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Nearly Half of Americans Want Debt Limit Held, No One Wants to Buy It

Fresh news out of Gallup shows that 47 percent of Americans want Congress to hold the debt limit where it is.
Meanwhile, the Treasury officially exhausted the limit with a bond auction this week. The part your friendly neighborhood newspaper didn’t tell you is that the final auction was an epic fail: bond dealers could only drum up enough buyers for 42 percent of it. That means some very nervous bond dealers are right now sitting on an extra $9 billion worth of unsellable Treasury bonds.
Now might be a good time for Congress to do something. Oops, sorry, the House doesn’t even have a hearing scheduled to meet with the Treasury, much less a vote on raising the limit. The Senate is not even in session today. President Obama is doing a town hall in Connecticut and then a DNC fundraiser in New York City.


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A Must-Read Book for Your Library: Holy Warriors

The older I get the more I continue to become amazed by how much of a joke public education is. As a public school survivor of the 1990s, I can attest that our children’s books lie to them, early and often, about the most fundamental things.

They lie about climate change. They lie about the Pilgrims. They lie about the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. They lie about evolution. They lie about the roots of communism. And they really lie about Europe.
During my teen years I essentially believed what I was told. But after I dedicated my life to Christ, I took quite seriously the Bible’s warning that the world is not to be trusted.
As I began to do independent research in my 20s, I started questioning many things once thought obvious. My friends thought I was crazy, but I suddenly saw no need to care.
Then one day in 2003 I was discussing these things with a friend, and we started debating the reliability of the Bible as a historical document. My friend argued that it was just some papers written by guys with an agenda. I promptly shot back. What if other people at other times had agendas and wrote papers of their own, and you’re the one naive enough to believe them?
He pressed me for an example of something that naive people believe without question. Without stopping to think, I blurted out a bombshell: maybe the Spanish government did not send Christopher Columbus in search of India. Maybe they were using him to find something else.
My friend was flabbergasted.  Never did anyone question their knowledge of European history. It wasn’t just wrong to think you misunderstood Columbus – it was wrong to doubt the entire mosaic of Mideval Europe. Maybe some other periods are fuzzy, but everyone knows exactly what happened in Europe. I had stumbled upon a golden goose that I was not allowed to touch.
For the record, I’m not here to tell you Spain lied about Columbus. That particular theory might have been half-baked… but it liberated me to realize that it was okay to question conventional wisdom about the Dark Ages.
Ask a typical public school student about European history and you’ll get an answer like this:

The Romans made everyone be Catholic. Then some German barbarians got angry and chased them out. Then the whole continent sat in dark oblivion for 500 years. Some guy named Charlemagne built a new government and taught people how to read. As soon as they learned about the world again, they didn’t like that whole Islam thing, so they started a war with the Muslims. Then Christopher Columbus tried to invade India, but missed and ended up in Central America. Queen Elizabeth sent some English people over there, George Washington was born, and the rest is history.

Does that sound familiar?
Public school students today are not being taught about the roots of Al Qaeda, the history of Israel, or precisely why it is that bin Laden wanted them dead.
So it’s not a surprise that they don’t know anything about the original jihad carried out in Europe long before Christopher Columbus.
If you have such a young adult in your family, I recommend buying the book Holy Warriors by John J O’Neill.

This book, thoroughly backed by evidence, proves that the Dark Ages started in Europe conveniently at the same time Muslim conquerers arrived. It defends the origins of the Crusades. It shows that Europeans really weren’t that stupid, Muslims really weren’t that tolerant, and conventional wisdom about the Dark Ages is mostly PC jibberish.
It is a must-read to understand where Islam is going in Europe today.
To purchase, visit the book’s entry at amazon.

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Slimy Politician Convicted of Spending Public Funds to Bribe a University

Via the Virginian-Pilot, score one for the good guys:

Former state Del. Phil Hamilton could face as many as 30 years in prison after his conviction today on bribery and extortion charges for parlaying his power as a senior lawmaker into a job at Old Dominion University.

…Hamilton, 59, was convicted of soliciting the ODU job in exchange for securing $500,000 in state funds to launch the center in the 2007 General Assembly. ODU terminated the relationship after it became public knowledge in 2009. Hamilton was defeated for re-election that fall after 21 years in the House of Delegates.

