Arne Duncan – Get 'Em While They're Young

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The Department of Education has announced plans to dedicate $133 million to in state comprehensive early education reform.  Can’t have the little ones building sand castles and playing house.  No, no, no.  That just won’t do.  What you need are options, “high quality” options, designed to cover your children from birth to five years of age!!!!
The language of the announcement  is pretty straightforward, although I have enhanced and emphasized a few things.  Everything in bold and purple is mine.  You may need Tums or Pepto Bismol if you think about what they intend.
“The Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge has demonstrated the dedication among states and early education and child development experts to raise the bar on early learning indoctrination,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “Continuing to support states with 2012 funding will help build on the momentum from the 2011 competition, and engage more states in furthering their critical work to transition effective early learning programs indoctrination into systems of excellence.”
In 2011, 35 States, D.C. and Puerto Rico applied to Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge, creating plans that increase access to high-quality programs  indoctrination for children from low-income families, and provide more children from birth to age 5 with a strong foundation needed to succeed in school and beyond. In December 2011, nine states were awarded grants-California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington. 
“What happens in early childhood sets the stage for everything that follows in life,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “These new Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grants will help some of our youngest citizens thrive in school, be successful through adolescence and grow into healthy, successful compliant adults.” []
Eric Scheiner reporting for CNS asked Duncan, “Do you think it’s better to have tax programs — when you look at the money that’s being spent here — or other initiatives to help a parent stay at home with a child, or do you think it’s better to have a child entered in one of these pre-kindergarten programs?”
“It’s really a personal choice for families, Duncan replied. “My challenge is, there are a lot of families, like at this school right here — a 400-person waiting list, the parents asking for those opportunities and they’re not available. So, parents want to keep their children at home or want to send them to school – I just want more high quality options available.
“If we’re serious about closing achievement gaps and leveling the playing field I think the best thing we can do is have our children enter our kindergarten at 5 ready to learn and ready to read and so expanding access in disadvantaged communities where families are looking for it. I think its critically important work for our country to do. That’s why we’re continuing to invest year after year,” Duncan continued. followed up, “But would you support tax breaks as well, for parents that want to stay home with their children?”
“It’s something we can look at, but again we just need a lot more access to high quality programs. That’s what we’re focused on.”
Click here to see slimy Duncan respond to CNS interviewer.

As a home school, we never wanted a tax break, because that would mean inevitable government intrusion.  But it should be clear to anyone reading the DOE document, that the goal is not to the true benefit of the traditional family.  By making it easier and easier to turn our children over to them at a younger and younger age, it will ultimately result in something like a future shock novel or movie.  Infants will become  global citizens, not your children.



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0 responses to “Arne Duncan – Get 'Em While They're Young

  1. lowtechgrannie

    The goal has always been to get at the babies as soon after birth as possible.

    Republican, Lamar Alexander, was George HW Bush’s Secretary of Education in the early 1990s when the original America 2000 education restructuring legislation was enacted. Clinton changed it to Goals 2000. George W, Bush tweaked it with “No Child Left Behind” and Obama’s “Race to the Top” is the cherry on the poisonous sundae that’s been killing knowledge-based education for the last 20 years. Here’s Lamar giving state governors the snow job in 1989.

  2. It’s certainly working for them. According to Pew research 55% of Americans 27 and under prefer socialism to capitalism.

  3. It’s the totalitarian way – get the children away from their parent’s influence as early as possible.
    They have been doing it since long before recorded history.

  4. Non-thinking, dependent little trolls… perfect for left/liberal utopia.

  5. “If we’re serious about closing achievement gaps and leveling the playing field I think the best thing we can do is have our children enter our kindergarten at 5 ready to learn and ready to read”….so much wrong here, beyond the fact that this has nothing to do with education.
    1) Assumes that all children can be achievers
    2) Level the playing field? Who said life was fair?
    3) What preparation is involved with getting a 4 year old “ready to learn” and “ready to read”? Nothing like the sponge of a young child’s mind, ready for anything.
    4) Assumes that parents are qualified to teach their 1 – 5 year olds the basics and prep them for school.
    I could go on….we all know the real reason for this. Call it what they want, it’s another attempt to get to their young “citizens”.

    • All our children “ready to learn and ready to read” (only) when they enter Kindergarten. No fair they should read before then or know anything not approved before then, wouldn’t be “social justice” you know.

  6. Your article is on target. Here in Missouri, our governor, state education department, Depts of Mental Health and Social Services have signed onto a totally unfunded (we were not granted any RTTT funding either for k-12 or Pre-K) $1.6 Billion Pre-K program that will direct pre-K kids into the Longitudinal Data System…that will feed into the Departments of Labor, Education and Health and Human Services.
    This was a great find. This furthers my belief there is no Democrat or Republican party…it’s the party of the Elites. Both parties are complicit. This is basically the blueprint for RTTT. But you know that….thanks for this information.

    • Do you know about It might be a site you would like to access….many individuals around the country coming together trying to get the word out about this nightmare we call public education.
      Thanks again. I’ll be linking your article to our site and making a few additional comments.

  7. Gee, I stayed with the father of my kids so we could get by on one measly income and have one car while I stayed home with the kids. And guess what, they both read before they entered Kindergarten, both stayed in the top 10% throughout school and both went to college. Both are working, productive adults now with no arrest record. And we did it without government programs…go figure. How did we manage without Kathleen Sibelius???

  8. You know, nearing the end of a particularly trying week of homeschooling when I felt like I would happily put my kids on the first yellow bus I saw to anywhere, this snapped me back to reality. Thank you Grannie. God used you to renew my strength 🙂 I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……

  9. My 4 yr old little boy goes with his Daddy almost everyday working outside. I grew up doing the same w/my Dad until I started school & the most important thing that I learned & my son is learning cannot be taught in school. When 2 people are in a tractor cab together all day conversation happens. I learned everything I needed to know in a tractor cab and on horse back. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I had some financial questions so I found Dad on a tractor & jumped on.
    The main reason kids today are not making it in society isn’t b/c of the lack of education but b/c parents do not take the time anymore to teach the core “Life” lessons children so desperately need, especially in the first 5 yrs. IMO, morals cannot be taught from a text book in a classroom. Morals are taught by example. This wouldn’t be an issue if parents today weren’t in such a hurry to ship the kiddos off. It’s one less year parents will have to pay for daycare and IMO the majority of parents think the extra income is far more important.
    Being a parent is hard and everyone will make mistakes, some parents cannot or will not deal with it. I believe many think the earlier they put the child in someone else’s hands the less responsibility and blame will fall on them in the end. It’s a Blame Game…always someone else’s fault at the end of the day. Guys, you cannot ever get this important time in your child’s life back…someday you will desperately wish you could!


    • Sad, but true. I can’t even count how many times I have heard parents expressing the desire for their kids to be done with summer/fall/Christmas/spring, etc break because they couldn’t stand to be around their children. I absolutely understand needing a break, but to expect to birth and then ship them off…I just don’t get it?.


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