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You shut up! No, you shut up!

Pride goes before a fall

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be focused on how big you are.



Monkey Business in Court

When the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals isn’t trying to stall President Trump’s agenda, it has other important cases 

AP: Federal court to rule if a monkey owns the copyright for its selfie photos

July 12, 2017 at 7:42 PM

This 2011 photo provided by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals shows a selfie taken by a macaque monkey on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi with a camera that was positioned by British nature photographer David Slater. The photo is part of a court exhibit in a lawsuit filed by PETA. (David Slater/Court exhibit via AP)

By Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO — A curious monkey with a toothy grin and a knack for pressing a camera button was back in the spotlight Wednesday as a federal appeals court heard arguments on whether an animal can hold a copyright to selfie photos…

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued Slater and the San Francisco-based self-publishing company Blurb, which published a book called “Wildlife Personalities” that includes the monkey selfies, for copyright infringement. It sought a court order in 2015 allowing it to administer all proceeds from the photos taken in a wildlife reserve in Sulawesi, Indonesia to benefit the monkey.”

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Well dear readers, here’s a case considered worthy of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Any thoughts?


Pedophile Sex Rings Busted

Would this bust be happening under President Hillary Clinton?

The following news release from DHS seems to indicate a new determination in the law enforcement community to rescue this country from the brink of ruin.


26 arrested in southeastern Washington child predator sting

RICHLAND, Wash. – A multiagency law enforcement operation in Washington’s tri-cities area targeting individuals intending to sexually exploit children resulted in the arrest of 26 suspects, including five individuals with access to children at risk of being abused.

The operation, which took place July 5-10, was the result of a probe by the Washington State Patrol’s (WSP) Missing and Exploited Children Task Force (MECTF) including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

“The number of predators interested in sexual contact with minors is overwhelming and made clear by these targeted operations,” said Brad Bench, special agent in charge of HSI Seattle. “Interagency cooperation is paramount in combatting this crime. We work tirelessly with our partners to protect our youth from these perpetrators.”

Undercover agents communicated online with individuals interested in sexually abusing children through various websites. The agents received hundreds of responses from would be perpetrators who agreed to meet with undercover detectives posing as children in order to engage in sexual activity…

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Considering Hillary and Bill Clinton’s connections with the “Lolita Express” it doesn’t seem likely that pedophile rings would be a priority if she were in office. 


September 23 2017 – False Prophecy Alert!

The spiritual carpet baggers are at it again with a dooms day prophecy

Tired of the prophecy for sale crowd? Me too. 

The latest is the 9/23/2017 Dooms Day prediction. In the coming months we will see the usual fear mongers hyping this date, and using the fear they generate to bump sales of survival food, survival gear and books.

It grieves me every time I see this thing start up again.

The video below offers a fair rebuttal to the Fear du Jour:

This video treats the subject with even handedness and generosity. The man is given credit for being possibly a good hearted Christian who has made a miscalculation.

Joel Richardson puts the last word on the subject with this well reasoned video:

Joel is much more generous than me. This kind of hoax is absolutely cruel to anyone who takes it seriously.

Why I voted for Donald Trump

The final reason wasn’t my confidence in Donald – It was my certainty about Hillary

Unlike Barak Obama, Donald Trump’s past is unshielded and available for all to observe and research.

We can know and expect many things about Donald Trump, most of them good, but some possibly objectionable to ideologues on either end of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum. What we can’t predict is how Trumps skills will transfer into the challenges of the presidency. So there is some unpredictability about Donald Trump.

Like Donald, Hillary also has a history that can be studied.

Hillary has been active in international affairs for years, definitely long enough for us to make accurate predictions. We can see that if she became president, she would corrupt every part of our government to serve her personal desires. We can see that with the power of the oval office, anyone who opposed her or became inconvenient could be quietly removed (killed) in the same way she and Bill did all the way from Arkansas to DC.

So my vote for Donald was more importantly
a vote against Hillary.


Murder Me Elmo – Ramadan Edition

CNN uses Elmo to put a friendly face on the muslim invasion

Murder Me Elmo

In another cynical display of mendacity, FNN (Fake Network News) uses a beloved muppet character to lie to innocent children about the true nature of the “migrants” flooding Europe.

Today’s episode of Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letters,
J, I, H, A and D.

Tired of Darwin? Me too.

Darwin has been debunked

Darwin’s theory of evolution has been used by Communists as a means of de-humanizing society, and thus to remove the stigma from genocide.

Darwin is now provably wrong, and it is important we tear him down off his pedestal.