Worst of all, Hamilton’s attorney is blaming the conviction on the fact that all of those stupid voters have suddenly become angry toward politicians:

Hamilton’s attorney, Andrew Sacks, said he will appeal and was shocked by the verdict. He attributed it to the current public mood, which he said is “very distrustful of public officials. I think that spilled over into this case.”

Hamilton is a Republican. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
And shame on Old Dominion University.

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Public Teacher Harassed, Injured by Students; Says Administrators Ignored It

A high school teacher in North Carolina collapsed at work April 7, the final chapter in a story about bullying and threats that went unnoticed.

image courtesy WRAL

Roseann Monteleone told local media that one of her students put some kind of poison into her soda during school hours. The suspect claims it was nothing but hand soap put in there as a prank. Monteleone insists that the burn marks in her throat came from something stronger.
According to Monteleone, she’d become the target of personal bullying for a while. She claims a student drew a picture of a gun on her chalk board, and at one point she found a note which contained a written threat.
Complaints to her supervisors went nowhere. The bullying persisted until she was found unconscious in a bathroom on campus.
Monteleone claims that violent students are not confronted by administrators over fear of a lawsuit from angry parents.
I am not at all surprised that this happened in North Carolina. Anyone who has had dealings with the state system there will tell you it is one corrupt and incompetent place.

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The Other Bankruptcy Showdown: State Medicaid Programs

While all eyes are on the Treasury and its challenge to handle the federal government’s debt, we cannot afford to lose sight of equally disastrous bankruptcies looming on the state level.

Here are three reasons why you should care about state budgets:
1)      Many states are already worse off than the federal government, delaying payments, jacking up taxes, etc. News outlets leaked in January that Congress is quietly coming to terms with state bankruptcies. Pundits might say otherwise, and they will drag it out into a slow-motion ending, but at this point it is really “when” instead of “if.”
2)      Even without a federal default, state defaults will spell disaster on the economy. Health care, construction, education and farming are all married to state governments to some extent.
3)      Part of the federal government’s deficit spending has been pumping money into states. Wonder why the economic stimulus bill in 2009 did not actually create those shovel-ready jobs? Because a lot of that money was given to states specifically to catch up Medicaid bills.
Those stimulus funds run out in July, and states are preparing to simply force providers to do without the money. State programs are already notorious for paying doctors, pharmacies and nursing homes at rates that are nothing but a smidge over cost.
In Massachusetts, for example, more than half of primary physicians refuse to add new patients who rely on state funding. Many have stopped seeing state-dependent patients altogether.
Across the country in Washington, pharmacy chain Walgreens accused the state of paying less than cost for prescriptions – meaning pharmacists actually lose money on every transaction. Walgreens was forced to start refusing new orders from Medicaid patients.
And that was in the good old days when stimulus money was there to help.
States like Illinois and California stall for several months before making payments. While on the waiting list, doctors are presumably expected to pay their bills with pixie dust. Shockingly, doctors don’t seem to enjoy this, and with each passing month more and more of them start turning away future patients.
South Carolina’s solution was to authorize deficit spending for its Medicaid program. No word on where the state will find a handy $100 million laying around to take care of that.
In New Jersey, Republican Governor Chris Christie is looking to save some $300 million by using “managed care” tricks on Medicaid patients.
Managed care is a fancy term for rationing. It means state auditors will impose stricter standards for what counts as “necessary” treatment, encourage doctors to prescribe “cheaper” drugs, shorten the number of days you can stay in a hospital, and slap more copays on top.

Folks, we are watching the slow-motion decline of our government on all levels. Desperate state governments cannot afford to keep doctors and pharmacies in business. And this is but one place where states are failing. We haven’t even started talking about pensions, public schools, highway maintenance, or cities that can’t afford their police departments.
If you have not begun making contingency plans for your family’s future, I recommend now as a good time to start.

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Which of These is More Believable?

