AZ says it has "verification" of Obama's U.S. birth

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett says he has received the information he requested from Hawaii, which proves Barack Obama’s American birth. Consequently, Obama now satisfies Arizona’s requirements for being on the state’s election ballot.
Yvonne Wingett Sanchez reports for The Republic/, May 22, 2012, that yesterday a Hawaii government official sent verification of Obama’s birth to Bennett’s office.
Last month, Bennett, who insists he’s not associated with “the birthers,” had asked Hawaii to verify Obama’s birthplace to ensure his eligibility to appear on Arizona’s November ballot.
Bennett said the issue is now resolved from his point of view: “I’m happy that we got what we asked for and that’s what I was expecting all along.” Bennett, therefore, cancelled a planned Wednesday news conference where he had been expected to discuss the issue.
In an e-mail, Joshua A. Wisch, special assistant to the attorney general in Hawaii, also declares the matter to be resolved, “We have received information from Secretary Bennett that satisfied our requirement and has therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama.”

Ken Bennett

That Hawaii has sent Arizona “verification” of Obama’s U.S. birth is most odd because one year and four months ago, on January 18, 2011, Hawaii’s governor Neil Abercrombie had said he couldn’t find Obama’s original long-form birth certificate! Abercrombie, who is no friend of “birthers,” even admitted that the elusive birth certificate may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health.
The citizens of Arizona should now demand that their secretary of state show them and the American people this “verification” of Obama’s American birth.  And has this “verification” been examined by documentary forensics experts for its authenticity?
Ken Bennett is a Republican and former Arizona state legislator who was appointed secretary of state by Jan Brewer to replace her when she was elected governor. Here is Mr. Bennett’s contact info:

The Honorable Ken Bennett
Secretary of State
1700 West Washington Street, 7th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2888

Phone: (602) 542-4919

Meanwhile, Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is saying this will not deter him from his continuing investigation into Obama’s eligibility and his many concealed documents, including his forged online birth certificate and Selective Service registration. For that matter, the lead detective of Arpaio’s all-volunteer Cold Case Posse investigatory team is already on the ground in Honolulu to do just that.

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0 responses to “AZ says it has "verification" of Obama's U.S. birth

  1. I saw this late last night and this whole thing is loony tunes.
    I can’t decide if Obama was lying way back when, when he said that he was born in Kenya because an Oreo from a rich White vacation State like Hawaii wouldn’t have a whole lot of community activist street cred or he is lying now with his bogus left in layers dopey find the smiley face you idiots digital birth certificate.
    One way or another Obama is a big fat liar.
    I recall when they unveiled the dopey digital bc a year ago April, some reporter said she saw the really-o truly-o birth cerftificate so we were all supposed to take her word for it.
    Now Bennett and his cohort Wisch say they have seen “IT” and so we can all be satisfied.
    Just like Corey Booker lickety split made a retraction video on YouTube saying he didn’t mean nauseated when he said nauseated and was taken out of context. I always use the word “nauseated” when I mean something completely different.
    It’s all a steaming load of BS, pardon my French.
    I think Obama and his little worker bees are threatening people somehow.
    I think Hawaii is a cesspool and Bennett caved and is a wimp,
    something’s awfully stinky….
    but I think everything is a diversion to NOT look at Obama’s abysmal record.

  2. The whole system is corrupted. With all of this nonsense going on for three years, I’d be surprised if the man was born on this planet. There is no truth in the political system and that’s why I think it is completely dysfunctional.
    This was just a sleight-of-hand con job to take the heat off of this issue.
    Think about it, if Obama posts a forgery from the White House, why would he do that if Hawaii could have just issued a letter stating that he’s eligible to be president? You know when a government official is lying, when he opens his mouth and speaks.

  3. PEEEE—UUUUUU!!!!! Holding my nose!

  4. “Because I said so” isn’t going to work for me….

