Baby Blue Eyes

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This baby seal was abandoned on a beach, ostracized by other seals because of his rare gingery-brown fur and blue eyes.

Photographer Anatoly Strakhov, 61, spotted the sad seal hiding under some logs on Tyuleniy Island, Russia.

Strakhov said: “He was not playing with other baby seals he just was hiding and waiting for his mother to come and feed him. As soon as I saw him I knew he was different, he had a very strange color fur and looked different from his two black brothers. When the seal saw me he turned his head to me as I took his picture. I spent around half an hour photographing him, I was pleased to be able to capture such an unusual animal. But it is a great pity because, the poor seal is almost blind and so was unlikely to survive in the wild.”
Tamara Cooper, head of the animal care team at the National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, said it is rare to see seal pups with such pale features and blue eyes, and that she’s never seen that species before.
Happily, Anatoly was with staff from a dolphinarium who took the seal into their care.
Source: Daily Mail, Sept 15, 2011

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0 responses to “Baby Blue Eyes

  1. Oh, he is so dear!!! Thank God for these kind and wonderful people who took him in! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for sharing this heartfelt story with us! We must hear about these things to keep our sanity! God bless you!

    • Thank you, my dear Godsister. Yes, we really need these stories of God’s precious creatures to keep our sanity. May Christ comfort you in your suffering from your many ailments.

  2. aaahh…too cute. Glad he’s going to be taken care of!

  3. Glad it looks like the little fella is going to be okay.

  4. Ahhhhh, that is soooooo sweet!!! Can i bring it home?????

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    My granddaughter Mia’s heart is in this story. She would have immediately scooped this precious “child” up and cared for it as if her own!
    As she is only 8, I still have time to warn her about picking up some pathetic, helpless, “doesn’t-have-a-clue” Progressive Leftist pup.


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