Aurora theater shooting: Is this a crisis actor?

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On July 20, 2012, at a midnight showing of the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, at a Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado, a lone gunman shot and killed 12 people and wounded 70.
On August 24, 2015, alleged sole shooter James Holmes was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Marcus Weaver

Marcus Weaver

Among the 70 who were wounded that night is Marcus Weaver, who sat in the 5th row of the Century theater with his friend . Weaver recounted what happened to 89.3 KPCC:

“Ten minutes into the movie, a smoke bomb went off … we were just perplexed. We thought it was just someone who lit off a smoke bomb … Once the gunman started opening fire on the crowd, it became really apparent it was not a Rocky Horror film show, or any of those pranks they do in theaters. It was a real event, and so something told me to get down on the ground.”

Weaver pulled Rebecca down with him. A few minutes later, he realized she was hit during the first wave of gunfire. When Holmes’ gun jammed, many moviegoers tried to flee. Weaver picked up his friend and started toward the exit. That’s when Holmes shot him in the arm.

“And so I tumbled over and she fell into the seat, and that was the last time I saw my friend Rebecca.”

Weaver didn’t notice he was hit until he made it out of the theater.

“A little girl came up to me and [said], ‘your arm is bleeding.’ And so I looked at my arm, and sure enough, I had two holes in my arm, and blood was just perfusing out of it.”

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, despite having been shot in his right shoulder and upper arm, and with his lower arm in a cast, Weaver manages to lift the arm up, waving it around.
Note also the bullet holes in his right upper arm. Do they look like bullet holes to you?

In asking questions, I mean no disrespect to Marcus Weaver.
Let’s hear from readers who are either medical professionals or have sustained injuries similar to Weaver’s.

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0 responses to “Aurora theater shooting: Is this a crisis actor?

  1. In depth journalistic coverage of time wasting CNN propaganda.

  2. He is clearly lying. To have two (pinholes representing fake) bullet holes in his shoulder muscle and a piece of shrapnel higher up in the shoulder, (where there was no evidence of penetration), it would have been impossible for him to move his arm about without a very clear expression of pain. Send him to the Moon without a swimsuit… err, spacesuit.

  3. Most important point? Spree killers, serial killers, political assassins are always homosexuals.

  4. if anderson is involved, it’s FAKE (gays like him are mentally ill and don’t have a grasp of reality)

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    That didn’t look like very much blood on the shirt to be from two bullet wounds. I bled that much yesterday from cutting a finger…

  6. Ooh, good work. Yeah, if those were bullet holes on his upper arm the flesh would be all swollen, not to mention shredded (and bandaged!) What a joke.
    You’re right about the green screen, too. When there is a close-up of Marcus talking, you see lots of cars moving on the street behind him, in both directions. When the camera is further away, showing the woman and Cooper in addition to Marcus, there is NO traffic, even though there is no break in Marcus’s speech.

  7. Not that I am forensic scientist, but that two lesions or whatever on his arm, would have had to be shot when someone was clearly beside him. It would seem more natural in the chaos that he would have been shot slant wise or anything else–rather that two bullets entering straight on into the flesh of the arm. I would also expect that there be more carnage to the flesh surrounding the bullet wounds creating the flesh to swell. This is not very convincing.

    • What I notice is that he said he dragged his friend with his left arm, presumably because his right arm was injured, although he doesn’t say that. Then he says he had to put her down and then he was down on his left side when the shooting began again and that’s when he got shot in the right arm. So you’re correct. He’s lying down on his left side. Where’s the shooter? Wherever he is, he’d have to be right above him to shoot him like that in the upper arm. Right? What I do know (admittedly from TV) is that entry holes are small and exit holes are BIG. So you’d expect a lot of blood on his shirt unless the shrapnel he’s talking about are the bullets, which lodged in his shoulder. So maybe there are no exit wounds. Even so, would he be able to move his arm like that? Seems unimaginable.

