Associated Press: 8 ways Obama admin restricts press freedom

The Obama administration is falling apart before our eyes:
1. The military has turned against the POS: his support among active service members has fallen to below 15%.
2. The Secret Service and Homeland Security are both in disarray.
3. Now the press is turning against Obama, the latest being the Associated Press.
When, oh when, will this falling apart reach critical mass?

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6 years ago

That the imposter’s regime would restrict freedom of the press, or any other freedom, is about as surprising as the sun rising in the east; that journalists were caught off guard and didn’t see it coming is sad, but I do have to admit that it’s kind of amusing to see their stunned reactions at their guy doing it to them, after all they’ve done for him.
Meanwhile, conservatives are shocked, shocked I say, to learn that there is gambling going on in Rick’s Cafe….

6 years ago

Maybe, “transparency” means one day they (the people who voted for him and media lapdogs) will finally wake up and see through his act.

6 years ago

Too bad, so sad. The press propped him up. No sympathy for them.