Baby bunnies sleeping & dreaming

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Pure blessed innocence — reflections of their creator, and a reminder to us that God is good.


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7 responses to “Baby bunnies sleeping & dreaming

  1. Baby animals are generally so very cute, especially rabbits.

  2. Alvin Truthfinder

    Truly lovely. Thank you.

  3. When I lived near Garberville, CA, I had a walk-in rabbitry that was so large that I called it my rabbit condos! Most of the time I had between 50 & 70 rabbits, adults and juniors. Even in those which were closely determined genetically, there was a great deal of variety and certainly personalities!

    Anyone who thinks rabbits are just all fluff, has never read Watership Down, which is of course, the #1 classic of rabbitry community.

  4. My dogs dream, doesn’t that constitute “higher awareness” that modern day “liberal” (((junk))) “Science” says is not possible?
    As I’ve said before the Vitalists and our ancestors were right all along


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