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Two Kinds of Chameleon



Furcifer is a genus of chameleons whose member species are mostly endemic to Madagascar, but F. cephalolepis and F. polleni are endemic to the Comoros.
Scientific name: Furcifer
Lifespan: Panther chameleon: 2 – 3 years
Higher classification: Chameleons



Lucifer is the only genus of chameleons whose member species are not mostly endemic to Madagascar, but are most often found in American politics.
Scientific name: Lucifer
Lifespan: Panther chameleon: 2 – 3 years
Higher classification: Chameleons

Like many chameleons, the Lucifer genus possesses a remarkable ability to mimic its surroundings, enabling it to blend in and be almost invisible to its prey.

It’s a jungle out there. 
Know your enemy.  

The Clinton Inevitability Strategy

Hillary & MSM

Impossible to avoid or prevent; certain to happen.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  –Sun Tzu, The Art of War

During his 2 terms in office, Bill Clinton’s war room turned the Inevitability Strategy into a fine art. Through endless use of lying polls and sycophantic news media, the Clinton white house put up a sense that he can’t be defeated.  He even used this to stay in office after being successfully impeached.

Every single day now we are bombarded by the mantra that Hillary is very likely to win, and Trump is behind in the polls. When we turn on late night talk shows, every comedy routine attacks Trump. Even FoxNews has been participating in the deception. All this right in the face of the fact that Trump draws massive crowds everywhere he goes, and Hillary can hardly fill a small auditorium.

Dr. Eowyn’s recent article, “Bombshell: Clinton Foundation paid Glenn Beck & Bill Kristol to suppress votes,” shows off the desired end result of the Inevitability Strategy. That result is to “suppress” the opposing vote. It is Sun Tzu’s strategy of subduing the enemy without a fight, in this case, without the vote.

They tried to suppress our vote by forcing lousy candidates on us during the primary, so we would lose again by being misrepresented by another McCain or another Bush, men who can’t motivate the base. But Donald Trump was not expected in this scene. Now they are trying to suppress the votes of Christians and women by making it seem immoral to vote for Trump.

My advice: 

Don’t buy a word of it.
Don’t be fooled.
Don’t let them win by suppressing your vote. 

Just remember how you really feel about a Hillary presidency.

~ Trail Dust

2 Adjective Pairs – Choose One on November 8th

successful adept or criminal corrupt

A friend sent this to me.
I think it sums up our choice. 

Seven things that anger the Lord

Hillary's hole, with Obama at DNC, July 27, 2016

There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:

  1. haughty eyes,
  2. a lying tongue,
  3. hands that shed innocent blood,
  4. a heart that devises wicked schemes,
  5. feet that are quick to rush into evil,
  6. a false witness who pours out lies
  7. and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

– Proverbs 6:16-19

So Hillary and Barry, if the shoe fits… 

About the Nuclear Football


This is the Nuclear Football

It is an attache case with America’s nuclear launch codes, and accompanies the President of the United States everywhere he or she goes. It stands ready to execute the unthinkable at a moment of extreme need. 


We go about our daily activities thinking little about this menacing object. It is entrusted to the country’s highest officers, and is carefully monitored.

The one potential weakness in the system is the level of authority and responsibility entrusted to any sitting President.

Needless to say that,

of all the most important attributes,
the president must possess…

the most critically important is…




Hillary Can’t Get A Crowd Up Anymore

When the gender card no longer raises interest…

Readers, please help us complete the sentence.

Download the free Hillary Electile Disfunction Logo for printing on t-shirts and bumper stickers.


Hillary Clinton Dead!

Is Hillary


First let me say, I do NOT think Hillary is dead. That being said, given the Shadow Government’s penchant for predicting their own crimes and atrocities in ways that are easily dismissible until they have struck, I can’t totally write off the foolish sounding headlines today, announcing Hillary Clinton’s death. And does anyone doubt her puppeteers would hesitate to knock her off, if she became too big a liability? 

Also, please note the growing inconsistencies surrounding Hillary’s health, as reported by Dr. Eowyn:


WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports “Hillary Clinton’s DEATH”

A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 “Eyewitness News” in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.”   The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!


Story image for hillary clinton dead from Daily Star

Did wannabe US president Hillary Clinton ‘die under hospital …

Daily Star5 hours ago
HILLARY Clinton died “under hospital treatment” after collapsing from … irregularities suggest Hillary had a brain seizure, is dying or is dead, …

RIP Hillary

RIP Hillary

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016



Hillary Clinton had some type of medical episode yesterday during a 9/11 event in New York City. A video showing Clinton being dragged into her van surfaced, which added more fuel to the fire for the conspiracy theories claiming she has a major illness.

It was not until a few hours later that a new Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory was born. Clinton emerged from her daughter’s apartment looking healthier than she has recently. It was at this time that conspiracy theorists on the internet began to question if this person was Clinton at all or if she was a Hillary Clinton body double. Inquisitr first reported the Hillary Clinton body double conspiracy theory yesterday. Now, evidence has been presented to prove their case…


InfoWars weighs in:

Do I think she is dead?
I’m not sure she was ever alive.

Goulishly yours,