B.O.T.T.S. -Barack Obama's Truth Team

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Remember the hysteria of his “Fight the Smears” pit bulls during the 2008 campaign followed last years by Attack Watch?

Well, get ready for the latest Obama fear-fest. Barack Obama’s Truth Team aka BOTTS.  I can’t wait for a good video about the “BOTTS”
You would think Team-Obama had learned their lesson with Attack Watch; but, apparently they function best in full paranoia mode.  I guess when you’ve reneged on campaign promises, run up the deficit trillions of dollars  and pissed off the Catholic Church, what else is left but paranoia?
According to Wikipedia, BOTTs are actually those annoying little yellow bumps in the road, much like Barack Obama’s Truth Team.

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0 responses to “B.O.T.T.S. -Barack Obama's Truth Team

  1. Skippy wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the forehead.
    Can’t wait to get on Twitter to see all the “truth” jokes!

  2. Mr. Soetero’s life is filled with lies and obfuscation. If he was Pinocchio his nose would wrap around the earth multiple times. His truth team will need to work a lot of overtime since he lies whenever he speaks.

  3. Barack Obama Truth Team is an oxymoron, as “Obama” is the very opposite of “Truth”. Heck, he won’t even show us his kindergarten school records; or his college G.P.A. from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard; or his S.A.T. and L.S.A.T. scores; or his medical records; or why he has a Connecticut Social Security number; or his original (not an image) birth certificate!

  4. He thinks that he can manipulate the truth. He spoke the truth when he said he believed in regime change in Syria and he spoke the truth when he said the US were firmly allied with Israel, now the “unfortunate” truth is that two known terrorist organizations are known to be tied to the regime change effort in Syria, Al Qaeda, and the MEK to the destablization of Iran. He signed the bill that says that those with known alliegence to terrorist groups are to be arrested by the military ad placed indefinitely in detention with no recourse to a lawyer.
    Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. Looks like Barack Obama is finding out the difference between a stepping stone and a stumbling block.

  5. he is winding his own web,one that he will not get out of.

  6. the truth is not in this jackass he lies about lying

  7. Yeah, #attackwatch round 2, he was made to look totally stupid in round 1, get a twitter account, if you don’t have one and join the fun…


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