Atta girl: Baltimore woman participates in gun buyback program to upgrade to a “better weapon”

Mayor Catherine Pugh: “We want your guns”

From Fox News: A woman in Baltimore is using the city’s gun buyback program, not to get firearms off the street but to upgrade to a better weapon.

On Monday, the city’s Police Department paid gun owners anywhere from $25 to $500 for their unwanted firearms and magazines in an attempt to get weapons off the street, FOX 45 News reported. By 5:30 p.m., more than 500 firearms had been collected.

The city paid out $25 for rifle magazines that carry more than 10 rounds, $100 for revolvers, and pump and bolt-action weapons, $200 for semi-automatic weapons and $500 for fully automatic weapons.

While some residents turned in firearms that went unused for years, a woman who went by the name Darlene told the station she was turning in her 9 mm so she could “upgrade to a better weapon.”

“I don’t know [what type of weapon],” she said. “I haven’t quite decided.”

Others said they were turning in their weapons for quick cash or to support the city’s efforts to thwart gun violence.

Many cities have embraced gun buyback campaigns in recent years, but experts have said they are ineffective at reducing gun violence, USA Today reported.

A big flaw is that the firearms collected usually are not the kind typically used in crimes. “They make for good photo images,” said Michael Scott, director of the Center for Problem Oriented Policing, based at the University of Wisconsin’s law school. “But gun buyback programs recover such a small percentage of guns that it’s not likely to make much impact.”

Another problem is the programs tend to attract people who are less likely to commit crimes.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said she isn’t deterred by the studies. (Of course not, why let facts get in the way of your feeeeeeeeeelings.)

“There are all kinds of studies that say all kinds of different things,” the mayor told Fox last week. “Our point here is, there are guns on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if it’s Grandpa’s gun or your gun, we want it.”

The city hosted another buyback campaign Wednesday and will have another Friday.

In Hartford, Conn., city officials have held a gun buyback programs for the past decade. A buyback campaign last week netted 137 firearms, FOX 61 reported. Some of the firearms are destroyed while others serve a more useful purpose. A manhole cover used in the 1990s was made from 172 pounds of confiscated guns. Another Nazi-era firearm was auctioned.

“Not one more victim of senseless violence or gun in the wrong hands that will commit an act of violence,” said Hartford Police Lt. Paul Cicero, a detective in the Hartford police Major Crimes Division. “Just recently we had a four-year-old that shot themselves in the hand with an unsecured firearm in a house that was also an unwanted gun. So, we want to take those guns off the street.”


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19 responses to “Atta girl: Baltimore woman participates in gun buyback program to upgrade to a “better weapon”

  1. I remember in Washington when they did a “buy back” in Olympia that turned into a huge gun show. People were offering more than the cops and thousands of guns were exchanged. Guns that went unused in closets were sold to enthusiasts that actually used them. It was great. They won’t allow that anymore. Of course now they have that registration crap on the books.

  2. Smart woman!
    She’ll need the upgrade, given Baltimore’s high crime and homicide rates.

  3. Maybe I should start attending these events. Maybe I could pick up another ASSAULT WEAPON before it’s turned into scrap!!!

    The United States Marine Corp
    Semper Fi And OoooRah my Brother Marines and all Veterans
    Vietnam 68-69, 3/9 3rd Mar Div
    aka: Hardtimes

  4. She would do much better dealing with a reputable pawn shop. Of course the message to these idiots actually dumb enough to refer to these scams as “buy back” is appropriate.

  5. And how does the City of Baltimore intend to pay for the ammo clips and weapons—cash or check? Because if they pay by check, then the police have a name and an account number, fully traceable.

    But off the top of my head, I think Darlene has the right idea: It’s never to late to upgrade. Now it’s up to the Nancy Pelosi of Baltimore, Pugh, to trace those weapons to specific crimes, starting with homicide. Remind me not to hold my breath!

    Guns, like cash, precious metals, cars and the internet, are FREEDOM. ANY infringement on our Second Amendment is an EXTINCTION PROTOCOL!

  6. Isn’t this the mayor who let people literally run riot “space to destroy” too? (If not, why more of the same left/liberal jackassery, Baltimore?)

  7. Smart girl! I remember seeing on Christian TV channels in prior years that Orlando black pastors & churches were pulling the same stunt, trade in your guns for a pair of new Nike’s & other gimmicks. Central FLA East Coast PDs also held gun grabs in those years (early to mid 2000’s), & they usually held them in the “black” parts of towns.

    Hopefully, most whities keep their guns than fall for the Dem anti-gun “Do Gooder” propaganda.

  8. From her picture she looks like she’d be more at home in a white gown in New Orleans.

  9. Shouldn’t the cops realize that the ones most likely to attend will be those least likely to shoot anyone, vs the thugs who will recognize this as what it is and avoid the event entirely, or use it like Darlene did, only for nefarious purposes? Or is the real reason for buyback programs specifically to disarm john “legal beagle” citizen, potentially to gun-run on the side so the police depts can get black market cash on the side? I am glad to hear that this woman is no fool and is using the city’s totalitarian malarkey for good.

    I heartily encourage all readers here to also acquire (in Addition to what they already have) more exotic types of items as well for personal security (I have seen some things at that are interesting involving sound, and waves, but I have not done any business with them as yet, so no idea how trustworthy they would be.) … if they suddenly shut down ammo production etc. by going after gunpowder, lead or brass forging, etc. then you’ll want other things that don’t “run” on that kind of “fuel”. I also would also encourage getting some training in some sort of martial arts, (even basic karate & judo is better than nothing.) and knowing how to handle a blade (because, when, not if, the ammo runs out, its better to have a blade than to have only bare knuckles.) I’ve had good experience with, personally, but everyone has a mind to make up for their own things. Not trying to advertise for these, only mentioning what I’ve run across, in case it can be of help to anyone else.

  10. That’s what I call a smart woman with hairs on her chest?

  11. Why not just trade the gun at a gun show? I’m not familiar with Baltimore and Maryland laws, but I would think a better deal for her could be made there…

    • Background checks are required for private sales (which includes private transfers) in MD. Must go through dealer. Unless you are a criminal, of course.

      • Well, if you’re a criminal and looking to by a gun, what better place to look than a buy back? Instead of turning it in for $25 you file a stolen gun report and take home a couple hundred you got from the criminal.

  12. Mayor Pugh is a complete idiot.


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