Arrests made in vicious attack of soldier in Tampa

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A week after a U.S. Army soldier was brutally attacked and robbed by a feral gang of four young black men at around 3 a.m. in a downtown street in Tampa, Florida, the authorities have arrested two men.
The soldier is Sgt. Johnny Aparico, who is assigned to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.
First, a reminder of how savage the attack was:

From beginning to end, the vicious beating and kicking the four thugs inflicted on Sgt. Aparico took only 40 seconds (I timed it). If this could happen to a 24-year-old male soldier, imagine what it would be like for the rest of us: young and old women, out-of-shape middle-aged men, feeble elderly men….
The AP reports that 18-year-olds Geroshe Lewis and Lerome Eugene Howard Jr. were charged Friday with aggravated battery and robbery in connection with the attack on Sgt. Aparico. Police are still searching for the other two suspects.
Fox13 Tampa has a more detailed report on the arrests. Josh Casio reports that a man, Steven Kamer, who lives in the neighborhood where the violent attack took place was “shocked” by the attack.
Kamer was classmates at Tampa’s Robinson High School with one of the attackers, Geroshe Lewis. Kamer says rumors were swirling on campus that the senior – who according to his Facebook page wants to be a music star – was one of the suspects beating Sgt. Aparicio on the surveillance footage: “For the past week everyone was talking about it. Everyone said [Lewis] did it; but it’s rumors.”
An official with the Hillsborough County School District says Lewis will not be allowed back at school due to the arrest.
Howard is already out of jail. He posted a bond of $15,000 just before 5 AM Saturday and was released. Lewis is being held on a bond of $50,000 according to arrest records.
I want — and I want all of us — to know what these two punks look like. But the AP article has no accompanying photo(s); MyFox Tampa Bay has just this photo, with no identification of who this suspect is:

So I went on to search for mugshots of the two suspects.
Here’s the mugshot of Geroshe Lewis:

Geroshe Lewis

And here’s the mugshot of the other, Lerome Howard:

Lerome Howard

Gosh, do you think President Barack Obama will say “If I had a son, he’d look just like Lerome Howard or Geroshe Lewis”?

Tampa Police Department says ever since the surveillance video of the attack went public, they’ve been receiving tips from the public. The PD hopes the tips will continue.

Winters & Yonker, a local law firm in Tampa, had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the four attackers. The reward is now increased to $16,000.


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0 responses to “Arrests made in vicious attack of soldier in Tampa

  1. i take it that military personnel are not allowed to conceal carry
    because it would be too dangerous to have soldiers carrying
    weapons….ah ,the PC Army

  2. They look like a bunch of drooling , knuckle dragging crackheads.

    • Kids, wear something besides boxers while you’re out– you may have a great six-pack, but put on a shirt!

  3. dan, they can carry if they have a license. but they just can’t take the weapons on base. Any personal arms must be kept in the psot or base armory. If you loive off base that’s different. You can keep a weapon just like any other citizens.

    • linda,
      From news accounts of the attack, Sgt. Johnny Aparico lives off, but near, the base. But the entire attack took only 40 seconds (I watched the video and timed it), so I’m not sure if the soldier was carrying, whether he even had the time to use his gun!

  4. These deadly Parasites are far worse than any Cancer and should be erased from the face of the earth. I do not like saying that, but such Evil roaming the earth is going to bring all to destruction and ruin. An “Open Season” on any roving gang is open soon?

  5. I don’t understand why they let Howard out of jail with such a low bail. What was the matter with the judge?

  6. The Judge is scared of Obama.

  7. winstonsmith6079

    BLACKS BEING ARRESTED FOR VIOLENCE?? INCREDIBLE!! And it made the news! Just wait till Prince Holder gets wind of this miscarriage of justice – he’ll set those cops and reporters straight!
    (If the phrase “dripping with sarcasm” were factual … we’d need an Ark, here!)

  8. Yup– “keepin’ it real,” you know.

  9. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this informative post! I am so grateful that these sick individuals were arrested. Yes, would Obama claim them as his sons! What an excellent analogy!

    • Why are you saying something so crul. You don’t know there mind set. You don’t know the real sistuation. Sometimes it better to keep things in your head. Did your mother or father teach you manners. You don’t know his lifes story. He grew up hard and held strong. He is a good kid. Never had bad intention. Its wen he droped out he changed . But that is his choice. I’m sure you and your family is not perfect. Not like you never did anything bad or made a big mistake and you can’t take it back.

