Artist Releases CONTROVERSIAL Painting of Barack Obama… You Have to See This!

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President Barack Obama has played hundreds of rounds of golf since being elected into the White House. Our Campaigner-in-chief, who is unfit for the complicated nature of foreign policy, seems to enjoy his vacations while Americans suffer.
But one talented artist has had enough. A new painting by artist Jon McNaughton has been released, which is entitled, “Obama Foreign Policy,” and it’s been creating a slew of controversy.
The artwork depicts Obama smiling mid-swing as he plays a round of golf with a massive nuclear explosion visible in the background:
Wow that is powerful artwork! And it’s not the first time Jon has painted impressive pieces. Often times, his work focuses around patriotism and service to country:
And clearly, he is not a fan of President Obama’s unconstitutional actions. Here is another picture, which shows Obama BURNING the U.S. Constitution:
The art world, which prides itself on being rebellious, has been unusually quiet during the Obama administration. Clearly, Jon didn’t get the memo and is unafraid to speak out against Obama.
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0 responses to “Artist Releases CONTROVERSIAL Painting of Barack Obama… You Have to See This!

  1. This brings to mind a cartoon that appeared in ‘Playboy’ magazine back in the Cold War days of the early 1960’s. It depicted a couple of golfers on a green with a mushroom cloud in the background. One golfer is saying to the other….. ‘go ahead and putt. The shock wave won’t be here for a few minutes.’
    You know, the image of BHO in mid swing with the missiles falling in the background would have made a stark image in a political ad during the 2012 presidential election (rivaling the 1964 anti Goldwater ad with the little girl plucking daisy petals with the countdown in the background).

  2. traildustfotm

    I love this guy’s work.

  3. The American Sheeple who voted for this Islamic/Socialist/anti-American scumbag deserve what they get. The rest of us do not. They voted for this scum not once but twice and then have the nerve to complain? In the U .S Military we say “T.S”. In the Russian Army they say “Toughsky Shitsky!”

  4. I may be neurotic . . . but I hope that Mr McNaughton does not meet the same fate as Breikbart, Joan Rivers, and others. He is a fabulous artist!

    • Don’t forget Tom Clancy, author of “Red October”–best seller turned into a movie. Don’t know the particulars, but the Regime didn’t like him either.

      • And don’t forget Vince Flynn, author of all those great books with the hero Mitch Rapp who clandestinely fought the terrorists through a secret organization in the government. Wonderful books! In fact, they were so real, the FBI told Vinny that they wanted to know how he knew certain things and wanted him to eliminate some things in one of his books. He said he can see exactly what’s going on, and he wouldn’t eliminate it. He died at 48 of prostate cancer, and yes, it happens, but you know there’s just too many strange deaths of people who tell too much truth.

        • Kelleigh. A Mitch Rapp fan I see. I knew I liked you. 🙂
          I never thought about his death that way. It was bad enough thinking about no more “Mitch Rapp”, but if skippy was involved then I’m really pissed.
          For those that have never read Vince.I highly recommend the series.
          A series of about 8-9 all in paperback now. Get them from Library.
          Read in order.
          Mitch Rapp the lead character does not play well with bad guys (Muzzies) Well just about anyone else who crosses his path. Like Kelleigh said above he had some inside knowledge of things that brought you right in the thick of things.


  5. Get angry America, Don’t waste it on obama. He’s there and will be for another 20 some odd months. Nada we can do.
    Now let’s put on our thinking caps that make your head hurt. Real tight like. Feel the pain, the burn, the anger. Good now where is the one place that that raging, steaming anger can be focused where it can do some good?
    At Those Traitorous Bastards In Congress
    They can stop obama by not funding his stupid ass exec orders. Now how do we make them see that it would be in their best interest to do so.?
    I’m tired of playing by our rules. Maybe we need to start looking at the lefts playbook as it has been so effective.
    Stay mad America, We’ll need it soon.
    More to come.

    • I’m with you Steve!

    • There have been some articles floating around the he can be legally and immediately removed if found treasonous by the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff and his staff.

      • Glenn, problem is I believe he installed those chiefs. He cleaned house of any and all opposition.

        • Steve, so true, when you have to purge the military of around 300 top people, something is amiss and most likely they want free rein to do what they want without opposition.
          I believe it was Skolnicks that wrote that report and I have since others mention the same thing. Sadly, we now have a very unmilitary Chief that is a lap dog worried about his retirement and to heck with what the country needs.

  6. Mr. McNaughton sure knows how to CINCH THE SARC, to coign a new phrase. “And so mote it be”: It really cinches the “philosophy” of the secret societies penchant of “CREATIVE DESTRUCTION,” once referred to at the beginning of our economic downturn after the Crash of 2008.
    YES, Michael Savage, “little old neo-con, he,” has called Obama, “Obama the Destroyer,” a “child who destroys a fine watch to see its parts.” Obama is their “man” (or MANCHILD) who gleefully aids and abets destruction while he engages in his own acts of destruction, in between rounds of golf.
    This goes back directly to the Kabbalistic LAW OF REVERSAL or LAW OF INVERSION, in which everything must be destroyed in order to bring about the new world, the new creation, known as the New World Order. Years of reading Henry Makow, Jon Rappaport and others have taught me this much.
    Again, to quote Savage, “God sees the truth but waits.”

  7. Controversial or “Prophetic”. The immersed in evil sheeple voted for him once, twice and they’d more than likely vote for him a third time. I’m so tired being called a racist because I did not vote for Barry “Lucifer” Soetoro. I try replying to the brainwashed who call me a closet KKK member, telling them I would gladly vote for a black candidate (using Alan Keyes as an example)if he honestly supported the Constitution and all American people, had integrity, real morals, etc. But as long as people like Soros, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschilds to name a few are alive and the real power behind the likes of Killery, Obama and every president after they got rid of JFK and RFK

  8. If I’m not mistaken, the artist’s rendering of the communistsocialistmarxistleninistmaoistlamaistAmericaHatingChristianDestroying Piece of Whale Dung POS has “missed the ball” on his swing! He’s on the backswing and his “ball” is still sitting on the tee! Actually, we need to ask Michael Robinson, “Where are Barry’s balls!” Because, obviously they are not with Barry!

  9. Arise Patriots! Arise! The time for rhetoric and compromise have long left us! The time for moral and conscience fortitude are upon ALL of US! Arise and be heard and be dealt with! I quote Patrick Henry … “Is Life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Almighty God! I know what course others may take; but for me, Give Me Liberty or give me death!” I ride with Patrick Henry in the Old Dominion!

  10. i owe you a huge apology.i listed your blog in the top blogs but made the horrible error of saying it wasn’t Catholic. I am badly mistaken. I should have taken a closer look. Will try to make this up to you. Terrible mistake on my part. If i had taken the time to read more it wouldn’t have happened.

  11. I have followed Jon Naughton for quite some tIme now and every painting from his inventory has been right on target.

  12. Hope he has a really good tax lawyer.
    I have a feeling he is going to need it.


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