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Hypocrisy is the theme for Connecticut Democrats this election year.

From Trevor Louden, an article exposes the fact that Connecticut legislators pointing fingers at Pres. Trump for Russian ties are in bed themselves with Communist organizations.

The article quotes each of Connecticut’s senators and five House members who are relentlessly scalding Pres. Trump for his alleged (unproven/fabricated) collusion with the Russian government.

For example, Senator Richard Blumenthal is quoted as saying: “President Trump has catastrophically compromised the FBI’s ongoing investigation of his own White House’s ties to Russia.”

From Congressman Jim Himes: “I will do everything in my power to ensure that this irresponsible move doesn’t end the necessary work law enforcement is conducting to discover the truth about Russia, its interference in our democracy and any and all who might be complicit.”

Louden then goes on to expose the red rumps of Pres. Trump’s accusers: “All seven Congress members listed above have direct ties to the pro-Moscow Connecticut Communist Party, through one or more of its three main front organizations: the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, the New Haven Peace Council, or the New Haven Peoples Center.”

No one is spared Louden’s laser. He substantiates his hypocrisy headline with plenty of embarrassing detail, such as Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s multiple trips to communist Cuba.

“Every one of the Connecticut Congressional delegation would, if they were applying for low level federal jobs, struggle to pass an FBI background check,” ruminates Louden.

Read the article here.


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Red-Green axis is on fire in Connecticut.

 From, a graphic flier exposes the cozy relationship between Connecticut legislators and eight organizations that support extreme-left-wing and/or Islamic interests.

The organizations include:

  • Muslim Brotherhood (via CAIR and other organizations)
  • Communist Party USA
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Progressive Democrats of America
  • Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Council for a Livable World
  • Working Families Party

Legislators are listed with the committees they serve, so readers can understand the full gravity of the situation.

 Treacherous associations. The big shocker is that all of Connecticut’s finest collude with, promote or are supported by the Communist Party USA.

And all but one (Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro) is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Congressman Jim Himes gets the anti-trophy for his alliance with all of the organizations. All of the legislators are on good terms with at least five of them.

The back of the flier includes links to youtube videos and other sources. For instance, you can view Senator Richard Blumenthal speaking at a 2011 CAIR-CT banquet here.

In case someone doesn’t get the implications, the flier explains:

“The “Red-Green Axis” is the unholy alliance between Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America. Both seek to destroy America’s government but for different reasons. Where the Muslim Brotherhood aims to institute an Islamic, Sharia-ruled government through “Civilization Jihad,” the Communists/Progressives/Socialists seek to establish a totalitarian, Marxist government.”

The flier also provides helpful educational links. Nice work!


(Flier posted with permission.)


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A Sandy Hook star crashes and burns

“We are a puny and fickle folk. Avarice, hesitation, and following are our diseases.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Certainly in the story below, avarice has a part to play. And a good heap of following, too, if you count all of the people who blindly fell in with the popular Sandy Hook mythos.

As for hesitation, there has been enough of that as well, from those fearful of recrimination for looking more closely at the do-gooders behind numerous Sandy Hook charitable foundations.

One of these do-gooders, Kyle Lyddy, is being accused of embezzlement.

Lyddy was the cherubic and ambitious marketing professional who took the spotlight as an active member of “We Are Newtown,” a group that sought to bring the community together after 12-14-12.

Lyddy later served as chairman of the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission until stepping down this April. In 2016, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Connecticut’s 106th District state house seat.

More recently, he has been serving as campaign manager of the Oz Griebel/Monte Frank Connecticut gubernatorial campaign.

But on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Lyddy was charged with first-degree larceny for stealing $500,000 from his former employer, Match Marketing Group (Norwalk). The charges followed a month-long investigation.

A Hartford Courant article outlines the sticky-fingered activities that Lyddy is accused of, including a 124-night stay worth $10,000 at the Danbury Holiday Inn on the Match Marketing Group’s credit card. By his admission, Lyddy used a free digital wallet app to charge $60,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. The warrant also listed multiple vacation expenses, including a $7,000 AirBnb stay and, oddly, another $7,000 for the Lyddy family’s annual charity event, Light Up the Point. reports that Match Marketing Group was acquired by Southfield Capital from Beringer Capital in July 2018. According to the Courant, Lyddy had worked for Match since January 2016, resigning in January 2018 after being questioned about fraudulent expenses.

