Assbaki (pronounced oss-bock-ee) "migrant" busted in Montreal

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Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada


Think it can’t happen in America?
It’s already here.

muslims at capitol

Assbak (oss-bock) salute in Washington DC

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0 responses to “Assbaki (pronounced oss-bock-ee) "migrant" busted in Montreal

  1. Where is Assbaki in relation to Assbackwardstan?

    • Properly spoken, an Assbaki is a person from Assbakistan (pronounced so-bock-ee-ston). “Assbackwardistan” may be a neighboring country. 😀

  2. Poll question for the day: If they move to the United States and become U.S. citizens, should they have all the rights and privileges as natural born U.S. citizens, including qualification to run for Presidency?

  3. marablenecltr, I am afraid that is where this ‘birther’ issue will end up being, especially since we already have a ‘foreigner’ in the WH.
    Oh, that picture of the US Capital and those bodies on the Washington Mall makes my heart break for this country. So sad, so very very sad. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves!

    • What saddens me is that the Founding Fathers somehow KNEW these challenges would come, and they planned for them; what they DIDN’T see coming was the level of CORRUPTION that would fester in our Government, making much of their planning useless.

  4. where were the parents of all of these children when these crimes were being committed? Parents need to put a “short leash” (figuratively speaking) on their kids and know where they are and what they are doing.
    I cannot believe 2 years will be time served for rape and extortion of almost a dozen (probably more) minor children.
    People need to wake up and realize PC world will get you raped and/or killed. This is so frustrating…don’t let these monsters into your country…leave them in the desert and caves where they belong.

  5. Beware of those with Obaminite ears sticking out of their heads! They genetically are pre-disposed to telling HUGE lies!!!!! Like this guy. Or like the “golden” one: “IF you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor; if you like your insurance, you can KEEP your insurance……”

  6. At first it seems that the founders didn’t foresee that Congress would someday become wall to wall ambulance chasers, but then realize that’s why they invented the Second Amendment.
    Why does Mario keep saying either ‘they’ win or we win?
    Raise your hand if you think losing is even an option.
    Assbackwardstan, Assbackwardsbill, Assbackwardshillary, Assbackwardsbarack, Assbackwardsjeb; can anyone add to the list?
    Word of the week: “unaware”
    BHO said he didn’t watch enough TV and was unaware of America’s concerns about ISIS. The GOP says they’re really busy and too were unaware of America’s anger over the clusterf*ck the establishment has made of our country.

  7. Canada just lost eight very good people, Québécois who left here to go to Africa to continue working in and expanding the FREE school attached to the hospital-care center their RC volunteer organisation had gifted to the people of Burkina Faso [see this CBC news release w/photo of one of the slaughtered medical volunteers:
    SO now I’m righteously pissed-off and say this: if I were the PM [JusLib {sic} Trudeau will never do it] I’d ask for the Princess Pat Regiment [see and the Royal 22e Régiment, R22R, aka the Van Doos] from Québec [] to voluntarily go there w/full military support and demonstrate what Canucks do when we’re FINALLY pissed off enough.
    I can guarantee that in 90 days you won’t find anyone belonging to this terror gang for love or money. And we won’t need more than those two regiments for the entire nation. Believe me. And up the fed Libs for their suckass progressive BS!

  8. “that’s why they invented the Second Amendment”
    Close-I don’t think they could forsee the current behavior of Congress and the “illegal-in-the-White-House”,but they recognized the possibility of it,IF the People weren’t attentive,diligent and involved in who and they allowed into the Government,and fully exercised their powers to keep everything above-board and legal,and they probably realized even then that just by Human Nature,GREED would bring corruption to our Country’s Governing Body and ruling Documents. That’s why we have a Second Amendment..


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