Association of police chiefs advocates gun control

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The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) was founded in Chicago in 1893 as the National Chiefs of Police Union.
IACP’s stated mission is to advance the science and art of police services; develop and disseminate improved administrative, technical and operational practices and promote their use in police work; foster police cooperation and the exchange of information and experience among police administrators throughout the world; bring about recruitment and training in the police profession of qualified persons; and encourage adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of performance and conduct.
Note that nowhere in the IACP’s mission is gun control.
Obama at 2015 conference of International Association of Chiefs of Police
AWR Hawkins reports for Breitbart, that on October 26, 2015, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) met in Chicago for their annual conference where they dropped their push for longer prison sentences and, instead, focused their attention on gun control.
Along with the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence (NLEPPGV), the IACP joined Democrat presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley in calling for an expansion of background checks to all gun sales.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

According to ABC 7, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the chiefs “are not going to relent” in this push because “This is too important. Americans are dying and we need to do something about it.”
But McCarthy did not address the recent study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab which shows that criminals in his jurisdiction are not getting their guns from gun stores or gun shows or the Internet. Rather, Chicago’s criminals are getting their guns through “personal connections” on the street, which are not affected by background checks on gun sales.
In other words, criminals have already abandoned all the outlets where McCarthy wants to put more gun control. This means the only people who would be limited by the police chiefs’ proposed expansion of background checks are the law-abiding citizens who need guns most.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says:

I was extremely disappointed when I heard that my fellow law enforcement executive colleagues had gotten into bed with Obama and his gun confiscation mission. That’s really what it’s about. It’s not about reducing violence, it’s not about reducing mass murder or suicides. The real intent of Obama and these gun groups is gun confiscation and they know they are going to have to do it step by step. They’re not going to be able to go after that today, as there would be fierce blowback. So they are doing it in stealth ways and this IACP meeting is one of those ways.

Clarke points out that “the chiefs who met in Chicago speak for themselves, they do not speak for the law enforcement profession.” He says that National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence (NLEPPGV) has embedded itself with the IACP, and that doing so is a “slick” way of not simply getting its message out but of making it look like law enforcement really does support more gun control. Funding for groups like NLEPPGV comes from the Ford Foundation, identified by Clarke as part of an “anti-Second Amendment crusade.” 
Clarke said:

We, in law enforcement, have an obligation to be on the side of crime victims. Not on the side of the criminal element. Gun control has nothing to do with the crime and violence that these chiefs see in their cities on a daily basis and they know it. But many of them, especially in your large urban centers, are under the thumb of anti-gun, soft on crime, mayors. And they have to sing from the same sheet of music that their mayors are singing from.
But the crime and violence we see in our cities and counties is not the result of a lack of background checks, and these chiefs know that. The research and data are there. Criminals don’t care about laws in general and they don’t care about gun laws or gun restrictions. They will find a way to get around those.  And that’s why I ultimately say that the chiefs’ push for more gun control has nothing to do with reducing violence. Rather, it has to do with gun confiscation.


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0 responses to “Association of police chiefs advocates gun control

  1. Clarke for pres , 2016 . A clear thinking individual in the W.H. would be rather nice . I won’t hold my breath though .

  2. Ah, the Chicago police chief… politicized goon to the core, will say whatever SEIU and Media Matters want him to say. (Constitution won’t secure his fat pension and lifestyle in his priorities, you know.)

  3. My thoughts Exactly, Chief David Clarke. Another Chicago Sellout.

    • I was born in Mother Cabrini Hospital in the heart of Chicago, 1943, and as do all Chicago kids, I knew by the age of 10 what ‘the score’ was, and fell into line to get the ‘benefits’ dispensed even unto children by ward chiefs & bossess.
      The FACT is that NO ONE gets anywhere in politics there without prior approval by the REAL masters behind the puppet, who then gets the benefits –of course!– just as we did as kids!
      As soon as I heard that Obama was a ‘dark horse’ out of that system, I knew he was bought, paid for, & delivered by the money, in this case the Pritzgers, who are out of Goldman Sachs, no surprises there, are there? Good, lessons learned!

      • Growing up in then Midwest, we always heard of the corruption in Chicago. It is out of control now, by design.
        Aw yes, Pritzgers, as in Penny? A few years back, she was supposedly looking for a mansion to buy BO, so your story fits there.
        I would love a peek at McCarty’s bank account though, feeling he was a sellout.

