Awesome 3D Sidewalk Art.

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sidewalk1.jpg96.jpg9 sidewalk1 sidewalk1.jpg2 sidewalk1.jpg3 sidewalk1.jpg4 sidewalk1.jpg5 sidewalk1.jpg7 sidewalk1.jpg8 sidewalk1.jpg10 sidewalk1.jpg11 sidewalk1.jpg12 sidewalk1.jpg13 sidewalk1.jpg96H/T FOTM’S WildBillAlaska


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0 responses to “Awesome 3D Sidewalk Art.

  1. Magic!

  2. That last one is rather impressive . Almost like a 3-d thing going on .

  3. Love these!

  4. love the second to the last one. I wonder if it is because I am from LA. (giggle)

  5. I saw this when it arrived early today in my emails, and was again impressed w/the great quality of this ephemeral public art. I forwarded it to friends immediately: what a grand way to start Canada Day! Many thanks, Steverino & WildBillAlaska!

    PS: There’s a LOT more by various people at

  6. Thanks Buddy. 😆

  7. 🙂 Wow!

  8. These are all awesome, esp. the young woman “walking” the “lion.” These sidewalk artists are so talented! And yet it’s cuckoo Carina Ubeda who got an “art” exhibition for her menstrual blood-stained cloths. Go figure.

  9. Those are all most excellent.

    Love the plane flying out of the asphalt.

    LOL – And the babe “walking” the tiger is the icing on the cake. 😉

    Wonder if any of the artists were arrested by overzealous mall cop security guard types with guns goons and threatened with 13 years in the slammer?

    -And yes, my cynicism is showing.



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