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Did politics and the economy get you down?
Here are 10 pics that’ll sure bring a smile to your face:

A baby dolphin

Baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin

A firefighter giving a kitten oxygen

A baby owl

A baby turtle the size of a grape

An embarrassed walrus

A kitten with a permanent top hat

A pug with pug slippers

A baby hedgehog taking a bubble bath

An otter showing you her baby

A big h/t to beloved fellow GrouchyFogie!

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0 responses to “Babes

  1. Just precious! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Eowyn and GrouchyFogie! They are all so very precious! I love all of them! Too cute! When I see these beautiful creatures, I automatically think of God! He is so good to create these wonderful babies!

  3. Need some cuteness this am, thanks.

  4. i have a book downstairs in which a man who lived on one of the shetland islands had an otter that he raised as a pet. and the book is about him and the otter and the otters curiosity and intelligence.

  5. big smiles:) thanks!

  6. I read that book so many years ago, I forgot the title. Ring of Bright Water, a lovely story! Having read that, I went on to read all the Lillian Beckwith books about life in the Hebrides. Beautiful Just!


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