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Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars in Disrepair as Honorees Cry Foul

First world problems…

Donald Trump's vandalized Walk of Fame Star

Donald Trump’s vandalized Walk of Fame Star

From Hollywood Reporter: More than 10 million tourists flock to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame each year, but in the early morning hours of Oct. 27, James Otis wasn’t there to snap a selfie. The political protester instead wielded a sledgehammer and pickax to obliterate Donald Trump’s star. “I thought if I took that symbol away, it would help a lot of people understand that what Trump said [about Latinos and other groups] wasn’t right,” Otis told THR. His pulverization, which netted international headlines, quickly was followed by work to repair Trump’s star.

But most damaged stars, many bearing far more of the cultural symbolism Otis cited, receive lesser treatment: One-fifth of the 2,500-plus stars are in disrepair after decades of neglect, THR has found. Longtime Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Leron Gubler acknowledges this figure matches a city review conducted in the 2000s. Neither he nor any other Walk steward disputed THR’s findings.

Touching every era and genre of entertainment, the damage ranges from minor cracks (Charlie Chaplin, Aaron Spelling, Aretha Franklin) and broken brass inlays (Al Jolson, Chris Rock, Edith Head) to large gouges (Irving Thalberg, Myrna Loy, Paul Rudd). Stars in the worst condition include those honoring Cecil B. DeMille, Ginger Rogers, Neil Diamond, Lucille Ball and Billy Wilder.


It’s troubling,” says Oscar-nominated actress Terry Moore (1952’s Come Back, Little Sheba). “We earned our stars.” Adds Don Murray, who debuted opposite Marilyn Monroe in 1956’s Bus Stop: “If I were a member of the chamber, I would hope I’d be bothered.”

Actress Terry Moore

Actress Terry Moore

Actor Tab Hunter also points a finger at the chamber. “The Walk of Fame is a registered trademark of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,” he says. “They must be raking in the bucks. I wonder what they’re doing with it.”

Indeed, the disrepair is hard to reconcile with the roughly $1 million in annual revenue that the chamber — which selects honorees and stages the ceremonies at which stars are bestowed — appears to generate from the Walk. Along with the two dozen or so new stars added annually, each of which comes with a $30,000 “donation,” licensing fees — from key chains, shot glasses and T-shirts sold in local tchotchke shops — amount to “six figures” annually, says Gubler.

The degradation of the Walk is far from new. In 1986, the head of the chamber noted that decay had begun a decade earlier, as the neighborhood itself went into decline. (The official’s plan at that time was to fund a significant restoration, to the tune of $500,000, funded with an extensive merchandising pact that saw 170 celebrities, from Kirk Douglas to Charlton Heston, agree to allowing products bearing their starred names to be sold at local souvenir shops.) Yet even as gentrification has swept through the surrounding blocks in recent years — Charlize Theron sold her multimillion-dollar penthouse in a renovated loft building at the southwest corner of Hollywood and Vine earlier this year — the Walk remains a wreck.

Read the rest of the story here.


Nearly half of Americans want to keep ObamaCare

I’ll bet that those in favor of Obamacare didn’t receive an 80 percent increase notice for their health care premiums for 2017.


Via NY Post: Barely a quarter of Americans want ObamaCare completely dismantled, while nearly half want it kept as is — or even expanded, pollsters said Thursday.

In a post-election poll commissioned by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, 26 percent of respondents said they want all of the Affordable Care Act repealed. Pollsters found that 19 percent of those surveyed said they like the status quo, and 30 percent want ObamaCare expanded.


President-elect Donald Trump — who spent the campaign trashing ObamaCare and promising to repeal it — has already backtracked on that pledge.

Trump now says he wants to keep at least two major ObamaCare provisions — allowing children to remain on a parent’s plan until age 26, and barring insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

That approach seems to match with 17 percent of poll respondents, who want ObamaCare scaled back but not thrown out entirely.

Republican respondents, at a 52 percent clip, were strongly in favor of killing ObamaCare altogether, this poll found. But even that’s a shift down from 69 percent of GOP backers who said a month ago they wanted all of ObamaCare trashed.

This poll was conducted between Nov. 15 and 21 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


Furious migrants bemoan their shelter conditions in Merkel’s Germany

merkel muslim

From Express UK: With the showers and washing machines broken for weeks on end, desperate asylum seekers say they cannot continue to live in the “unworthy conditions”.

Around 92 refugees live in a gymnasium in Wackenbergstrasse, in Pankow, Berlin, as they wait to claim asylum. But the unhappy migrants have complained an emergency light that is kept on all night keeps them awake.