  5. Does his horse still have a head?

  6. I agree that something really stinks !!! I was listening to a local station in Phx this morning and the talk show host (Barry Young) was busy trying to convince his audience that Sherrif Arpaio and “The Birthers” (he said that while laughing ) are being stubborn and acting stupid. …And Mr Young stated that he is an expert on The Constitution, and that Obama is a natrual born citizen. And then when several people were calling in with FACTS about the Constitution regarding what it states about the specific qualifications for POTUS….Barry Young was interrupting them and putting them all down and making fun of them, and soon cutting them off the air ! And of course, I was furious !
    And while on the subject, I have also been very disappointed in Glenn Beck with his strange attitude regarding the investigation of the B.C. Afterall, he has always encouraged his audience to do the research and to VERIFY !!! SO why is he trying to discourage millions of people from insisting that the investigation continues ? Are these people who are displaying such contempt , afraid for their lives ? Or are they afraid that Americans might learn something else …such as who Barry’s REAL biological father might possibly be ?? Or what ?? Seems they are all deeply afraid of something, or perhaps several things. (??) Perhaps they have actually learned the truth, or at least suspect the truth ; and they fear tremendous outrage from the American people if the people learn the same (???) I just don’t know. I can only TRY to imagine the possibilities of why they are being so discouraging of Sheriff Joe and millions of other Americans who are persuing the investigation.
    And ….I keep remembering Obama’s words, “The only people who are afraid to disclose the truth are people with something to hide !!! “

  7. Sorry for misspelled words, and for taking up so much space. I am so absolutely outraged over this most recent news from Ken Bennett. He is such a coward !!!

  8. This scenario sickens me. What was provided to traitor SoS Ken Bennett was a joke of a document by the state of Hawaii while Bennett claimed information was based on the original birth certificate which we all know does not exist in Hawaii. We are supposed to accept Hawaii officials word (again)? We have been down that road again and again. That seemed perfectly fine for Bennett that Hawaii has no problem with boldface lies concerning the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. When one has a lying, corrupt, and putative president in office, lying and corruption becomes the Democratic norm and way of doing business. This practice is so far removed from what our flag and constitution represent and a slap in the face to all US military past and present. We have both a usurper prez and shadow government that is more interested in sacrificing our sovereignty as a free nation for global governance and economy. This government knows the truth about Obama and still will not stop at anything to achieve its goals, including global redistribution of US wealth, with much of that money going to our enemies who want us dead.
    As for SoS Ken Bennett, he initially made me feel a sense of pride concerning his firm position on Obama, but after accepting Hawaii’s freshly typed false verification of birth, it told me Bennett has decided to take the easy road and bury the issue quickly. He refused to even look at the evidence against Obama which makes him unsuitable for office.
    Never forget our traitors, like Ken Bennett and Republican RINOs who have supported the left-wing chicanery of strategies and schemes. They do not represent “We the People.” They stand for evil and corruption

  9. SOS Bennet caved. it absolutelly disgusts me that he wouldn’t listen to Det. Zulu and Sheriff Arpaio. Did he get threats from McCain, Brewer or Soetero? We still don’t have answers about baby Sunharo’s certificate, Soetero’s adoption, his passport records, fraudulent Social Security numbers, forged Selective Service records, phony online certificate, college registration nationality, financial benefactor during college years, Donald Young’s death, Soetero’s drug habits, ETC. ETC.
    Where are the CIA, the FBI and the Dept. of Justice? They are corrupt and covering for him. I pray that our country will recover and escape from this madness.

