B.C. overdoses claimed more lives in May than COVID-19 has claimed all year in the province

Forced economic shutdowns cause people to lose their jobs and contact with friends and family, resulting in a lot of mental pain and suffering. No wonder some succumb to drugs.

As reported by CBC:

The BC Coroners Service said 170 people died of an illicit drug overdose in May, the highest total ever recorded for a single month in provincial history.

It’s also more people than have died from COVID-19 in B.C. all year.

“It’s frustrating to see the number of illicit drug deaths go up and to reach a new high … It’s sad to see this many people impacted, losing their lives,” said Andy Watson, a spokesperson for the coroners service.

The province said 167 people have died of COVID-19 since B.C.’s first case of the virus was confirmed six months ago. The annual total for overdoses in B.C. was 554 as of May 31.

More than 82 per cent of overdose deaths in May involved fentanyl.

Watson said post-mortem toxicology testing suggests there were a greater number of cases with “extreme” concentrations of the opioid in May compared with previous months.

“The rate and the level of fentanyl concentration is the highest that we’ve seen it,” Watson said Thursday.”

Read the whole story here.


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1 month ago

Thanks, DCG. You put the COVID-19 hype in its right perspective.

Dr. Eowyn
1 month ago

And I betcha way more unborn babies had died from abortions than from COVID-19 in the relevant time period.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Still waiting for BLM to protest at planned (un)parenthood.

1 month ago

Statistics. They’ll say what you want depending on the questions asked, how they are asked, etc. Then analyzing the data collected, deciding what it means. Mark Twain said “there’s three kinds of lies. There’s lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.

1 month ago

Great article DCG!
(I’m a BC gal, FWIW)

Fentanyl- another “plague” sent to us from China.