Aurora killer James Holmes has a fan club

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This is how sick and depraved America has become.
Accused mass murderer James Holmes, who shot 24 people dead in a darkened Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has fans. reports, August 4, 2012:

Fans of the alleged Aurora, Colo., theater gunman James Eagan Holmes have created social media fan pages, posting messages of praise for the shootings.

Dozens of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages have been set up by self-described “Holmies,” featuring jokes about the incident and encouragement for the alleged movie theater shooter charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58, The Denver Post reported Friday.
One Facebook fan page has at least 888 “likes,” and includes pictures of Holmes’ face edited onto avatars. The page also lists the inmate mailing address for Holmes at the Arapahoe County Jail where he is being held without bond, the newspaper reported.
The social media pages supporting Holmes include posts from users asking for the pages to be deleted. “I believe this page should be deleted for the families who are going through this pain,” one user wrote.
Facebook officials said they do not support the Holmes fan pages, but did not say they would delete them. “While these particular pages are distasteful and unpopular, we are heartened that the vast majority of activity on Facebook surrounding this tragedy has been focused on helping the community cope and beginning the healing process in the wake of these events,” a Facebook spokesperson, whose name was not reported, said.
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0 responses to “Aurora killer James Holmes has a fan club

  1. These sickos are the same depraved types that yell jump at those poor souls contemplating suicide from tall buildings and bridges. Only difference is these so-called “Holmies” have established an evil sort of hero cult.
    Sick bastards!

  2. A few months ago Facebook asked a family to delete photos of baby Grayson James Walker, who was born with anencephaly and lived only eight hours. Facebook later apologized to the family but…such irony! It’s not OK to post photos of a severe birth defect, but a page glorifying someone who kills and maims is allowed to remain online. Sick!

  3. I just hope Holmes doesn’t have access to these sites, it will only feed his ego.

  4. This disgusts me, but it reminds me of another issue that also disgusts me. I am attracted to men with a stern intimidating dominant disposition, and people who have no appreciation for that accuse me of wanting to be abused. They would have the audacity to wonder if I would be tempted to click like on that Facebook page. There are women whose brain chemistry makes them attracted to men who are sweet, and they insist on trying to fix me up with that type, gag! No! What I want has NOTHING to do with abuse! It would mean he would be protective and want to kill people like this Holmes murderer! He would be aggressive about not putting up with wrongdoing from his loved ones for their benefit. He would be like those men who protected their girlfriends.

    • The guy struck-out on Adult Friend Finder, now he gets tons of attention (including female), so the same thing’s at work there… only today women don’t “love a man in uniform” (too “Beta,” following some else’s rules) because violent killers get the loving fan mail in prison (plenty “Alpha,” what rules?) now, thanks to our collapse in culture and values lately. This is what moral relativism has brought us: anti-social = manly, John Wayne = footstool. The times (and the dating/mating game) have a-changed… and “Where are all the good men (who attract me like bad ones do)?” is the lament’s full text because character and foresight only apply if people consciously use them (I laud that you do).

  5. Some poeople are just messed up.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post! There really is no word that describes such despicable behavior-these people who are fans of such demonic deeds! And SHAME ON FACEBOOK or other social networks that allow this fan communication! Everybody should boycott Facebook for not banning this social fan communication! Just goes to show that money is everything to FACEBOOK. The grief and sorrow of the victims’ families and friends mean nothing. Really, this is horrific!

  7. Nothing can feed his ego unless someone writes to him in jail. It is possible he won’t be in solitary confinement forever but he has been in solitary since he got arrested and only let out to attend court hearings, and the occasional shower and excercise. He knows nothing about his enemies fans or otherwise!


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