Aurora Shooter Had Inside Help?

Ben Swann brings up questions I haven’t seen addressed by the MSM and interviews eye witnesses who say he had at least one accomplice inside the theater.

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0 responses to “Aurora Shooter Had Inside Help?

  1. Alex Jones has been all over this since day one, and now these folks. Something is very fishy on this one!

  2. I can’t help but remember those old CIA MK-Ultra mind-control experiments.

    • You about half have to wonder about that – schools allow students to volunteer for different kinds of testing, many for money, and God only KNOWS what they stuff in their heads! Maybe he got the money by being a “test dummy” and maybe the school got to test out a few gov’t run experiments?? Maybe that’s why he looked so freakin’ doped up in court. I’ve been (accidentally, doesn’t mean I’ll forgive easily) given Halderol, which is a MEGA-STRONG schizophrenic medication, and schizo would be a good, quick diagnosis for someone that age, extremely bright, and doing something like that. The first time I saw him I was convinced he was smashed drugged, the 9,999 other times I watched that and yeah, maybe he knew how to pull a good quality fake. He would SO look that way on Haldol. Maybe someone is shutting him up? Still working on the “he’s a (single) total wackjob, wasted on a movie villain” vs some H-L-S zombie plant. Those IED’s tho….Definately puzzling, esp. once he went to all the trouble and then told the cops. My theory? He hated his neighbors and wanted a few of them to die, OR he wanted the evidence to burn up <- I'm stronger on that one.

  3. ‘They’ took removed the information that indicated that he had

  4. And he was probably lousy at cleaning his firearms, hence the jam with the AR-15.

  5. Maybe another “fast and furious” style attempt to turn public opinion against the second ammendment? The .40 caliber ammo and Glocks all make me take pause and think about that 450,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammo DHS, (or was it FEMA?) just bought. I know I sound like an aluminum foil hat wearer to a certain extent, but I’d at least consider almost anything any more.


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