Not fake. Mainstream news sources for this unfortunate incident range from local to national.

Newtown Bee

The Middletown Press

The Hartford Courant

New York Daily News


The widespread unanimity usually points to fake news, but not, I think, in this case.

Scrambling to save face. Statements from gubernatorial candidates Frank and Griebel, as well as Newtown, have been deflective and terse.

From Newtown’s First Selectman, Dan Rosenthal: “At no time did Kyle have access to town funds and there are no complaints from donors alleging malfeasance. Should a complaint arise we stand ready to investigate promptly and fully.”

Newtown resident and lieutenant governorship candidate Monte Frank tweeted: “I am devastated about the news concerning Kyle Lyddy. I’m as shocked as everyone else who knows him. The campaign immediately transitioned his responsibilities to Chris Cooper & Chris DuPont & we are confident that they will guide us forward & sustain our momentum for the people.”

Frank is the Cohen & Wolf attorney who represented the City of Newtown, the Newtown Public Schools and the Newtown Police Department, which acted as a united front during FOIA hearings with Wolfgang Halbig.

A noted gun-control activist, Frank is also the founder of Team 26, a cycling group that lobbies for gun control.

A narrow escape. At one point during Wolfgang Halbig’s determined yet stonewalled FOIA requests (March 2015), Frank canceled a commission hearing on the illegally withheld documents in order to participate in a Team 26 bicycle race.

It’s doubtful that his bike will deliver him from this most recent imbroglio. But maybe he’d be better off sticking to bike races than gubernatorial ones. The Frank/Griebel campaign has been lagging in the polls (low single digits) and fundraising has been disappointing.  No one is commenting on why.

Other criminals? The Sandy Hook 12-14-12 incident already has in its orbit at least one ex-con: Kevin Riley, whose former business, Hartford Trade Service, LLC, was engaged by the State of Connecticut to cremate the alleged remains of accused perpetrator, Adam Lanza.

With this latest development, it appears that more scrutiny may be called for. Avarice is one thing. Embezzlement is another.


H/T: Anne Berg

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Somebody who really died after Sandy Hook.

A friend sent me a story last week about a Bridgeport, CT woman in her thirties who recently lit up a quarter-stick of dynamite. Allegedly, she was rummaging in her basement for alternative lighting during a power outage and mistook the explosive for a candle.

The ensuing explosion blew off several of the poor woman’s fingers. Tragic.

Tempting though it is to compare the poor soul to Wily Coyote or some other intellectually compromised character, it’s pretty evident that many people aren’t proactive about stocking emergency provisions, much less labeling them.

Imagine living out your life without fingers because the lights went out and you were in a blind panic.

Sparking tragic memories. The story reminded me of another victim of an explosion, although this one was the farthest thing, intellectually at least, from Wily Coyote.

On May 31, 2015, Gerald (“Jerry”) Stomski finally succumbed to burns he sustained after an explosion occurred inside his garage in March of the same year. The explosive in this case was the gasoline in Stomski’s lawn mower.

Why should this be of interest to Sandy Hook doubters? Because Stomski had quite a lot to say about Connecticut’s school security systems.

Accidental? A resident of Hampstead, NC at the time of the explosion, Stomski was said to have been working on his lawn mower with the garage door closed. The explosion was blamed on a “gas leak” by Pender County Emergency Director Tom Collins.

From the linked article above: “Collins said investigators are unsure what sparked the explosion, but believe it was accidental.  He said someone passing by saw the smoke, then Stomski lying in the drive way.”

Gasoline is notoriously flammable. (Not the liquid; the vapor.) When mixed with air it will burn at normal working temperatures — actually, temperatures as low as -40F — but only if there’s an ignition source, which could be as minimal as lighting a match.

Working with gasoline in closed quarters is dangerous because vapors can build up instead of dissipating, increasing the chance of an explosion if an ignition source is nearby.

