At a Water Tank in Texas

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These pics were taken by an infrared camera next to a water tank on a ranch in south Texas. The water tank is meant for cattle.
The rancher has several cameras on the property, which are always on. When something comes in front of a camera, it takes a pic. But the cameras are concealed and don’t flash or make a sound when a pic is taken.
Interesting what shows up at night:
A fox

Wild boars

A mountain lion

and undocumented future Democratic voters:

H/t beloved Fellow FS!

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0 responses to “At a Water Tank in Texas

  1. They sure do in El Paso… have a taste for Jack Bunny and Chihuahua.

  2. how about this for action tourism. visit the border states and bring your weapons. you will be given a designated amount of territory to patrol and if anything crosses into your area open fire. televised live on pay per view tv.. reality action. take care of the illegal immigrants and balance the states budget

  3. Why are you talking about illegal immigrants like they’re subhuman? Why are you talking about shooting them indiscriminately? Why do you hate them so much? Thanks for proving what I suspected about the Tea Party. Plus, any claims you have to being true “Christians” have gone out the window as far as I’m concerned. You embody what this country has to get past before we can make real progress on these issues. I’m very sorry I stumbled upon this site.

    • Rowena,
      Thanks for your comment. I do not condone those violent comments, which violate this blog’s policy. I’m deleting all those comments.

    • They aren’t subhuman but they are commiting a crime. I hate that they disrespect the laws of our land. I have travelled to a foreign country, even lived in one for a year, and always made sure I had proper documentation. I learned their language so I would be viewed favorably. It’s called respect for another country and their laws and languages.

    • Sorry, you’l have to forgive Igor– got carried away and knows things like that aren’t good in real life. Truth of the matter is that smugglers (of drugs, people or both) are heavily armed, violent and have shot-up law enforcement and civilians who encountered them. Sure illegal aliens come here because they want a better life, but that they don’t ask first means it’s uncontrolled so rapists, criminals, drug dealers, people with communicable diseases, terrorists, etc. that come in too. To “get past” what every other country (even Mexico) insists upon (to have people ask first to come in) is too high a price to make folk liking an abstract theory feel good. Live in a border area, you’ll see.

  4. thanks anonyomous, the fact is many border guards and ranchers have died because of these “peacefull alternative immigrants” they are law breakers and they are not innocent. follow the laws such as they are and immigrate into this country the legally established way.

    • True, when they feel the have a “right” enter illegally, demand services and act violently or steal when told they don’t get what they want (which, from living in El Paso, I know happens) that’s bad. What part of “illegal” don’t left/liberal supporters get? Folk should come here legally and obey the law.

  5. And, on the subject of things Southwest… Guess what also meow?

  6. I could have sworn I dropped a comment on this thread way back when.


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