Australia has stupid people too!

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The letter to the editor below has been attributed to an Obama voter, but it actually was written by an Australian named Chris Hill.
The letter, dated October 1, 2008, was published in the Albury Border Mail, a country newspaper in Australia.
At the time of Hill’s letter, Australia had been in a drought for over 10 years — one of the longest droughts on record. The drought finally broke in 2010.
Chris HillH/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska

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0 responses to “Australia has stupid people too!

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  2. Einstein once remarked that he wasn’t sure if the universe was infinite, but he was certain that stupidity was!

  3. Small world-this guy,Chris Hill,sounds a LOT like Nancy Pelosi-related,maybe?

  4. Awesome! Oh so Awesome! Let’s explain to EVERYONE that global warming will be solved by eliminating daylight savings time! (I mean, people that believe in the global warming myth are sure to believe in this solution!)

  5. I wonder if this was written with a straight face. You have to wonder.

    • Yeah, that’s was I was thinking.
      LOL – I mean, nobody could be that colossally stoopid.
      Could they?

      • Oh yes, they could, and they are! Isn’t that what we’re surrounded by, every day in every way? When a herd lacks sufficient predators, or a managed one isn’t culled or rouged of its weakest members, but allows them to breed, voila! Of course I will be pilloried for saying this, but we are too many, overall, and most certainly suffer mindless reproduction of those who are less than mindful.
        It is not that there isn’t enough in human systems to sustain all our members, but the distribution of necessities is extremely lopsided, and became more so this past century. 1% of our population has 80 to 90% of its wealth, depending on whose reckoning one reads. And having been employed by some of that 1% for fifty years, I can assure you they are not even aware of us, never mind concerned for us in any way.

  6. Ol’ Chris must have a PhD in Brainless. Either that, or he’s a first or second grade kid, writing the letter. Not old enough to really hold the concept of time, firmly in his grasp.

    • I don’t think we need be concerned that he’s holding ‘the concept of time firmly in his grasp,’ not at all. However, he should stop before he causes permanent damage to himself.


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