Assbakistan (pronounced "oss-bock-ee-ston") Attacks Paris

Thoughts on the 11-13-2015 atrocity committed against the innocent in Paris

This is my most raw post on FOTM. No images, no decoration.

Actually, just one thought: 

You were warned!!!

For many years, and from all kinds of sources who would not agree on many other issues, you have been warned that allowing jihadists and radical muslim clerics to exist in your country would lead to what happened yesterday.
And also, Germany, Italy, England, Australia, and of course, America, you were warned, too.

I am praying for you, and wishing you had heeded the warnings.

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4 years ago

I fully agree. The so-called ‘radical muslim clerics,’ are nothing more than psychopaths who incite indoctrinated Islamic believers who were brainwashed in Islam from birth. They use their religion as a political weapon of terror and war. All such psychopathic clerics should be arrested by law enforcement in each individual country and imprisoned in special isolation prisons away from all other prisoners for the rest of their days. They do not have the moral right to live society, and are worse than common criminals already incarcerated. The same goes for Zionist psychopaths, whose signature of slaughter we so often see… Read more »

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
4 years ago

TD . . . . . This is an excellent post! Thank you. I whole heartedly agree that these clerics stir up young men who carry out dreadful scenes of carnage–yet the clerics go free. Let’s learn to chop off the head of the poisonous snake first, in combating this evil.

MA in MO
4 years ago

Amen. What happened in Paris, France is coming to a city, town, sporting event, concert near you! Are you ready?

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

Trail Dust, many of us have heeded the warnings. Problem is, we do not determine American foreign policy, and we do not command our armed forces. A non-elected well-moneyed and well-connected oligarchical Ruling Elite does. (And I no longer vote—it only encourages them).

4 years ago

Dear liberals, here’s how war works… you may want to be all “kumbaya” but terrorists don’t cooperate.comment image

4 years ago

Smart enough to co-ordinate a widespread attack, dumb enough to leave passports behind. Hm
Done two days before the G-20 conference.
Victim lying on the ground, playing on his cell phone.
Fake tears from the victims families, where have we seen that before.
There will be many more observations of this nature in the days that follow, because they never do these things very well.
Point blank shots to the head with no blood, YouTube taking down videos as fast as they’re put up.
Folks, just assume the media is lying. Until proven otherwise.