And there’s another factor: If a gas leak occurs, vapors that spread beyond the spill can be ignited from a distance (even from hundreds of feet away) and “flash back” to their source. In this case, a lawn mower or gasoline can. Result: Big explosion.

Without a spark or flame, of course, gasoline won’t burn or explode unless the temperature is around 533 K ( 499.73 F). (This is known as “auto-ignition temperature.”) Unless Stomski was working inside an oven, obviously that degree of heat isn’t what caused the explosion.

Emergency Director Tom Collins wouldn’t even wager a guess as to what ignited the flames. But, whatever it was, working in closed quarters didn’t improve Stomski’s chances.

Surely Stomski knew better. He was by no means challenged intellectually. He held a degree in plant and soil science from UMass; ran a successful landscaping business in Woodbury, CT; served as the town’s “Tree Warden”; and eventually became its First Selectman. The obituary portrays Stomski as a kindly Johnny Appleseed figure, jovially pruning, watering and inspiring children to plant trees.

More relevant to this article, we are given only hints in Stomski’s obituary of his interesting avocations: as an “inventor” and a “security expert.”

Records show that between the years 2001 and 2004, Stomski applied for at least four U.S. patents See:

Transportable security portal for screening potential terrorits [sic]:

Mobile vehicle screening:

Aircraft security system:

Automated security chambers for queues:

It’s obvious from the invention descriptions that Stomski was preoccupied with airport security technology, sparked at least in part by the September 11th “terrorist hijackings.” And this is borne out by the fact that he owned an LLC known as Advanced Automated Security Systems, last registered on Sept. 9, 2003. The location of the LLC had the same address as Stomski’s GS Plant Landscape Enterprises.

A security expert who once spoke his mind. In a Hartford Courant article dated January 17, 2013 – about one month after the Sandy Hook incident – Stomski’s friendship with fellow Woodbury resident, Dawn Hochsprung, emerges as another factor in his biography, and perhaps his untimely demise. (Hochsprung was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary during the time of the 12-14-12 incident, allegedly one of the victims.)

From the article: “He [Stomski] said he believes that airport security technology can be applied to schools.”

There follows a discussion of Stomski’s plans as a school security activist: “He is now hoping to play a role in legislative efforts to improve school safety. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has formed a committee to make recommendations and legislators are expecting multiple bills to be proposed.

“Stomski said he hopes to address legislators if hearings are held and that he is determined to carry on Hochsprung’s motto of “not on my watch.”

“”I hope we are not going to knee jerk our reaction,” Stomski said. “There is not one thing that will solve this issue.”

“Stomski said part of the problem is that schools mostly rely on administrators, teachers or other support personnel to develop plans for their schools when they should be relying on security professionals.

“”The details of security have to go to people in the field. Each school in each town is uniquely different in its security needs. There are different access points, different designs particularly with older schools,” Stomski said.”

The article goes on to describe some of Stomski’s ideas about security measures, such as real-time video streaming “to police headquarters from school parking lots” and beefing up school vestibules with bullet-proof glass.

An undated letter from Stomski to the Connecticut School Safety Committee reveals even more about Stomski’s work with various departments of the U.S. Government (among them, Homeland Security)  as well as his association with the hapless Hochsprung. The letter describes how Stomski met with her in 2009 while she was still acting principal of Mitchell Elementary School (Woodbury):

“I worked with Dawn Hochsprung on writing a successful grant and assisted her with the proper application of these security controls for her school. Additionally, Dawn Hochsprung and I formed a relationship whereas we discussed on numerous occasions, what would need to be done should a shooter breach the school security, forcibly entering the school, and open firing once entered.”

The letter goes on to laud Hochsprung for her actions on 12-14-12 while blaming “the lack of necessary safety precautions and access control measures at that [Sandy Hook Elementary] school …”

Stomski ends the letter with a recommendation that each Connecticut school be profiled individually for particulars like “camera imaging.” One has to wonder what the School Safety Committee thought about Stomski’s full-blown commitment. If set loose, would he drill down into regions beyond Woodbury, profiling the driveways, halls, brick walls, windows and cameras of Newtown and even, say, Monroe’s Chalk Hill Middle School?