Some have even turned to drink and drugs to block out their living conditions, according to reports. 

Sascha Langenbach, the spokeswoman for the refugee agency, reports of depression, trauma and alcohol abuse in the shelter. She said: ”We will also have to deal with the topic of drug abuse.”

Pankow’s mayor Sören Benn has been inundated with letters of complaints, with some migrants claiming they have developed diseases and rashes from living in the gym. One letter reads:”We live in dirt. And we do not know at all whether we can ever leave the gym.”

A picture of a German shelter from Twitter

A picture of a German shelter from Twitter

Another said: “The gym hall meant as a provisional solution has evolved into a permanent state which is unsustainable for people. “It cannot be that people in Germany have to live under these unworthy conditions.” And a mother-of-seven said: “We cannot stay here any longer,” while Tofigh, a young man who escaped from Iran, added: “We don’t trust anyone anymore.”

In Berlin, there are still 20,000 refugees living in shelters and around 3,000 in gym halls like the one in Wackenbergstrasse.

Birgit Geist, who coordinates the volunteering in the gym hall, said: “People are breaking down here, one after the other. “Since summer, they were promised that they will be able to move by the end of the year. However, for hygiene reasons alone are the conditions no longer acceptable for the residents.

Another volunteer, Sarah Neumeyer, says the migrants struggle to sleep, adding: “In the hall, it is so bright at night that people have problems sleeping.” 

But Mr. Benn has attempted to reassure the migrants, telling them: “I will see what I can do. Hang in there and do not go crazy.”

More than one million migrants have entered Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her ill-fated open for refugee policy in a bid to stem the migrant crisis. 


More Libtard Butthurt: Seattleites plan to “March Against Hate” this Saturday in response to Trump’s election

We’ve now moved into December and the butt hurt continues. I guess holding hands around Green Lake just didn’t alleviate Seattleites’ depression.

Hillary supporter Demi Wetzel

Hillary supporter Demi Wetzel

From Seattle Times: Demi Wetzel was feeling ”lost and depressed” after the Nov. 8 presidential election, so she posted an event on Facebook calling for women to “march against hate.”

Wetzel, a 27-year-old freelance writer, thought maybe 20 people would respond to her “little Facebook event”; if 100 people showed, “that would be a real statement.” Four days before the Saturday march, 5,000 have sent in their RSVPs. More than 20,000 said they might attend. Something struck a nerve.

“It’s really just blown up,” Wetzel said. “It’s been really incredible to watch the community come together around this and support each other and support this last-minute idea that I’ve thrown out to the internet.”

The idea, with Wetzel’s nurturing, has hatched into a community movement.

Wetzel said a crew of volunteers has popped up to help her organize the march, which has a slate of event speakers, a newsletter and a parade route from Volunteer to Cal Anderson parks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Events begin at 1 p.m. and are open to all.

Wetzel, who has experience organizing corporate events and hackathons, has invited nonprofits and organizations who are “champions of women” to attend. Marchers are encouraged to bring pads and tampons to donate to Mary’s Place, a nonprofit organization that serves homeless women and families.

A Hillary Clinton supporter, Wetzel said the election of Donald Trump, whom she described as a “known sexual predator,” was gut-wrenching. She said women faced anguish and harassment throughout this election cycle.


Wetzel said she supported previous protests and rallies in Seattle, but wants this march to give women feeling “pain and anguish and confusion” their own space to make their voices heard. “I wanted something more than just was anti-Trump. I wanted something to unite women,” Wetzel said.

“We’re going to march and speak our minds. To some people that might look like they’re crying, some — watching silently, and some shouting at the top of their lungs.”


Kansas judge rules Craigslist sperm donor isn’t on hook for child support for lesbian moms

You want to be same-sex parents? Then suck it up and deal with the financial responsibilities that come along with that “right.”


Via NY Post: A Topeka (Kansas) man who answered a Craigslist ad to donate sperm so two women could have a baby together is not legally the child’s father and isn’t required to provide financial support, a Kansas judge has ruled.

The state Department for Children and Families had not decided as of Tuesday whether it would appeal last week’s ruling by Shawnee County District Judge Mary Mattivi. The department sought to force William Marotta to pay child support for the girl born in December 2009.

Mattivi last year required Marotta to submit a DNA sample to confirm that he was the girl’s biological father and declared he was not “a mere donor of sperm.” But the judge’s Nov. 22 ruling concluded that the birth mother’s former partner should be considered the child’s second parent rather than Marotta, in part because he has had minimal contact with the girl.

