Austrian jihadi bride beaten to death after trying to escape ISIS

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We knew this would happen…

Selimovic (l) and text

Selimovic (l) and Kesinovic (r)

In October 2014, I reported on two Austrian teens who abandoned their homes and families to become “poster girls” for ISIS terrorists. In April they left a note for that parents that read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah, and we will die for him.” They had a change of heart in October and desperately wanted to come home.
Samra Kesinovic (then 17) and her friend Sabina Selimovic (then 15) left Austria and were believed to be married, pregnant and living in the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa in northern Syria.
Now comes word that Samra (now 18) has been beaten to death after trying to escape the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa. A Tunisian woman who had been living with Samra says the young girl was killed by Islamic State extremists after she tried to flee recently, according to The Local Austria.
The gal pals had traveled to the war-torn nation with the hope of becoming “jihadi brides” — and they later married two of the ISIS militants upon their arrival. Photos posted to social media in the following months showed the pair wearing black burkas and wielding AK-47s. Officials said earlier this year they believed Selimovic had been killed during a skirmish in Syria.

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0 responses to “Austrian jihadi bride beaten to death after trying to escape ISIS

  1. Actions have consequences!

  2. You lay down with camels, you wake up with camel spiders. I am not sad for this girl (although I maybe should be). She joined people who are actually worse than the nazis. I am grateful her murder may become a cautionary tale to other girls who might be fooled by the killers.

    • T.D. , she made her choice . The only one to blame is the reflection in the mirror . She made a conscious decision ” ? ” Shit happens !!!!

    • Trail…is this camel addage a variation of “If you lie down with dogs…you get up with fleas?” (I never heard of camel spiders!!! Going to look them up!!!).
      For sure, the girls got what they wanted—to die for “Allah” (aka…their chosen, patronizing, coercive, penis-centric religion/government/cause.) My sadness lies in the fact that the parents of these girls failed in some manner (maybe it didn’t even have to be a BIG failure…just something too late or “amiss” for the maturational lesson needed at the time….)…and now they, too, suffer…AND, the adolescent “brain” (is it even verifided that there IS a brain in an adolescent??????) before the age of 18 is entirely ruled by hormones and impulse. I’ve had kids age 13-14 (not much younger than these girls were when they went off on their big, “romantic” adventure) think it was a GREAT idea to stick very short pencils up their noses…or spray glue into their ears…or color their hair with markers…or CUT their hair during art class with the art scissors….or jump over their chair and come down to knock teeth out when they landed too close to the art table….or bring “atomic bomb” hot pepper mix to school & DARE classmates to taste it during class (for $1 a “shot”)…..blah, blah, blah (all the reasons we spend a DAY on art room rules the first day of class….I only make “rules” about the stupid stuff these kids think up to do through the years…and, my last “rule”: “If we need more rules, we’ll make them.” )
      IMO…..if we had small, community schools like “the old days” instead of humongous, centralized schools where kids are “incognito” and parents never participate anymore…….parents MIGHT understand (after elementary school) just WHAT stages their kids are passing through and what kind of reins they need to have over them…how to “head things off at the pass” and actually PARTICIPATE in their child’s development and education in the last, very crucial years….the ones that make it or break it for the child as they approach adulthood.

  3. Im not sad for this girl either. I’m glad that her DNA was removed from the European gene pool. They don’t need that level of sheer stupidity.
    I was going to ask “What were they thinking???” but I know the answer: they weren’t thinking. What the hell is wrong with girls like these who want to trade a comforatble life for one of moral and physical filth, rape, and murder?

    • ” What the hell is wrong with girls like these ……………….” Indoctrination centers ” being thought of as education centers .

  4. Some of you may think that what I am going to say is offensive. Given the kind of life she wold have had (not the romantic life she envisioned in her immature mind) she is probably better that she did not live. I doubt that being passed around from “husband” to “husband” in the event of their death in battle–or being recruited to work in a brothel to service the fighters does not seem like it would be worth spending another 40 to 60 years on earth. I just hope that other young girls will get a hint from this tragedy Young people are not mature enough to be making life altering decisions like this–because decisions do indeed have consequences! Excellent post!

  5. she got her wish to die for allah, they both did. Young dumb and full of muslim ….. *** …… indoctrination …… will they get 72 male virgins?

  6. It is sad two families lost their daughters. At their age, they know it all. Parents are stupid and the kids don’t realize it until much later just how smart their parents really were.
    Kids these days are so desensitized to death and they just don’t grasp it is permanent.
    Sadly, they didn’t know they would never be allowed to leave. Her revelation came too late.

  7. where liberalism goes, common sense does not follow……
    honestly, I don’t think her family should believe the story until they see her body. middle eastern males treasure having white females to procreate with…I’m kind of skeptical that her “husband” would beat her to death and deprive himself of the opportunity to continue procreation, especially if she was pregnant with his muslim seed. I’m still shocked and saddened that anyone would volunteer to be a whore for islam…or anything for that matter.


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