Trouble followed. Perhaps, in his zeal, Stomski asked one too many questions about why, in an era of public video surveillance, there was no security footage of Adam Lanza shattering his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary building. Or maybe certain people didn’t like Stomski’s attitude, which could be “belligerent.”

In any case, less than one month after the Hartford Courant interview, Stomski was in trouble, facing sexual harassment charges after a town resident complained, claiming that she had been offended by Stomski calling her “attractive.” The complaint by Linda Zukauskas was filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

The offending word was actually spoken the year before (!), at a May 2012 town meeting. So the timing of the harassment charge is worthy of note.  One Litchfield County Times article framed it as “gender bias,” with the incident described from Zukauskas’s perspective: “ “Harassment is a very subjective thing,” she [Zukauskas] said. “It wasn’t sexual in a ‘Hey baby c’mon’ kind of way, it was sexual in a way that I’m a woman,” she argues.”

Talk about volatile and vindictive. Even the Boston Globe filed a story on it, perhaps only as click bait.

From the Boston Globe article: “Stomski said he uses the word attractive all the time and did not mean it in a sexual way.”

That same year (2013), Stomski would defeat his Republican challenger to become his party’s nominee for First Selectman in November. But he would ultimately lose his First Selectman position and, in 2014, left Woodbury for greener pastures in Hampstead, NC.

A year later, Stomski had a critical safety issue of his own – inside his very own garage – an explosive circumstance that sounds, on its surface, improbable.

Out of character. Think about it: Why would someone as knowledgeable as Stomski box himself in with one of the most flammable substances known to garage owners? And what was the ignition source? Playing with matches seems out of the question.

Stomski’s tragic end may (or may not) be linked with what he knew about the Sandy Hook event.

Such a connection would certainly be more credible than, say, a story about a woman mistaking a stick of dynamite for a candle. Especially in light of this list of people* who, like Stomski, had their own brush with 12-14-12 before falling prey to untimely misfortunes and tragedies.

The above list is likely not complete, but, hopefully, it will ignite something more illuminating than the explosion that took Jerry Stomski’s life: preferably, critical thinking.


*From Duke Reichert (See bottom half of page.)

H/T: Anne Berg and Alison Maynard

See also: Dr. Eowyn’s story, The Case of the Missing Realtor, Robert Hoagland, which also features a lawn mower.






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When NPR Outs Inflated Gun Statistics, Facebook Shoots Them Down

Apparently, Facebook is an “equal opportunity” censor.

Recently, the liberal NPR put out a report revealing that government statistics on school shootings overshot the real situation by about two-thirds.

But when a Facebook user put the report out on his page, reaching 1,100 followers, Facebook was quick to take the post down as spam.

How touching: Fakebook is spreading the love.

Welcome to our world, NPR.


H/T: A Sweet Dose of Reality; Anne Berg

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Segregation by Censorship

In his recent FrontPage Mag article, “Fighting Political Segregation with a Digital First Amendment,” Daniel Greenfield argues in favor of passing legislation to protect free speech specifically on the Internet.

Using an argument that even a radical liberal could love, he compares the recent silencing of alternative and conservative opinions online to racial and economic segregation.

Greenfield is careful to point out that the Constitutional First Amendment is limited to protection against abuses by government, not private enterprises.

For this reason, he writes, “…when those enterprises have more power over speech than governments, when their scale is such that they can sweep away entire categories of ideas across the world with the press of a key, a digital First Amendment is needed to maintain the relevance of the Bill of Rights in a new technological era when government censorship is outsourced to corporate partners.”

You could, of course, point out that at this stage, governments are owned by the corporate partners they serve. And you’d be right.

Death, Incorporated. The Internet is a sprawling virtual continent that out-scales every country and corporate media monopoly on the planet in terms of influence and viewership. (Greenfield supports this with multiple statistics – just read the article.)

For the various behemoths currently profiting from this limitless opportunity to claim that they are “private companies” is like the bubonic plague calling itself a cold sore. Big tech can inflict a lot of death on a lot of opinions and facts with a few clicks.

Unforeseen consequences. Imagine yourself a citizen of such an unlikely place from the viewpoint of those who drafted the Constitution. They never foresaw it, but here you are.

