As President Lucifer announces his amnesty plan…

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…ask yourself, “Is this act of mercy just a bit misguided?”


Oh, and don’t bother calling the White House. They’ve been told not to relay messages to him when he’s golfing.

If the “unaccompanied minors” seem a bit displeased with your American prosperity, don’t bother Congress; they’re not listening.
Your best bet is to contact your representatives at:


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0 responses to “As President Lucifer announces his amnesty plan…

  1. It is also noteworthy that Pres Lucifer chose today to make his amnesty announcement. Nov. 20 is Mexican Revolutionary Day.

    • Yes! I heard on talk radio yesterday that Pres Lucifer’s advisor on this is one of the leaders of La Raza. Seems he wants dancing in the streets of Latin America.

  2. Cloward-Piven in action. And I prefer my rep Mr. Browning 🙂

  3. This is the tipping point; intentionally coincides with the Ferguson verdict and ensuing riots. No matter what the truth is, the blacks will revolt and riot – they do not want justice they want a white male head on a platter. Hussein will use this and the permanent demlib voting bloc he is granting amnesty to to do the following:
    1. Initiate martial law
    2. Use the “crisis” to cancel the 2016 “election”
    3. Stay in the office until moved out by natural means
    4. Finish destroying this form of government by permanizing the single party in control
    This will only lead to civil war which is what he wanted all along. He has poked the patriotic true Americans since November 2008. The LIV’s will be shocked; it is our continuing job to cry out about this until they shut us up, then to fight for this country using any and all means. He is clearly disregarding the will of the people and the Constitution he stumbled through swearing to uphold. With no one checking him, he stomps forward.
    I’m losing earthly hope for me and my family; only through salvation in Jesus Christ alone can we maintain heavenly hope.

  4. There has been a plan for a New World Order in writing since at least Woodrow Wilson. Now the oligarchs are on the precipice of establishing it, and nothing is going to stop them. BOTH political parties are on board. They know how to split both sides against the middle.
    One world global government is coming. It will be hallmarked by global poverty, crime, disease and starvation. And eugenic “health” control and management. And massive civil unrest, genocide and war.
    Let’s look at what they want: They want control of all capital and population. They want massive population reduction. They want an end to any resistance to their plans, which are DEMONIC.
    As much as I detest Obama, he is not alone in this game. The GOP may or may not move to impeach, but the votes to convict in the Senate are not there. The only hope now is for a military coup—but he’s already taken care of that, too.

    • I agree with you Fully Stephen. I have been researching the development of the NWO for 45 years now. I cannot see anything but a direct intervention from God stopping them now. Their tactics are almost perfect, they seem to have every base covered, which tells me again that the elite are under supernatural guidance…in their case from Satan himself
      I thought for years that military coup would be our only hope but that demonic megalomaniac ma sure up front that the US would only be left with a declawed sissified armed forces

  5. You forgot the Honorable “”,not as hi-tech,but tough as nails and guaranteed for LIFE. Perfect for those of us just getting into this realm.

  6. That picture of Juan San Pedro Pasquela is gruesome to say the least, from the number of knives sticking in him, he must have looked the wrong way at one of his amigos.
    But as an aside, remember during pResident Lucifer’s 1st agonizing term he talked about creating his own civilian force, equal to or greater than our military before he began gutting it, and was going to employ inner city teens (translation urban thugs). I remember seeing some sort of trianing film, not sure if it was 20/20 or one of those tv nooze shows, but there was a huge formation of blatino yoofs all yelling their allegiance to grand master lord of lords and head potentate while acting out some sort of rifle drill.
    I wondered whatever happened to Barry’s toy soldier army of demon possessed gang bangers
    I am finally overhearing conversations on the bus and in cafes that Obama must be removed from power now by any means. None of these people voicing their anger were either negro or Hispanic
    I do not want to watch his address tonight. I can’t afford another near coronary

  7. Cougars? Maybe if they’re as well behaved as this guy (goes for those criminal illegal aliens, too; i.e., Not!):

  8. Chilling post, TD.

    • Yeah Mike, tell me about it.
      Here’s my hope; God cannot be ruled out of the affairs of men, no matter how hard they try. Something about Obama’s plan will backfire, and destroy the whole house. And we will remain, to pick up the pieces and rebuild America. Sounds simple, I know, but it’s the way He works, Bro.

  9. Not by choice did I suffer through this POS’s speech last night, I think I called him every name in the book. His arrogance is beyond belief, someone needs to stop this train wreck of a president before he drives our country totally off the cliff. When he quoted scripture I was sure he would burst into flames but no such luck which proves God is infinitely more patient than I am because I would have had him in smoking ashes if I were the Almighty. He is a hypocritical pig that uses religion as a political tool and nothing more.


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