  8. I think the video is correct about the green screen. Watch the wind moving the bushes, the railings, and the one tree in the foreground, while the trees in back don’t move at all. Magic wind. Magic bullets, too. They did a 90 degree turn to lodge “strapnel” in his shoulder. Did they hit bone? Ouch. Would expect that to hurt a LOT. If the “strapnel” consists of only portions of the bullets, then where did the rest exit? Top of his shoulder? Inside of his arm? Still can’t imagine that he’d even try to move that arm or that he wasn’t instructed not to, given that the “strapnel” is still in the shoulder. In the joint? It would be interesting to hear from a medical professional on this.

  9. To answer the previous question , HELL YES . If said wounded person had 2 real wounds in shoulder . I do not think it would be that mobile . I had 2 surgeries on my right shoulder . You do not go with that much movement right after surgery . I think they are magic marker dots

  10. and the other thing, he puts quite a big of pressure on the area were the shrapnel is supposed to be. Doesn’t look inflamed either. But the good news is that Anderson Cooper’s nose stayed intact in this interview!

  11. From an email from FOTM silent reader CSM:
    You need to goggle pictures of this, and the one pic you showed can’t
    be what that person claimed. I used to be an EMT. You’ll need a barf
    bag for these pictures!

  12. Yes, that is a crisis actor. They are one of the lowest forms of humanity.

  13. Okay; as one who’s taken a bullet, I think I can speak to this point. First of all, his 2 holes are quite small, but then again so was mine… going in, of course. The size of the scars makes it look to be a .22 Long Rifle, which seems to me a very odd choice of size for a mass murder weapon. For an assassination of a single person, however, it was the CIA’s weapon of choice.
    It also seems to me a very odd angle for the exit wound. Even though there’s muscle in that area, there are also at least three good-sized bones, so there would be a high probability of the bullet hitting one of them, as it did in my right leg femur.
    Upon impact, a .22 would flatten or mushroom, then make a much larger exit wound, as mine did. My injury was so massive as to completely shatter the femur, and I was unable to stand on my right leg.
    As far as pain goes I experienced very, very little. To this day it gives me absolutely no problems whatsoever, even though there are hundreds of bone fragments and tiny pieces of lead in a Milky Way pattern, which shows on x-rays.

  14. Not buying his story. Was he even there? Sure is messed up about his missing friend, uh? He sure had a speedy recovery. He doesn’t seem very traumatized to me.
    Aurora is the home of the crisis actors school.
    I can’t forget the interviews I saw from two different men. Only saw the tape once, then never shown again.
    They said, that Holmes had been sitting in the front row, got up and went out the exit door and left it ajar. Then a few minutes later, shooter enters and begins. They both described him as 5’8″. Holmes is over 6’4″. Supposedly he was found in the parking lot in a fetal position. But, his lab partner said he never saw any clues to this kind of behavior from him. He called him nice. Holmes at the beginning said he was being set up and I noticed from there on out, he looked to be controlled by drugs. The lab partner was shocked that Holme’s apt. Was supposedly booby trapped.
    Someone had posted two pictures of Holmes but they had different eye colors.
    I think when this “crisis” didn’t stir up enough compassion for gun control, Sandy Hook was developed.

    • You’re absolutely correct. One more patsy sacrificed on the altar of our Satanist NWBD.
      Hinckley was another, as was Sirhan Sirhan, the Iranian who supposedly shot Robert Kennedy. The list in the last fifty years is very long. Ain’t drugs great for politics?

  15. I can’t swear to it, but I think he has been identified as a crisis actor.

  16. Looking at other gunshot wounds on the internet I can only conclude that the wounds shown in the picture above are not consistent with fresh, or even recent, gunshot wounds. There’s no irritation to the surrounding flesh at all.
    Gotta wonder if there’s a special place reserved in hell for the crisis actors participating in these mass deceptions.

    • Crisis actors are like anyone else—they need the money. It is the producers of the false flag events I want to see brought to justice.
      I agree with you, but the public only sees what is put in front of them. It’s not that we are stupid: WE’RE NOT. But to probe beyond that creates cognitive dissonance—and the Alinsky Cat O’ Nine Tails, RIDICULE.


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