the truth that planned parenthood was founded by a eugenic monster who want to kill as many black babies as she could in order to do her Hitler style selection of who SHE thought the world should be made up of.

  3. For the life of me, I cannot understand the statement that “abortion is an essential part of reproductory health.” I must be so stupid that I can not even break that down so that I can understand that statement. Can anyone explain how it is essential to reproductory health. It is little wonder that Hillary has no problems with the killing of innocent babies . . . just look at the deaths of so many other people surrounding the Clintons. Yet again, she is a 1% (like Bill Gates and his wife) who feel they are authorized to be the champions of Mother Earth and decide just how many children she can provide for. Hillary is a power hungry amoral woman, just the same as her husband.

    • “Can anyone explain how it is essential to reproductory health.” It’s not. It’s all about controlling the language to control the debate. Alinsky tactic.

  4. If memory serves , there is no constitutional right to health care . Wipe your own ass for once in your life . Or do you need remedial education for that ?
    These libs can make a person puke ……..I wonder if she was ” Jones-ified ” , would she be singing a different tune
    Probably not

  5. ElizabethsSpilledTeaCup

    “3 Da*n good reasons”
    What are they 13 and think they are edgy with that language?
    PP does NOT provide healthcare, that is the biggest myth ever!

  6. Of course they will support Hillary, they know a good Conservative would stop the gravy train after all the negative exposure recently.
    Simple, the left gives them millions of our money, that I oppose, and they in turn use that same money to support their gravy train by giving back to the left. Laundering made simple.
    This is a group that promotes the thought that it is okay to not tell your future sexual partners you are HIV positive. I think that makes them an accessory to endangerment.
    They a think it is peachy to kill a precious 8 month baby that is breathing on its own. Murder plain and simple. In another time, illegal. And to sell baby parts is all part of buying a new car.
    These are cold, callus people. Just look back on who Richards mother is, one of the most callus and vile people out there.

  7. I believe the word DAMN in the endorsement is very telling……. little do they know in there immoral atheistic hearts if they dont repent and find GOD then thats exactly what will happen to them for the murder of countless millions of innocent babies
    PS I have been a silent reader for a while and I find this website very refreshing 🙂

  8. just….ugh…..ugh

  9. Cecile Richards (and Hillary) have it both BACKWARDS: They are DEATH WORSHIPERS. They choose death—extinction itself—as a value. They are nihilists, of course. We all choose evil and some point or other: We’re all sinners. But we cannot choose evil for the sake of evil: We choose it for the sake of the good.
    But all these little Margaret Sangers are NIETZSCHEAN: Like Nietzsche, they crow, “Evil, be Thou my Good.” They seek to choose evil for the sake of Evil. Just like Nietzsche, who DELIBERATELY infected himself with syphilis, these little Margaret Sangers seek to overturn reality itself.
    WATCH FOR a rare moment of candor (Richards is almost there). Watch for a rare moment of candor, in which one of these little Margaret Sangers comes out and actually TELLS THE TRUTH about their motives, about what they are really doing and why they are doing it. THIS is what to watch for:
    1. Andre Gide said of Nietzsche: “Nietzsche’s problem can be summed up in a single sentence: He had an insane jealousy of Jesus Christ.” and,
    2. Vladimir Lenin let the cat out of the bag when he said, “We hate God because He does not exist. And if He did Exist, we would hate Him all the more, because God is not a Communist.”
    THIS is what is going on with Planned Parenthood and its little Margaret Sangers. And they will go on killling long after they themselves are dead!

  10. How can abortion be a “right” in a country which supposedly guarantees everyone LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Abortion is a horrible sin and deep down everyone knows this. St. James is right when he says that one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it is sin.

  11. Maybe 13 hours will drive a stake through Hillary’s campaign and end the Clinton Era.
    Bernie makes more sense than Kasik and Bush.

    • “Bernie makes more sense than…” Yes, Bernie “B.S.” Sanders DOES say some true things. But every candidate (almost every one) does. Don’t let the B.S. artist from Vermont fool you: He sounds like Everyman, until you keep listening. And then you discover he’s the “Everyman” that has passed through the Leninist-Trotskyist filter!
      Bernie “B.S.” Sanders is “less filling, tastes great” because there is nothing of substantial truth or tradition in him! HE’S A COMMIE!!!

  12. SB: Right, Bernie is a commie.
    Maybe a nationalistic commie, while the establishment guys are globalists? Bernie, Bush, Kasik, Hillary: they all suck


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