      • What did joandarc say that’s “so crul [sic]”? Anyone — including your “sweet guy” of a “former school mate”, Lerome Howard — who could do what they did to Sgt. Aparico is not just sick, but evil. Sgt. Aparico did no wrong to these thugs and in fact was being kind by giving the first thug a dollar. But your “sweet guy” and his three thug-friends punched Aparico to the ground, then kicked and beat him up.
        By excusing and defending Lerome Howard, you are part of the problem. And you have the gall to call joandarc “crul [sic]”. You are sick!

      • Maybe Lerome should have kept his idea to attack someone in his head. But apparently his mind set had other ideas.
        I’ve never made the big mistake of randomly beating someone up. Lerome can’t take that back now. Hope he enjoys his “sistuation” now.
        And its apparent that your mother or father never taught you the difference between right and wrong, nor proper English.

      • winstonsmith6079

        Well, we can CLEARLY imply his (their) mindset[s]: “to, POINTLESSLY inflict pain and suffering on someone who was trying to be friendly and helpful.”
        As for the question in your third sentence, it should read: “Didn’t THEIR mothers or fathers teach THEM manners?”
        Even Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t such a bad guy as a kid. So, does that make him a “good guy” when he grew up and murdered at least seventeen people? I don’t think so! He – and your “sweetheart” made evil choices and ought to be man enough to answer for them!
        Yes, I have made choices I wish I could take back – but beating the cr#p out of an innocent, helpful FELLOW HUMAN BEING is NOT AMONG THEM!

  10. Lerome is a former school mate of mine. He is a very sweet guy. Ever since 6th grade he has been a good friend. Until sophmore year at h.b. plant high he droped out. I don’t understand why he did this. It just doesn’t seem like the good kid I once knew.

  11. Right Brittany—–These guys are real sweet kids and are pillars of the community————NOT

  12. Psychopaths are not readly recognized. It is their actions that reveal them. Most psychopaths are deliberately kind and peaceful. They hide behind a mask.They kill when they can no longer remain in control of their thoughts. Charles Jeffrey Daumer is a prime example.

  13. Brittainy, it is a fact that beating people mercilessly just to destroy and watch people suffer IS SICK and IT IS EVIL BEHAVIOR! You call me “cruel” for making this statement! How would you describe such behavior? You are justifying your friend’s behavior, wherein evil actions that he has committed can never be justified! Is this the character of a “sweet” guy? This post is not about my past or my spirituality. This post is about evil, aggressive and senseless behavior towards another human being. Rather than lecture to us, perhaps your role should be to contact your friend and set him straight and lead him to Our Lord so that he might repent and amend his behavior. Or, are you now afraid of how your “sweet” friend will react to you?
    Thank you, Dr. Eowyn and DCG for your comments in this regard.

  14. it just so happens that one of the young men happens to be my cousin and he was not raised to do such things ppl change i cnt say y he did cause i dnt knw but i cn assure u he is very sorry for his actions and if he could he would not make the same choices everyone has made mistakes so it bothers me when everyone cn point the finger like u hv never did anything before nobody is perfect and the lord my god has the last say so. and y does barack always hav to be brought up he would not stand up for this kind of crime and the zimmerman story he was wrong as well but once again the lord my god has the last say so about that we cn not judge anyone everyone has done something u just may have not got caught doing it everyone have a nice day and focus more on ur own life. i feel bad for wt happened to the soldier my prayers go out to him and his fam

  15. Their eyes are the eyes of those who have murdered. Their eyes project death. They bring death. They are deadly parasites.

  16. i my self am not saying this right by no mean to beat someone bt he does hav remorse i cn tell u that and i have disagree with u about obama everone has there own opinions i knw everyone keeps saying the guy was a soldier he was dressed in civilian clothes nt that it matters wrong is wrong bt i dnt thk they would have even attempted such a act if he was dressed in uniform still does nt make it right i wonder sometimes if he was not a soldier and zimmerman was nt a security guard would it hav even made the head lines its so many hate crimes that just gt pushed under the rug not defending anyone wrong is wrong bt i have a right to state my opinion as well

  17. cocoa wt makes u any better u probably the same way we just cant c u behind the computer screen talk about wt u knw instead of wt u dnt r u a psychic nw its ppl like u in the world that make me just want to puke

  18. This is not the only incident dealing with soldiers leaving and entering military bases. The media is trying to keep a lid on these racial attacks. I spent 11 years in the Marine Corps and am well aware of the racial attacks. I lost three friends in like incidents. I am NOT forgiving of or overlooking racial crimes of hate. Our soldiers are sacred. They preserve our freedoms. They salute the American Flag. They do not turn their backs on God & Country. Theyr serve.

  19. well it looks like we all have our own opinions bt i respect u both and may god bless both of u and i thank the soldiers for fighting for our country. i hav nothing else to say be blessed

  20. Hopefully those kids will be shot soon.


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