As America waits for Ferguson grand jury decision, Obama has secret meeting with protest leaders to "stay on course"

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The grand jury’s decision on whether to prosecute white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting on August 9 of black 300-lb 18-year-old Michael Brown is expected sometime this week.

Michael Brown (l); Darren Wilson (r)

Michael Brown (l); Darren Wilson (r)

Demonstrators have been mobbing the St. Louis County Courthouse all last week.
Yesterday, demonstrators actually staged a die-in — laying in the middle of a street in University City, Mo., near Ferguson.
Ferguson die-in, University City, Mo
Ferguson protesters already had looted over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area, but the Justice for Mike Brown protest group released a list of new potential targets that includes not just the expected Ferguson City Hall and the County Courthouse, but also targets like Anheuser Busch and Boeing that have NOTHING to do with the Michael Brown situation.
As the Ferguson police and police nationwide brace themselves for unrest, they should know that none other than their big boss, the president of the United States, is playing puppet master, orchestrating and planning with protest leaders.
On November 5, the day after the midterm elections that delivered him a stunning blow from the electorate, Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders to ensure that they “stay on course” — whatever that means. (See “Beware of Obama, the wounded vengeful narcissist”)
The meeting was not on Obama’s daily schedule, which means the American public aren’t supposed to know about the meeting. That, in turn, means the meeting is supposed to be a secret.
Buried in a long New York Times article on Ferguson, Nov. 16, 2014, is this fascinating piece of information (colored red below):

[Protest] leaders here [Ferguson] acknowledge that there are disagreements about what form of response is fitting and whether militant acts might spill over into violence.

At least one group has said on Twitter that it was offering a reward for information on the whereabouts of the officer, Darren Wilson, and, at another point, that it was “restocking on 7.62 & 9 mm ammo.” 

[…] About 50 organizations…have joined forces in a “Don’t Shoot Coalition,” and the level of planning is intense…. some leaders say they intend to carry out their acts of protest even if the grand jury brings charges against Officer Wilson to show that the issues raised by this case reach beyond a single shooting.

At times, there has been a split between national civil rights leaders and the younger leaders on the ground here, who see their efforts as more immediate, less passive than an older generation’s….
Some of the national leaders met with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation about Ferguson.
According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.”

Obama said he hopes that protest organizers are doing all they can to keep peace?

What a load of bovine excrement!

Demonstrations began immediately after Michael Brown’s death on Aug. 9, and have continued nearly every night since. Some of the protests became violent. Stores were looted. Demonstrators threw gasoline bombs and tried to set fires. The police used tear gas and rubber bullets.

That’s what Obama means by the Ferguson demonstrators “staying on course.”

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0 responses to “As America waits for Ferguson grand jury decision, Obama has secret meeting with protest leaders to "stay on course"

  1. sounds to me like “staying on course” is codespeak for ‘whatever happens…riot’. It’s disgusting that a sitting president is butting in so much with ferguson.

    • A TRUE President with any integrity would stay appraised of what’s going on,but would keep himself,and his ADMINISTRATION,at a distance,to avoid any impropriety during the investigation and trial. But we’re not IN that world,ARE WE?

    • The sitting pResident is indwelt by Satan as are pResident Lucifer’s inner circle. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for all the demonic lunacy that has transpired since Obunko was selected to lead his country deeper into hell

  2. This may set the tone of the next 2 years of President Lucifer’s term.

  3. I thought you could be arrested for inciting a riot.

  4. WHAT THE HELL DOES STAY ON COURSE MEAN? The Prexy attended a meeting with protestors……..prospective ones, to be precise!?!?! Welcome to a totally fogged in ship of fools.

  5. This POS that has squatted in our White House is a race baiter of the highest order. He is only here to cause as much destruction, chaos, and heart ache as he possibly can. What a lowlife!! He needs to be impeached NOW! He’s just a thug in a well tailored suit. He needs to eat what his damn wife shouldn’t he’s a disgusting bone pile and his suits hang on him like they are on a clothes hanger.

  6. And he LIES,too!!!

  7. Damn the “negroes” are restless again. Don’t let things like facts get in your way. I think I’ll use that term again because I truly believe they have set themselves back 40 years or so. At that time the were called negroes. So be it.