Scenario A:
A Republican politician steals an election to become president, sets out to create a Zionist Evangelical theocracy, lies about government activity after 9/11, lies about weapons to invade a random country, lies about the government’s response to a hurricane, lies about the time he went AWOL in the military, lies about the definition of torture, lies about oil futures, and then lies about the cause of the mortgage crisis.
Scenario B: 
A Democratic politician lies about some inconvenient thing in his family past, lies about personal religious ideas that the public might not like, and then bungles a complicated military operation by not knowing how much to reveal.
The media encourage Americans to believe most of Scenario A. That same media criticize anyone who believes even a smidgen of Scenario B.

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The Curious Case of the Obama Economy

Your humble blogger was distressed by this little ditty from Reuters yesterday:
Thu May 5, 2011 2:18pm

Oil plunged more than 8 percent on Thursday, heading for the third biggest daily drop in dollar terms on record, as concerns about economic growth and monetary tightening spurred a sell-off in commodities.

U.S. crude tumbled below $100 a barrel in heavy trading volume after weak economic data from Europe and the United States fed concerns that have battered commodities all week. German industrial orders fell unexpectedly in March while U.S. weekly jobless claims hit eight-month highs.

…Crude oil is selling off sharply for two primary reasons: QE2 is coming to an end in June and without a QE3 behind it, it will take liquidity out of the market, hurting risky asset classes such as commodities,” said Chris Jarvis, senior analyst, Caprock Risk Management in New Hampshire.

Wow, that sounds pretty bad.
And yet a mere 18 hours later, Reuters published this:
Fri May 6, 2011 10:15am

U.S. private employers shrugged off high energy prices to add jobs at the fastest pace in five years in April, pointing to underlying strength in the economy, even as the jobless rate rose to 9.0 percent.

…U.S. stock index futures extended gains, while U.S. bond prices extended losses. The dollar rose further against the euro and yen.

The unemployment rate has dropped a full percentage point since November and the latest rise will strengthen the Federal Reserve’s resolve to stick to its ultra-easy monetary policy stance.

The Fed last month signaled it was in no hurry to start withdrawing its massive stimulus for the economy, even as other major central banks around the world have begun to raise interest rates.

I consider myself well versed in finance, but there are some things about this I cannot figure out. How did Ben Bernanke change his mind overnight? Is oil going down because of a strong dollar or a troubled dollar? And if Wall Street finance gurus are the ones who messed up everything in 2008, then why do we keep taking their opinions as gospel?
Can someone help me out here?

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Death Photo Submission Open Thread

The Fellowship just received this exclusive image of the OBL death scene:

UPDATE: Judicial Watch has filed a FOIA request for the Osama raid photos and video. The Defense Department has 20 days to legally respond.

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The Inspiring History of the National Day of Prayer

In June 1775, the Continental Congress found itself in the middle of a disaster. Their worst fears about the deteriorating relationship with Britain had come true.

British troops had decided to open the can of worms by confronting a rebel ammunition stash in Concord, Massachusetts. Rebels took a stand, quite literally, in the middle of the road to stop them. A gunfight ensued.
Paul Revere had known the can would open that night, so he rode through the woods of the northern colonies with the news.
The British got their job done in Concord, but at too great a price: as they turned to march back to the safety of their home in Boston, some 15,000 minutemen showed up, vowing to make them rue the day.
The return to Boston was the longest 20 miles of their life. By dawn they stood safely in the city, but the rebels did not go away. A siege was laid around the city limits. British troops were told to either starve or take a boat and leave.
King George was not amused. While a ragtag group of amateur rebels held the impromptu siege together, the empire staged a plan to strike back.
What should Congress do? They were not particularly impressed by the siege on Boston, knowing it was like trying to scare a grizzly bear by poking him with a stick. But they also understood the reasons why it happened, the desperation, the anger, the need for the pressure to come out somewhere.
If Congress condoned the siege and sent supplies to the minutemen, any pretense of them being above the fray was gone. But if they did nothing, 15,000 guys would surely be destroyed by Britain’s looming revenge.
Congress searched for advice on how to handle a coming disaster to an entire people. They remembered the story of Purim in the Old Testament, how the nation of Israel, living under Persia’s control, faced a similar threat of massacre. Queen Esther called for a three-day event where every Israeli house joined in fasting and prayer. God responded with a miracle.

