Austin Craigslist solicits crisis actors for emergency training exercise

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Two days ago, an ad appeared on Austin, Texas’ Craigslist soliciting crisis actors (“role players”) at $10.10/hr. for a National Guard Training Exercise for Emergency Preparedness taking place in Govalle, Texas on April 22, 2015.
The ad was placed by an outfit called IIF Data Solutions.
Here’s a screenshot I took of the ad on in case it gets scrubbed. The screenshot shows the date and time (bottom right) when I took the screen shot: 4/2/2015 at 2:25 PM.

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Austin TX Craigslist role players needed
This is what the ad says, complete with spelling mistakes:

Role Player’s Needed (Govalle,Texas)
IIF Data Solutions is currently seeking individuals interested in the participation of the National Guard Training Exercise for Emergency Preparedness taking place in Govalle, Texas on April 22 2015, we will need a total of 60 Role Player’s and on April 22,23,24 and 25 2015 we will need 10 Role Player’s. Role Players will simulate as “victims” who are then “rescued” as part of their training.
Orientation is on April 21, 2015 from 1 pm to 4 pm. You will be paid for these hours as well as other hours accumulated on the last day that you work. Role Players are paid $10.10/ hr.
If you have any friends or family members interested invite them to take part. This is a great opportunity to have fun, support a good cause and earn some money!!
They will need to complete an application on line. Our website is
Click on RPSS and click on additional exercise dates available here button and click on the state of interest.

IIF Data Solutions logo
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Chantilly in Northern Virginia, IIF Data Solutions, Inc. has locations in 10 states across America: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, and California.
There is no explanation of what the initials IIF stand for.
IIF Data Solutions locations
This is how IIF Data Solutions, Inc. describes itself:

a privately held business that offers an array of professional services. Our staff possesses a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of impacts and procedures within and throughout the milieu of national defense, with emphasis on domestic operations.
IIF is currently providing professional services to the National Guard, Department of Defense, and other Government agencies, as well as the private sector. IIF has approved GSA MOBIS, Information Technology, and Environmental Schedules.
IIF has extensive capabilities and expertise in areas such as: information technology, domestic operations training and exercise development, COMSEC training and operations, logistics and facilities operations, consulting, program development and management, business processes and management engineering, operational training support for war fighters, Military & Domestic Medical Training for Health Care Facilities, and role player support services.

On its “Role Player Support Services” page, IIF Data Solutions advertises that they provide such expert services as:

  • Moulage Artisans.
  • Customized Role Player Mass Causality Cards developed to support your specific exercise scenario requirements.
  • Role Player moulage applications to realistically simulate scenario relevant injuries and casualty symptoms.
  • Role Player acting instructions to enhance realism.
  • Role Player “cut away” clothing.

Note: Moulage (French word for “casting/moulding”) is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel. Moulage may be as simple as applying pre-made rubber or latex “wounds” to a healthy “patient’s” limbs, chest, head, etc., or as complex as using makeup and theatre techniques to provide elements of realism (such as blood, vomitus, open fractures, etc.) to the training simulation.
H/t FOTM’s Gingercake
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0 responses to “Austin Craigslist solicits crisis actors for emergency training exercise

  1. most of perceived reality is illusion to began with, in a society that needs to be subsidized to eat/function it matters not if episode/event is staged or actual. The subjective/rationalized mind is only coherently involved accepting/processing info that it can only relate to it’s own definition of self and personal well being. this constituency is do dumbed down that even if event was not false flag, it would not matter as the next step/ ability to react would not function outside of mindless function of it’s preexisting program ie following the news feed and instruction. in other words it would not/does not matter if event is real, staged, or never happened. the excepted “reality” is forsupposed meaning that the individual is nonfunctual outside of it’s predetermined forehanded conclusions. this is why “news’ does not have to be in realtime or true or even to have occured to achieve the same desired social justice results. consider impeachment procedings and the oath to protect the constitution.

  2. Omg- and the ppl won’t listen—- *sigh*

  3. Bet you aren’t allowed to record any training exercises.

  4. This is BS. The same scenario was done in Atlanta about eight
    months ago for a drill in Atlanta. No drill ever took place.

    • Willpower, we hope it is because of publicity from the alternative media that many false flags do NOT happen.

    • They have to rehearse. Besides, having a few “in the can” can be helpful for them. They just claim it was somewhere else.

      • Yes, they do move their drills elsewhere. That way they THINK the hoax can’t be traced back to the craigslist ad.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post, for your research and meticulous attention to the details. All of this is noteworthy indeed. Their description of what they do was deliberately vague.

  6. “There is no explanation of what the initials IIF stand for.” OK, I’ll try:
    Integrated Imposters Filmed. No? OK.
    Improbable Incidents Fabricated? Next….
    Instigated Incidents Filmed?
    OK, it’s your turn!

  7. $10 an hour ?? Even Haiti workers earn more !

    • Dear ‘It is I only’:
      I can explain the phenomenon.
      For many years the standard rate in the Chicago Mafia for a contract murder was $10,000.00 plus airfare, as hitmen were only rarely in the same city as the target. Today you can get the job done for $3,000.00 or less, and they provide their own transportation.
      Put it down to competition from increasingly desperate people.

  8. They were also advertising for crisis actors in CONNECTICUT earlier this week!

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  10. Infiltration. It is the only way to combat misinformation.
    Fear not, America! Patriots still exist.

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  12. It is just what it says it is. I participated in the National Guard training exercise at Camp Parks, CA in 2010

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