    • Steve, Language is a funny thing. Do not believe that the powers that be ever stopped using the term ‘The Negro’ after all that is the basis of a particular arm of useful idiot for the progressive globalist elite. also, In order to identify, understand where the human race is today we must first look back, back at social engineering. Throughout history there has always been a progressive-elite engaged in social engineering through governance. The social engineers have changed their names over the course of history but the scientific method, desired outcome have remained constant and true.
      For the progressive-elite man is not Created in the Image of God rather man is an object, property of the godless state as a human lab rat, means for production even going as far as being considered a plague on the earth.
      It is “The Negro” in the historical context of Benevolent Government Programmes of Eugenics and its Religion of Scientific Racism: Social Darwinism courtesy of the social engineers which provides an enlightening microcosm of where the state of man, ‘Benevolent Government Programmes to Eradicate Noisome Populations’ is today.
      Ask yourself what was the most important lesson learned from the 1861 Civil War in America? The answer is this: The progressive-elite social engineers will transform themselves at any cost to continue their Benevolent Government Programmes to Eradicate Noisome Populations, save the planet.
      The institution of slavery, business as usual of the progressive-elites using “The Negro” as human lab rats was drawing near its end. Enter the ‘Benevolent Union’ (Government of Lincoln) and its policy setting progressive-elite Lincolnites.
      ‘Benevolent Union’ (Government of Lincoln) and its policy setting progressive-elite Lincolnites
      Freedom for “The Negro” was never achieved; the slavery of “The Negro” was transformed through the scientific method of the progressive-elite social engineer allowing for the desired outcome to have remained constant and true resulting in the Urban Plantation (Social Engineering Lab and Population Control Centers).
      As we said in the beginning note this post is about The Human Race! Through trial and error, resulting in untold human misery, suffering, torture and death, the progressive-elite social engineers have perfected their scientific method for Benevolent Government Programmes to Enslave the Masses and Eradicate Noisome Populations.
      Destruction of the Family Unit: Usurp parental authority.
      Removal of National Identity (Hyphenated-American)
      Public Education System (Benevolent Government Schools) as primary indoctrination, behavioral control centers and state day penal system youth facilities. [Public Schools: Communist Agenda Driven Linguistics Weaponology on Our Children’s Minds…]
      Redefine Societal Norms. Replace moral theology with progressive-elite socially engineered ethics: “If it feels good do it,” Do what thou wilt” [Hooking Kids on Sex II – Video Resource]
      Carrot-Stick Economic Control: Force total reliance on government funds and services. Withhold or eliminate funding/services based upon obedience, conformity to state.
      Invisible Borders: Essential Protective, Environmental-Waste Disposal Services and Resources allocated for the progressive-elites outside of the ‘Urban Plantations’ forming the ‘Invisible Border’.
      Perpetuate Narco-State Centers under the guise of War on Drugs.
      Use of Community, Government, Religious Leaders willing and able to collaborate with Benevolent Government Programmes to Enslave, Eradicate Noisome Populations.
      Use of the prison system to hide the progressive-elite socially engineered failures.
      Transfer of Wealth of the many to the few.
      Forced Change of Government Systems.
      Removal of personal, religious liberties; The individuals, institutions that promote and protect them.
      Media Control, progressive-elite social engineering message saturation [Propaganda].
      Excerpt from: Created In the Image of God for Good Works; “The Negro” and Benevolent Government Programmes to Eradicate Noisome Populations

    • Yes, Steve, they choose their own slavery, they choose the word Negro, they choose socio-political (satanic) messiahs.

    • The Greeks taught that it is culture not race that seperates man. A lesson lost on the progressive multiculturalist.
      Sorry for the long response FOTM. Some issues do not fit in tiny little cages as some choose to live, ‘The Negro’.

      • k2, Great comment. Breaks my heart to think how they have been taught to hate “whitey” when whitey really has been their friend the last 40 years or so. I mean we have changed as a society. We’ve progressed, they have regressed for all the reasons you stated above.

  8. Judge Napolitano has said, if the GJ doesn’t indict, Holder has a Federal GJ ready and waiting. This is so far over reaching. Now we have a Prez weighing in on this case when he should be focusing on the world burning.

  9. All attempt at creating chaos to get people to ask for martial law….Reichstag Moment. If you dont have one make one.

  10. Sure going to make for a heck of a “Black Friday” shopping day. 🙂

  11. I’d guess “stay on course” means keep inciting public unrest, obomber is certainly working towards inciting that new civil war, I’d say. Whether he pulls it off or not I don’t know, hopefully he and his puppet masters will fail in that endeavor. Be wary of anyone calling for a fatah,war, revolution (whatever color) etc. and expect further provocation to do so. If God be willing this ridiculous plotting of the puppet of evil will fail.

  12. The Ferguson uprising is just the beginning. It can ignite riots all over the USA , if or when, Bama gives the code talk for “stay the course”. It can start a well planned chain reaction all over our USA. Best stay the course and be “locked and loaded” against riots and city burnings. Most of all, pray for the safety of the good people in our country. At one time, I was such an incurable optimist, a bit on the Polyanna side, but not now! This is no longer America, it is a country under siege and it is under destruction from within. Leeann

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