        • Yes, she was the Obamination’s main money handler -likely still is- her father is the direct link to Goldman Sachs, one of the evil maga-banks that CREATED the crisis, then got the Obamination to feed them even MORE profits off the back of the taxpayers who were most injured.
          Was evil ever so well-defined and demonstrated? Or the utter failure and malfeasance of governance? You already know the answers: the subject that NO ONE in the next bunch of Presidential candidates –all approved minions of the system– will even mention, never mind rectify.

  4. Sheriff Clarke said “crime and violence we see in our cities and counties is not the result of a lack of background checks, and these chiefs know that”…and their push “has to do with gun confiscation”.
    I now realize the left clearly knows only criminals will have guns if those in power have their way. How will we protect our families if we must give up our constitutional right to bear arms? But you see, that’s the point…they want us to feel so unsafe that we beg for protection from…say… militarized law enforcement?…after criminals run riot! That way they can enforce their agenda; Obama can halt the presidential election and place himself as dictator while those who grovelled at his feet, assisting him in nullifying the Constitution, will expect a place at his banquet table.
    I totally get it now.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. Clearly, Sheriff Clarke says it all. Amazing!

  6. These are the kind of traitors that will be eliminated first when the SHTF.

  7. A chance comment by my college English teacher spurred my interest in gun rights and the efforts of gun control advocates back in 1983. Even back then the International Association of Chiefs of Police were pushing for more repressive gun law. Interestingly, the National Association of Chiefs of Police as well as the various national patrol officers’ associations generally opposed more gun control. These International Police Chiefs know that the laws that they’re calling for apply only to otherwise law abiding citizens; Haynes v. United States (390 U.S. 85 (1968)] established that these laws can apply only to those who are otherwise legally able to possess a firearm; criminals need not obey them. As otherwise pointed out, the real purpose of these laws is to keep the honest citizenry helpless and dependent upon the goodwill of the elite in power and, by extension, the police under their control for what little safety those police may provide.

  8. Wouldn’t “need background checks” if they kept up the “cell checks” on the right people, at least until their time was truly up.

  9. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is just another Constitution trashing freedom hater. Chicago is a crime ridden sewer and he wants to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies. Only corrupt governments need gun control.

  10. Sheriff Clarke gets it,and he’s working to TEACH it to the People! I believe public sentiment is finally going OUR way!

  11. From Joe Brusse III, resident Texan & WW2 vet:
    IACP is a public employees union. They are political by nature. They just support the politicos they think will benefit them. If you will notice, the organizations, both political and non-political, with a gun control agenda originate in failed sanctuary cities and failed major SMSA’s historically run and ruined by Democrats and liberals. Any gun control is a political step towards complete gun confiscation and compliance with United Nations desire for a One World Order.
    Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy is just a political hack for his union. In my opinion the only thing he cares about is the public perception of his union and assuring the political protection of the Democrat party. He cares not one whit about the people in his city. On the other hand, Sheriff Clarke has continuously exhibited a mature understanding of his job. He has also publicly excoriated anyone trying to use the police to further their political aims.
    Guns are easy to control, they are inanimate objects. What is difficult is controlling the individuals that misuse guns. Controlling these individuals is a function that falls to the police of this country. It is difficult to do. Gun control of any kind put forth by a police department or union just shows me they are trying to make their job easier rather than more effective. They do it because they are lazy.
    If one wants the society here in the United States to mirror those in Europe (as the residing Narcissist desires) take their guns away. But before you do that ask the citizens of the UK, Australia, France, Spain or any Scandinavian country if they want their guns back.
    I felt this was an excellent statement, so I’m submitting on Joe’s behalf.

  12. Enslavement will follow confiscation. In order to prevent enslavement, confiscation must be resisted, and advocates of confiscation must be dealt with accordingly.

  13. “This means the only people who would be limited by the police chiefs’ proposed expansion of background checks are the law-abiding citizens who need guns most.” Why would law-abiding citizens be limited by expanding background checks? Are law-abiding drinkers limited by having to prove themselves over 21 in order to buy a drink? The only people limited by “carding” policies are under-age, i.e. illegal, drinkers.

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