image courtesy Gener8Xion Entertainment

June 12, 1775, Congress released a statement calling for every home in the colonies, from Massachusetts to the Carolinas, to join as one people and fast before God.
And God showed up with a miracle.
Congress decided to support the rebels and get this game over with. They chose George Washington as the best guy to go to Boston and make something happen. Washington found a way to force the British to leave Boston in March 1776.
Four months later, the British army returned in a show of force like something right out of Star Wars. Washington was forced to confront them in New York. This time, he lost. And then he lost again. And then he lost some more.
By August 29 he had lost all of New York and faced certain defeat with his back to the East River. He needed an escape. He planned an overnight crossing of the river and on to temporary safety in New Jersey. Crossing a river in the middle of the night? Armies just didn’t do those things back then.
But they went for it. Crossing was slow and tedious in the dark. Morning came too soon. Washington began to panic that dawn would bring light over his men, sitting in the middle of the river like fish in a barrel.
And then out of nowhere, help came. A thick, dense fog crept over the water, so bad that you couldn’t see five feet in front of you. British troops knew, just knew, that the Americans were somewhere in the river, but they couldn’t see a thing. By the time the fog lifted, Washington was gone.
Four months later, on Christmas Day in 1776, Washington plotted another midnight run across a river. This time he crossed the Delaware and surprised some valuable Hessians in New Jersey.
Against all odds, those prayers began to work. Washington was doing the impossible.
President Abraham Lincoln revived this tradition in 1863 when he called for a national fast to guide America through the Civil War.
In 1952, President Harry Truman established a national day of prayer to occur every year.
And then in 1983, Ronald Reagan found himself leading a nation that struggled to keep an economy and feared an evil empire. National Day of Prayer was set as the first Thursday in May.

Today, I encourage you to consider that the best thing you can do for your family is to pray. Having a stockpile of food is a good idea. Investing in physical assets is a good idea. Supporting our troops is a good idea.
But if you want a miracle to keep your family safe – if you want a Red-Sea-splitting, Spanish-armada-stalling, fog-over-New-York, battle-of-Midway-changing, moon-landing, Olympic-hockey-winning, Berlin-wall-destroying kind of response… you need to pray and fast.
Even if you can only pray for 10 minutes. Even if you can only “fast” by swearing off your favorite thing for 24 hours. Do something to show God you are reaching out to Him.
And He will show up.

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Why Bush is Right to Refuse Obama's Invitation

The blogosphere is lit up today with reaction to W’s decision to decline an invitation to join Obama at Ground Zero.

Bush’s official explanation is that he wants to stay out of the spotlight since he retired. But in the back of his mind, I am sure he has to be pondering both the Left’s treatment of him and Obama’s conduct as president.
If I were advising Bush right now, these are the reasons I would give him to stay away from Obama’s visit to NY….
One: Some still think he was responsible for 9/11 in some way. He was viciously criticized for staying in that classroom when he was first told, keeping too many documents classified, stripping funding from fire fighters, and then dawdling to win the war on terror. Taking credit for OBL’s death will not change that, and could possibly reignite it..
Two: Certain people who remain in Congress to this day want him prosecuted for so-called torture because of him doing everything he could to find Al Qaeda. Obama himself wanted to lead an investigation – until approximately five minutes after he became president.
Three: Obama has a long track record of inviting people to his speeches and then jumping them from stage.
Exhibit A: SCOTUS

Exhibit B: House critter Paul Ryan

Exhibit C: Donald Trump

Exhibit D: Senator John McCain

Four: Obama’s speech Sunday night made it clear that “I authorized” the action because “I” wanted him dead and “I” got it done. Giving Bush sloppy seconds four days later means nothing.
The fifth and final reason? Seven years ago it was uncouth to show up at Ground Zero for a shameless photo op. Anyone remember that?
Bush has almost nothing to gain and everything to lose from showing up there. I understand conservatives wishing that we could put partisan politics behind us for one day and just celebrate the victory.
But I am not convinced Obama can restrain himself from saying something hateful, and I am not convinced progressives will make themselves be civil to Bush.

Obama showed his true intentions Sunday night. If he wants to own this so badly, let him own it. And as far as I’m concerned, Americans treated Bush so badly for eight years, we really don’t deserve his class.

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