  10. His father was a BRITISH SUBJECT which makes him ineligible
    and….He’s got Prince Charles ears….just sayin’ 🙂

    • Handsoffmyhealth

      I am not a fan of Obama’s, far from it, but I do believe in the rule of law.
      You don’t know the law or the court cases. Even if and it is a big if, Obama (Sr alleged) is his father, citizenship is not conferred through the father only or even primarily and he wasn’t a British subject after 1962 and the marriage was not legal.
      US law goes by jus soli, not jus sanguinis. Even if he was foreign born (and for that to be true, there would need to be more evidence, even the so-called “birthers” cite Indonesian school records as “proof” of non citizenship but admit that those records show his birthplace as Hawaii, so did the “forgery” extend to Indonesia and back to 1965 when he was 5?) even if foreign born, his mother is a citizen and according to law, that makes POTUS a natural born citizen.
      Just saying You are saying nonsense….

  11. It may not be nefarious arm-twisting and, if not, then professional courtesy (regardless of partisan leaning) is enough to keep things from being spread all over the media; i.e., there may be fakery (but not fraud and/or unconstitutionality) involved and it’d be an upsetting/dumb pain-in-the-rear if it got out to the point everybody just feels it’s better off left ’til the day after someone else’s inauguration. Aside from “Davis, John Marshall” appearing in an embarrassing place on the actual original birth document (whatever it is) that few get to see and no one wants to get out when they actually do (not counting the Adobe PhotoShob job that Arpiao says is fake along with the Selective Service registration) “Obama” may not be Obama’s birth name– Dunham or anything but Obama. He was Barry Soetero for while– we know that– but when, exactly, did he become Barack Obama and how official was that? That may be the problem. It’s the right guy and he was born in Hawaii, sure enough, but his actual right name– did he actually, legally, change it? (Mundane but an annoying hassle of significant proportion.)

    • Handsoffmyhealth

      I am of the opinion or supposition whatever, that any forgery or alteration of the birth certificate took place when he was 10, to reverse the adoption and establish a paternity by the only black man around at the time of Barry’s conception who wasn’t a married 55 yr old friend of grandpa.Sr never acknowledged the marriage to Dunham or at least never identified her in any documents with specificity and only alluded to an American child on one doc. It is suspicious to me that Sr name is misspelled (doesn’t match the immigration docs spelling) and that Sr birthdate is wrong by 2yrs (again from immigration docs) and that Barry is not Jr but the II which indicates no blood relationship.
      As long as this thread is dealing in rumors, innuendo, circular reasoning and flat out stupidity, thought I’d toss this in the mix….BTW Barry looks like Frank Marshall Davis (?) and Davis’ son. There is the earliest communist influence for you and why was he the mentor? HMMM?

      • And the truth is always dumber and less sexy than we think– fiction has to make sense and be interesting, truth doesn’t.

        • My guess is that he was Soetero at Occidental and became Obama with the transfer to and graduation from Columbia– Law School and politics followed from there– as in “finding an identity” (or whatever) as left/liberals say you’re supposed to do at college. The college transcript matches his name, he’s happy and everyone else is happy that checks-out– transcripts don’t exactly list FKAs (formerly-known-as) or reference back to a birth certificate (maybe where/when graduated high school, but who usually goes there?). Never got around the full-on business of changing it legally or figured that was good enough, perhaps. It happens.

      • “As long as this thread is dealing in rumors, innuendo, circular reasoning and flat out stupidity,”
        Do you always come onto a blog to hurl gratuitous insults?
        As for Frank Marshall Davis, we’re way ahead of you:
        You can now wipe that superior sneer off your face.

  12. another bought off coward.—-you are soo right Grouchy.

  13. “Something is rotten in Denmark!” There is so much corruption involving Obama and the chain of evidence regarding this keeps going on and on, doesn’t it! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this informative post. As for the Secretary of State, what was his point asking for any verification in the first place, now that he doesn’t seem to care and vouchsafes everything to the wind? We just have to keep fighting!

  14. Does his horse still have his head? That had to be the best comment evah. Does his horse still have his head.
    Obviously not.

  15. I smell skunk—–! Well, looks like Sheriff Joe & his Possee are the only ones not “bailing” on this one–the only TRUE MEN ! So many spineless people who are unwilling to take a stand ! Does Bennett really expect this to just go away??

