Azealia Banks: ‘Whiteness May Be a Mental Illness’

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Keep in mind, this comes from a woman who said, “I hate everything about this country!”

The lovely Ms. Banks

The lovely Ms. Banks This may or may not be related to the recent trouble Azealia Banks encountered on a flight earlier from NYC to LAX, but the singer has been blowing up Twitter with several disparaging comments about whiteness.
In case you missed it, Banks flew to Los Angeles early Tuesday morning and, upon trying to scoot past a French couple who were unloading their luggage from the overhead compartments in front of her, she allegedly got into an altercation with the man. Things took a turn for the worse when Banks allegedly called a Delta flight attendant who intervened a homophobic slur. She later took to Twitter to shut down the backlash.
azealia-banksBanks took to Twitter again, talking peripherally about the Black Lives Matter movement. She mentioned how tired she was of hearing white people say that all lives matter (a common counter to the Black Lives Matter movement). From there, she began spiraling off into a series of other tweets about whiteness and reptilian brain theories.
Of course, there were responses. Banks defended her claims, telling followers, “I beg you guys to please unfollow me. This is my Twitter and I will post what I want my followers to see. If you don’t like it PLEASE LEAVE.” In a tweet a few seconds later, she wrote, “I’m really really not interested in the [“All Lives Matter”] bulls— and I honestly don’t want to hear what any of you haters have to say.”
Here are a few of her tweets.
“Why do white folk have to be soooooo disappointing al the time? If I hear another white person say all lives matter”
Whiteness may be a mental Illness. the general disregard for other people’s struggle that white folk generally have is not of this earth”
“And if all the pharmaceutical companies have a pill for every emotional disorder why don’t they invent something to cure whiteness?”
Why have they not invented a pill to save the planet from whiteness? There has to be someway to affect that reptilian cortex and fix it.”
“The peoples of the world are drowning in white language, white culture, white religions, white ideals. Who is gonna save us from it?”
I’m thinking this girl has some anger issues. She also tweeted the following:
Gay white men don’t support anyone gay but themselves and I’m sick of the bullshit. Leave me out of it.”
“I don’t wanna come to ur glaad, to ur logo, to nothing GAY. Especially when all YALL think bisexuality is fake anyway. FOH”
“Because it’s not really LGBT. It’s fucking GGGG and I’m sick of gay white men having control of the LGBT conversation.”
“Gay male misogyny has driven me to my breaking point. I no longer want to be associated with anything LGBT.”
She must be such a blast at parties.

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0 responses to “Azealia Banks: ‘Whiteness May Be a Mental Illness’

  1. What a pig!

  2. From her photos, it is clear to any psychiatrist that Azealia Banks is severely mentally ill.

  3. She always has the option of packing up her crap and moving back to Mother Africa.

  4. Jack, my thoughts exactly. This country was founded as a white, anglo-saxon, Christian country. That is what we are and that is what we need to return to — I would say stay but we have fallen off the wagon. There are numerous countries in this world she could move to and become a citizen of where all her Blackness (I assume she is Black) would be accepted. She can get the people of those countries to support her in the style to which she has become accustomed! I dare her to do it. She just may find out that the people of those countries don’t want her kind either.

  5. Can someone tell me who this Section 8, intellectually challenged, waste of skin is?

    • An “artist” from New York.

      • Remember when black artists were AMAZING? Satchmo, Sarah Vaughn, Duke Ellington, Sammy Davis, Jr., Lena Horne, Nat King Cole, Cab Calloway. The list is endless…
        The new and improved “democrat plantation” has destroyed them.

        • Exactly. She’s not MLK’s “star” when we judge her by the content of her character, instead of the color of her skin. Seems to me…she’s skating on that color thing all along—courtesy of the hubris of the administration of Barack Hussein Obama & his recently vacated chief lawyer, Eric Holder, b/c ….there is no character content whatsoever…….

  6. If her I.Q. was her bust size , she might come up with a cognitive thought every decade . ( or so )

  7. and she is important, why? Who is this skank?

  8. she’s like a black version of miley cyrus…ugh!

  9. Oh,yeah-she’s a FINE one to preach about “whiteness” being a mental Illness. She’s one of the MOST “mentally ill” individuals I’ve ever seen,OF ANY COLOR. (Is she somehow related to Maxine Waters?)

  10. This is a case of desperation in the worst way. She not only embarrasses herself, but she insults all the good and talented black people out there.
    I doubt she would be welcomed any time soon into a black Southern church.
    She is a huge waste of oxygen and I would give her zero time.

  11. I picked up Samantha J, a relatively new rap or hip-hop artist, in my Uber about two weeks ago. She was quite a lady—very polite and very well-spoken. Why can’t Azalia be like that? Well, after having taught in New York City for 12 years, I’ll tell you why: These people are narcissists with a grievance issue, that’s why. Clearly, they have opened a portal to demonic activity. First come the thoughts. Then the anger and the words. Then the vulgar, usually sex-obsessed behaviors. Taken to its logical conclusion, these people commit murder or suicide.
    About two weeks ago I read something very true. (I think Thomas Sowell said it; Please correct me if I’m wrong). The man said, “White people treat us [blacks] better than we treat ourselves.”
    Hey, Azalia: Take your schtick and SHOVE IT!

  12. Michael Robinson’s little brother, perhaps?

  13. Musings on Azealia Banks, black female racist
    On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous speech, I Have a Dream, in which he said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” How ironic, then, that 45 years later we were usurped by an audience more concerned with skin color than character and qualifications, and a half-black president who continues to divide us racially.
    *Many white and black Americans are sick of the Left’s reflexive, default-mode accusations of racism. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, more Americans view blacks — instead of whites or Hispanics — as racist. Even liberals (21%) see most black Americans as racist. Even Democrats (29%) see most black Americans as racist. Even black Americans (1 out of every 3!) think most blacks are racist. In fact more blacks (31%) think most blacks are racist than blacks (24%) who think most whites are racist.” -Fellowship Of The Minds, 07/03/2013

  14. Just wait until her highness gets a little more age on her, then young people will not find her as appealing. Judging from the picture of her sticking out her tongue–I would say she is not to far from being down right ugly.

  15. These are all planned attacks in order to incite racism. By spewing such sick outrageous and filthy remarks, it gets her in the news and people talk about her. They should not get any press because it is all garbage. In my opinion, stories like this should not even be printed.


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