You establish your virtual domain and quietly busy yourself furnishing it with windows and doors that open onto unique views. You furnish your domain with as many books and news sources as you can find on the subjects of your choosing and go to work drafting your own articles and essays, inviting comments from the outside world.

And suddenly, you have visitors: Messrs. Madison and Hamilton knock on your door with the intention of hearing what you have to say about something as arcane to them as the Internet: Crisis actors.

“What manner of masque or, to wit, black comedy are such actors engaged in?” asks Madison. Hamilton stands there with a puzzled expression.

Before you can answer, your windpipe is blocked by a sudden gust of ones and zeroes and you and your domain are sucked into the virtual back of the bus — to a dark outer dimension.

And you see at last what the Lords of the Internet intended for you all along: Disconnection. Isolation. Silence.

But as you blow away, you can see Madison and Hamilton down there shaking their capacious heads, wondering what the devil that was all about.

“It must be the return of ignorance and barbarism,” says Hamilton. “Witchcraft,” says Madison.

I agree with them, as I agree with Greenfield: What we need is a digital First Amendment to retain the relevance of the Bill of Rights.

Without it, everyone* will eventually be silenced.


*Even NPR, according to this article.

H/T: A Sweet Dose of Reality; Anne Berg

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The week of August 12 was a countdown, though to what remains to be seen. I didn’t know it at first. Someone dear to me had died the week before, and I had miles to travel, tasks to finish and people to visit. It never occurred to me that the week following would bring more deaths.

The first happened on August 15th: the original FOTM blog was snuffed out by WordPress.

Then, from the same host, a series of kills: American Everyman, Jays Analysis, 50 Shades of Pissed Off, Fundamental Option, Chem Trails Planet, Government Rag, Dutch Sinse, together with my blog, Cinderella’s Broom. More small, independent blogs, I’m sure, were taken out, sites that shared a mission of exposing false flag operations and hoaxes, notably Sandy Hook.

A few days later, in response to my inquiry, a vaguely worded explanation arrived from WordPress, nearly identical to the one FOTM received:

The death notice was signed as shown:

Sal P.│Community Guardian │

In my case, there were two casualties: three-year-old Cinderella’s Broom and a much older WordPress blog, mixing personal and political topics, which I had voluntarily sealed, marked PRIVATE, with no admission granted without my approval.

Two down. By then it was obvious why WordPress had killed Cinderella’s Broom. It wasn’t because of policy violations (I had never breached the policy in force). It was because someone didn’t like the opinions being expressed and the facts being revealed.

The private blog was another matter. No one was allowed in. Why bother axing what amounted to a sealed coffin?

Two to go. Besides the two dead blogs, I had two others on my WordPress account, each of them artistic in nature without any reference to Sandy Hook, false flag ops or anything remotely political. But given what had happened to the sealed blog, I had to wonder which would be next.

I asked the vague “Sal P.” and got an answer from the phlegmatic “Knox,” who assured me that “transferring your domain to another host will not affect your other sites,” the reason being that, “they are not connected in any way to your domain.”

I wasn’t convinced. I knew I’d been foolish, putting all of my eggs in one basket. I wrote to “Knox,” asking about the private blog. “Did WP violate its own rules and allow others to view my blog who were NOT AUTHORIZED to do so? It’s a question I’m posing now and I’d like an answer.”

That sealed the coffin on the other two blogs. By that evening, I had my answer from the prickly “Fenton” (redaction is mine):

Our decision is final.

The site at was not made open for public viewing. We are suspending your account, and as part of that all sites on your account.


Community Guardian | Automattic

The next day, both of the artistic sites were tombstones.

It was obvious that policy violations were not the reason, and equally clear that content  wasn’t a factor in these two cases. The motive was one of the oldest in the homicide business: revenge.

It lives. WordPress, like other corporate-owned social media, was never a trustworthy platform for the truth. It was the siren calling out to survivors of the great deception, people willing to take a risk, swim out and grab hold of the rock. Then, when it had us sufficiently attached to its slippery surface, down it took us.

The trouble for the controllers of big-tech media is that too many of us had just enough time to stand up and shout. Inconvenient facts have been disclosed. The truth has been told, and the reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.


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