Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

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Telegraph: A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings.

Judge Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and “unnatural” but is now widely accepted.
He said incest was now only a crime because it may lead to abnormalities in offspring but this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion.
“A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner,” the judge said.
“If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. Those things have gone.(NAMBLA would approve.)
Judge Neilson made the comments during the trial of a brother charged with raping his younger sister. The man has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his sister when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974 but has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to sex they had in 1981, when she was 18 and he was 26. “By that stage they are both mature adults,” the judge said.
“The complainant has been sexually awoken, shall we say, by having two relationships with men and she had become ‘free’ when the second relationship broke down. The only thing that might change that is the fact that they were a brother and sister but we’ve come a long way from the 1950s – when the position of the English Common Law was that sex outside marriage was not lawful.”
The comments were labelled misogynistic and “completely disgraceful” by Sally Dowling, the crown prosecutor, who has asked an appeal court to appoint another judge. “The reference to abortion is particularly repellent,” she said.
Dr. Cathy Kezelman, an advocate for preventing child sex abuse, said incest was horrific, regardless of the ages of those involved. “The relational betrayal of the horrors of incest between a brother and sister of any age is abhorrently criminal,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.
Well according to liberals, #loveislove after all…
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0 responses to “Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

  1. Already championed by Hollywood and “intellectuals,” this is coming any day now to Amerika’s judicial system!

  2. Gosh, this is so sick, I am unable to even comment. One twisted judge, glad Australia has him.
    Maybe we can find an island somewhere and put all these deviates on.

    • This is nothing more than the natural progression of the acceptance of sodomy and the breakdown of the family unit. Since human culture has been destroyed as put down by God, Satan is busy rewriting it for us, in breakneck speed. The only perversion not mentioned by this judge is beastiality.
      A world without any absolutes or truth which is where we find ourselves today, leaves the door open to anything. We are now living in the world of Alister Crowley…….”do what thou wilt”. Get used to it…these doors are not easily closed once opened. The only question in my mind at the moment is what perversion will next be brought to the forefront. Unfortunately I think it may be pedophilia. Since this appears to be a most favored pass time of the elitists and satanists alike. I can just picture all that money being funneled into their lobby.

      • Well the judge already was making light of pedophilia in connection with the charges of rape and incestuous sex, I’d say this “judge” needs to be barred from the “bar” permanently, without further pay or retirement benefits etc., as their behavior has demonstrated acting in the interests of terrorists (the real terrorists).
        You are quite correct Swampy, personally, I think that the citizenry of smaller towns and whatnot need to act to install legal hardening against any “rights movements” now, so that later if they try to show up there will be at least some paper wall to prevent the progress of “progressiveness” and properly define criminality as criminality. Perhaps somethign along the lines of “A minor is anyone under the age of 18 (or possibly 21 given how society is being messed with, it could be argued teens don’t have enough sense to consent to intercourse, as the majority don’t seem to comprehend the full gamut of consequences and the actual nature of the act, much less the responsibility they have tot he person they have relations with.) who does not have the capability to consent to sexual intercourse under any circumstances, has no sexual rights, save for the right to self-defense from sexual advances from anyone, regardless of age. Self defense does not include conceeding to other sexual activity (such as photography and/or pornography) or being coerced into other activities to avoid sexual intercourse…” or something as such, I’m no legal scholar.

  3. traildustfotm

    For the first time ever, listening to a Boston radio station, I heard the host discussing somebody’s proclamation that “incest is the new gay.”
    I cannot express my disgust. I have no words at the moment.

    • I’m disgusted, but not surprised. As swampygirl so aptly stated, it is a “natural progression.”
      When our state legalized “gay” marriage, I told my niece “Just wait. Today it’s gay marriage, next they’ll want to legalize incest.” She looked at me in disgust and disbelief and said “No way.” I told her again, “Just wait. Incest is next.”
      I’m sure she remember my words.

  4. Left/libtards… talk about “defining deviancy down” so they can feel good.

  5. This is just the next lurch from the left toward legalizing pedophilia.
    It’s already underway right here in America.

  6. Also for anyone curious, those people determining the health courses are largely biased from a kinsey-based angle (the future of sex education org for example, is related to SIECUS which itself is an outgrowth of kisney’s sick mad science, and gleaned from child abusers). If kisney’s woefully broken science is being used as a basis for sex education in public schools in the U.S. and other countries, then the end result should be expected to generate the same sort of people kinsey based his research on… namely child molestors and criminals.

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