At Last, Keith Olbermann Fired

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MSNBC has fired Keith Olbermann — that rabidly leftwing, overpaid “newsman” who doesn’t even feign a pretense at objectivity. Just two years ago, the cable network had signed him to a 4-year contract, reportedly for $30 million.
Paul Farhi of the Washington Post reports today (Jan 22, 2011):

Keith Olbermann, the combative left-leaning anchor of MSNBC’s most popular program, “Countdown,” surprised viewers Friday night by announcing that the show would be his last. Olbermann said he had been told by MSNBC that the cable network was ending his contract.

Neither the network nor Olbermann publicly cited a reason for his abrupt departure, but that hasn’t stopped Washington Post’s reporter, the fawning Farhi, from engaging in some fanciful speculation — that it was because Olbermann made campaign contributions to three political candidates, in violation of an NBC News policy that prohibits political contributions by its employees without prior approval. Olbermann was suspended for two days, then returned to the air publicly unapologetic about his behavior, expressing his disdain for MSNBC’s decision.
Then Farhi further speculated that Olbermann’s dismissal may have something to do with the pending takeover of MSNBC’s parent company, NBC Universal, by Comcast, the cable and Internet giant.
Blah, blah, blah….
What the fawning Farhi omits to inform Washington Post readers is this: Olbermann pulls in fewer viewers than any of the news personalities on FoxNews. Here’s Drudge Report on the cable news stats for Thursday, January 20, 2011:

THURS. JAN. 20, 2011

 OXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000
FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000
CNN PIERS 1,025,000
CNN COOPER 740,000

Well done, MSNBC! Thank you for doing America a favor by sacking Olbermann. Now, please do the same to Ed Schultz, Anderson Cooper, and the man with the lowest rating of all — Chris “I feel a thrill up my leg” Matthews!
H/t Fellowship co-founder Steve.

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0 responses to “At Last, Keith Olbermann Fired

  1. The next to go would have to be Chris Matthews who is just as nuts and radical as Keith Olbermann. They have to be the champions of hate speech in the media. Keith’s termination is music to my ears.

  2. me too Jim!!!!

  3. Mad Angel is on FB

    Hi Steve….. I guess we will have to ‘agree to disagree’ on this one…but then I don’t watch fox – at all…..also I’ve never actually seen Olbermans show either, I’ve only known about him through email alerts when he gave a particularly scathing report on things like how Obama’s wrecking the country…..actually I’m surprised he did last this long since they are all so controlled….soon all the good (read honest) ones will be gone and there’ll be even less reason to tune in to corporate news…

  4. Now that Comcast has merged with NBC, I’m quite sure Maddow and Matthew’s days are numbered also.I don’t see this as a good thing because it is more corporate control of what we are allowed to see and hear.It will soon be all battleship grey, kind of like the capital of NK.Echoes of 1984.

  5. “Corporate control”? Why do libs love to demonize corporations & think they rule our world? There are plenty of avenues for getting your “news” (and I use that term in quotes specifically for the corporate controlled Blame Stream Media)…Cable tv (and if you’ve ever watched Fox Or MSNBC you might have a better standing to disagree), Internet, radio, newspapers, etc.
    Bye bye bathtub boy…

  6. DCG,
    I don’t recall “deamonizing” corporate control.
    I wrote it is more corporate control of what we see and hear.
    I get my “news” from many sources, not just cable T.V., but that’s where most people get it.
    I watch both FOX and MSNBC, and listen to OPINIONS.
    The owners of the corporations that own the stations influence the OPINIONS that many confuse as news.
    What is the “Bath tub boy” tic thingie?
    And come out from under the bed!!

  7. Bathtub boy? You mean, this bathtub boy? You know, bathtub boy.

  8. Well, my corporate control comment comes from the fact that most libs tend to hate the coporations that run business and blame them for all the woes in the world…yeah it’s corporate control cuz corporations own the networks, no way around that! They influence the news as they see fit, yeah we get that. That’s why is so important to research FACTS before commenting, like blaming Palin for the Arizona shooting. Seems to me it’s those coporate controlled Blame Stream Media that refuse to report the facts, just their opinions.
    Bath tub boy, google it.
    Haven’t seen the underside of my bed in years 🙂

  9. Thanks to BKeyser and DCG for ‘splaining “Bath tub boy”.

    • Apologies for not giving u detailed info…figured you could gather your own information from your many resources.

  10. Mad Angel is on FB

    Yeah….we do agree on just about everything 🙂


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