  16. PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

  17. “Does his horse still have a head ?” Hahahaha ! ..What a perfect post from BritCapitalist ! Why, I could almost hear the music playing from the movie …”TheGodfather.”

  18. Got this e-mail from my friend who’s a licensed attorney, former Public Defender, and a registered Democrat: “Government bureaucrats all behave pretty much alike. Unless I saw the underlying documents, I’d give little creedance to any secretary of state ‘s ‘verification ‘.”

  19. SO predictable… some official dips a toe into the birther waters- makes a ruling the birthers like (Mahili) or asks some questions the birthers like (Bennett) and the birthers cheer him on. Inevitably, things go south when the well established facts are AGAIN established, and the birthers turn on said official like dogs on raw meat. Now Bennett is “corrupt.” Hilarious!

    • SO predictable. Every time FOTM has a post on Obama’s deception and lying about his records, another mind-numbed Obamabot inevitably comes on.
      Gosh, Rob, you mean you’ve seen that “verification” that Hawaii sent to that Arizona secretary of state? Will you share it with us, pretty please?
      It never ceases to astonish me how you mind-numbed Obamabots are just oh so trusting of what govt officials say. Wait! You didn’t do that when George W. was president! Why’s that?
      Thanks for making the end of my long day fun, ’cause you’re ROFL hilarious!!!!

    • One thing missing from your comment Rob, “raaaaaaacist”!

    • The problem with Rob’s comments is that he misses the obvious. Obama himself released a phoney birth certificate from the Shit Ho…White House.
      No one doing the investigation has been allowed to see the original, if it even exists.
      I have a theory. I think Obama was born in Kenya which makes him qualified to be President of the United States…anyone figure it out?

    • well established facts? you have had your head in the sand-haven’t you?

  20. There is no question that ridicule is a powerful and effective tool, which we should use every day against the mutant leftists who believe it is their exclusive property. It has been extremely effective in neutralizing many who have a legitimate question: “Where’s the birth certificate?” After almost four years of conspiracy and cover up, the FACT is that the ORIGINAL LONG FORM birth certificate showing the hospital of birth and attendant physician has NEVER been produced. Of course, Mr. Bennett will have seen it and made a copy for us, right? (Howls of derisive laughter).We may not get to the truth for some time but history has a long arm.

  21. Don’t jump to conclusions, Eowyn. I worked very hard on BOTH W campaigns in my home state, and gave what was for me a substantial sum of money- and I will do so again for Romney.
    Conservatives and birthers are not one and the same.

    • Dear Rob,
      I politely suggest that it is you who jump to conclusions.
      I also politely suggest that it is rude and arrogant for a first-time visitor to a privately-owned non-commercial blog to insult the host in his very first comment.

    • Guess what Rob? Romney is NO Conservative, another candidate shoved down the peoples throat-by thee establishment and the media. A GHW Bush puppet. I beg to differ with your last statement also. Where have you been?? Don’t waste your hard earned money on smoke and mirrors. Little George was an illusion also,soft-he did his daddy alot of favors though.

  22. He meant to say Neo Conservatives and birthers are not one and the same. Are we to believe that “Rob” is a NeoCon and not an Obamabot? We have no idea who “Rob” is. Whatever, he is still unable to produce the original long form birth certificate for us to look at.

  23. Has Arpaio Posse’s investigator actually seen the “verification” Hawaii sent that fool in Arizona? From the WND article, seems the investigator is referring to the “verification” as a “letter.” If so, then even a child (home-schooled, not govt-schooled!) knows a letter from a govt official constitutes no “verification”!!!!
    And why aren’t the citizens of Arizona up in arms about this?

  24. Gov. Abercrombie is a recycled, old Communist agitator, took classes with the real Kenyan Obama in Hawaii, and was a buddy of Communist pedophile Frank Marshal Davies. It does not get more toxic. His mission is to cover up, obfuscate and perpetuate the chain of lies.


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