At a gas station somewhere in the Congo . . .

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Correction: At a gas station in Ferguson, Missouri . . . .
Warning: Nudity!

And they vote!
H/t FOTM reader Joan W.

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0 responses to “At a gas station somewhere in the Congo . . .

  1. 😵 😲😱🙌

  2. I’ll take a pass on the gas and the ass. It’s great the DOJ got in there and cleaned up that town.

  3. Hey….’de jes’ like us. Got that??

  4. And, also no concealed weapons! That’s good, right?
    Well maybe she did have, but she chose not to use any. Lots of hiding places on that bod.
    I must remember to program in the Ferguson Bypass into my GPS.
    Maybe skip Missouri entirely. Another place to avoid at all costs.
    The cops were smart enough to avoid that scene or they’d have to go on trial.
    So since you mentioned it what’s happening in the Congo these days?
    Actually, I do not think I want to know.

  5. It is heart breaking to see time and time again a class of people who have little or no dignity. much less any self-respect. What civilized people act like this and display themselves in this heathen like manner. I am so glad that I do not live near this kind of goings on.

  6. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we…..?

    • What’s this “we” stuff? This behavior is totally black culture and has nothing, whatsoever, to do with white culture. Not all black folks act like this but the majority will go off like this in less time than it takes to say “mo-fo”.

      • hate to burst your bubble, jack, but there are plenty of videos out there of white females fighting others in the nude as well….not “totally black culture”…..however, “ghetto” has become synonymous with low class behavior, regardless of race.

      • Calm the fuck down, dip wad, I was being sarcastic. Not all blacks react like this. It’s the few that make the news.

  7. “And they vote!” Methinks they do so to keep receiving their “benefits”.

  8. Well, it looks like black Amazons live in Ferguson and are able to put down so-called young black warriors!

  9. HEY-I think I saw her in Wal-mart!

  10. Be warned. Graphic details.
    It starts out like an episode of “Bad Boys” or “You’re on Criminal Camera” (I made that last one up)
    and ends up as a National Geographic special of gorillas in the mist.
    Towns neighboring such places really need signs like the signs on the way to Death Valley or other places…
    “You are now leaving civilization.”
    or like they announce on carnival rides
    “Keep all your feet and hands inside the vehicle.”
    I remember 38 years ago when I took driver’s ed. in high school in Miami, Fla.
    the driver’s ed book explained the procedure for starting the car.
    Get in
    put your seat belt on
    start the ignition.
    I am surprised that the baboon making this video on his cell phone and laughing
    did not get pounded by the she-gorilla.
    as the old saying goes, “you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the
    jungle out of the monkey.”
    Maybe she will be our next (pseudo-) “first lady”.

  11. Not sure what started it, but as you can tell, she was cleaning his clock.
    it was well worth the 33 million that Soros spent for that town. Sarc.

    • Boy, no kidding. That silver back beat the crap out of those men and she didn’t even pull a straight razor.

  12. Hey, hippos can be mean… just sayin’.

  13. never thought about the possibility of getting an STD from fighting….I guess you never know these days.
    I honestly don’t know which was worse…the female fighting in the nude or two males getting “beat down” by a naked female and her associate…manhood has left the building.

  14. I think this is HYSTERICAL! And, in a way, the woman who got naked was honest, in at least this much: She is playing a gambit. She is saying, “Listen! This is what you’re fighting for (my naked body)! This is what you want!” and at the same time, she is willing to “bare it all” to prove her point.
    Burlesque CAN be an art form, and back in years gone by, it used to make you THINK. It CAN be WITTY. I think this is what the Naked Lady was trying to get at, even if she didn’t know it.

  15. I predict this will become an FotM’s Classic. It’s time we started to select posts that will be here long after we’re gone!

  16. Black on black violence. The curse of Ham persists.
    The Nakedness of Noah


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