The department filed a petition in 2012 to have Marotta declared the child’s legal father and require him to pay child support after the women, birth mother Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer, separated and Schreiner received assistance from the state. The department initially sought to reclaim about almost $6,100 in expenses associated with the child’s birth.

The case illustrated how older laws on assisted reproduction in Kansas and others have not been updated. Charles Baylor, Marotta’s attorney, said the Kansas agency’s position was “radical” and discriminated against same-sex couples. “If the presumptive parent, in this case the non-biological mother, had been a man, they never would have gone after the sperm donor,” Baylor said.

The agency argued that Marotta was legally on the hook for child support — even though he never intended to act as the child’s father — because the two women did not use a physician. In her ruling, Mattivi said Bauer is unable to work and is receiving Social Security disability benefits.

A 1994 Kansas law says a man who provides donated sperm to a doctor for an insemination is not the child’s parent, absent a written agreement saying otherwise.

Marotta and the two women signed a contract in which they agreed to pay him $50 for every semen donation. Legal documents say Schreiner was impregnated with a syringe in early 2009.

Secretary Phyllis Gilmore said the department is disappointed with Mattivi’s ruling, adding in a statement that “the law pertaining to sperm donors is clear and was ignored in this ruling.”

Courtney Joslin, a University of California, Davis, law professor, said a commission on uniform state laws recommended in 2000 and 2002 that states eliminate a requirement that physicians be involved in assisted reproduction to protect sperm donors. Eleven states adopted its recommendations, and California independently repealed the requirement as of this year, she said. Nine states and the District of Columbia have laws that treat an unmarried partner as a legal parent when there is assisted reproduction, Joslin said.

Judge Mary Mattivi

Judge Mary Mattivi

Mattivi’s latest ruling noted that Schreiner and Bauer are parenting the girl together and that Kansas courts have long held that the child’s best interest is the key issue. The judge said Bauer’s presumption of parenthood is “superior” to Marotta’s.

A friend of Marotta’s started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his legal expenses. As of Tuesday, the effort had raised about $2,300.


It’s HORRIBLE! Trump is the president-elect and America is doomed!

The gentleman’s name is Steve Mudflap McGrew. See his other YouTube videos here. I especially like his hot take on the “safety pin” baloney that libTARDS had promoted. He’s hilarious!


More Libtard Butthurt: Angry Letters Protesters Wrote to Ivanka Trump About Her Father’s Policies

Trump is not president until next January. Yet the libTARD butthurt has been flowing ever since November 8th. And the drama never stops…


From Cosmopolitan: On the evening of November 28, dozens of protesters gathered outside of Manhattan’s Puck Building, the residence of Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. The purpose of the protest was not to hate on Ivanka, but to appeal to her.

Donald Trump’s eldest daughter and former surrogate is now (along with her two brothers) on her father’s transition team — she has more influence over his policies and cabinet member appointments than ever before. “She has been portrayed as the most compassionate and rational Trump, the one person who always has her father’s ear,” protest co-organizer Jonathan Horowitz told via email.

Protest organizer and artist Jonathan Horowitz

Protest organizer and artist Jonathan Horowitz

Donald Trump supports repealing the Affordable Care Act (yes, please!), has said that climate change is a hoax, has vowed to nominate an anti-abortion Supreme Court justice, faces several conflicts-of-interests posed by his businesses, and has appointed white nationalists and racists like Steve Bannon and Sen. Jeff Sessions to his cabinet. Horowitz organized the protest with HALT Action Group, a collective of artists, writers and gallerists “who felt the need for an immediate response to mitigate the disaster of a Trump presidency,” Horowitz wrote.

“[Ivanka] also collects art and seems to have cultural aspirations,” Horowitz explained. “Since many of us are artists or work in art related fields, we thought we would try and voice our concerns about the future of our democracy to her first.”

In front of the Puck Building, HALT invited protesters to write letters to Ivanka, which the group says it will mail to her. “We hope that she will use her position of power within the transition team to encourage her father to seek out rational and qualified officials as he puts together his cabinet in the coming weeks,” Horowitz wrote. HALT estimates that people wrote about 300 letters on Monday. Take a look at a few of them, below:


Speaking of “scaring…”


Join the club.


Identity politics don’t work for ‘ya any more sweetheart.


‘Ya must have missed the Snopes post.


Your family is welcome to visit the U.S. Please help them feel welcome to follow the legal immigration laws.


The cow farts must be controlled!

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