Army tanks on streets of St. Louis

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Residents of St Louis, Missouri, report they’re seeing U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential streets. They’re told it’s an “Army training exercise,” lasting from June 21st to June 28th, and that citizens shouldn’t be alarmed.
In this local KSDK TV news broadcast, the reporter Casey Nolan is told that the “heavily armored security vehicles” are in town for “a group of military police (MP) to train the 354th MP Company how to drive the vehicles.” Nolan is assured that the “armored vehicles” — tanks — are “harmless” and that the whole thing is “not such a big deal.”
The “armored vehicles” have been seen traveling from Ft. Leavenworth on Interstate 44. [Note: The reporter probably confused Ft. Leonard Wood for Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.]
Sightings of the tanks prompted hundreds of residents to flood local news channels and Facebook, with some expressing fears that martial law was on its way.
This is what Wikipedia says about the US Army’s Military Police:

The Military Police Corps is the uniformed law enforcement branch of the United States Army.[…] Some U.S. Army MP units, usually at the division or brigade level, are designated as combat, division MPs whose combat zone responsibilities include protection of vehicle routes, defile control, route reconnaissance and straggler control, the guidance or detention of soldiers who have become lost, separated from their units, or have fled the battlefield. Since the beginning of the war on terror, military police have become a valuable asset to combat operations due to the versatility of the MOS. They have been used more in a combat arms role rather than their normal combat support role. […]

The Army’s Military Police can be utilized in direct combat and during peacetime. The Military Police have five main functions:

1. Maneuver and mobility support operations
2. Area security operations
3. Law and order operations
4. Internment and resettlement operations
5. Police intelligence operations

I cannot find the “354th Military Police Company” on Wikipedia’s “List of United States Army Military Police Units,” but I did find the “354th Military Police Company” on a Department of the Army pdf. And yes, the 354th MP is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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0 responses to “Army tanks on streets of St. Louis

  1. Oh great, my state. Being in the Heartland guarantees you nothing.

  2. Just read an article on possible financial collapse this year, government buying up 450 rounds of ammo., people rioting, maybe elections suspended! It’s getting interesting, and I believe they are gearing up for something.

  3. That’s 450 MILLION rounds of ammo. Sorry.

  4. Also heard of internment camps and Fema coffins. Maybe I’m just a conspiracy nut!

  5. Thank you for reporting this, it’s important we all know these things

  6. There are many signs pointing to internally manufactured problems coming our way by our own fed gov and we need to be alert and if possible keep each other vastly informed to keep them pined down politically.

  7. Why would they be on I-44??? That doesn’t even come close to Fort Leavenworth. They’d be on I-70 if anything.
    The way the media is now, I’m starting to doubt the varacity of any of the MSM reporters or outlets.

  8. Reblogged this on #Beet's B.O.O.T..

  9. It’s amazing how silent all the congress members are when we know they are all aware of the conspiracy against this country, for someone to believe they are ignorant of these things is laughable, though they do put on a good stupid face when questioned about important things, they are fully aware of all the back room action.

  10. Excellent post Doc. Thank you for keeping us all informed.

  11. Keep praying, folks.


  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. It is indeed frightening.

  14. “Tanks!” Riiiggghhhht! Those are Stryker AFVs, i.e., armored troop carriers used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous other conflict areas that have urban environments. As with most armored vehicles, the drivers have limited visibility and handling one of these behemoths safely on roads and streets takes practice.
    The last time I saw one of these “chicken little” warnings From FOM it included pictures of “tanks” (actually Strykers) “emplaced” in a “barbed wire compound” in “preparation for martial law.” I recognized the picture because it was my home town, the “barbed wire enclosed compound” was a local factory, and the Strykers were there under a repair and refurbishment contract that factory holds with the U.S. Dept. of Defense. It’s amazing how much hysteria can be generated with a little bit of knowledge overlaying a huge amount of ignorance and willing paranoia.

  15. Interstate 44 is nowhere near Ft Leavenworth. This is really really odd. 44 comes out of Oklahoma. This article leaves me baffled as do a lot of articles I see from time to time on troop activity.

  16. Good catch, Linda! The military unit probably came from Ft. Leonard Wood, which is on I-44 just west of Rolla, MO.
    As for why they are training on actual, real-life, streets and highways, how else are they going to get that experience. That’s why they are driving these *unarmed* vehicles in real traffic under supervision of more experienced instructors in the same manner as driver education students drive in real traffic under instructor supervision.

  17. thanks Brolin, and by the way I saw an MSNBC local affiliate talking about the ones who had rolled in from out of town, they are from Ft Meade, Maryland. They are in St Louis to train the guys stationed there
    When we were stationed in Germany, we lived on the main street in and out of the village in which we lived. Whenever they played war games, it was normal for a huge convoy to come rolling in next to our residence, and the kids got a real kick out of it. We could watch from our upstairs window and get a real good view, and the guys would wave at the kids . It took some time for the convoys to roll through, and the rumblle of the tanks and other armored vehicles was quite a sound.

  18. ps Broliln, you are right, they rolled in via Ft Leonardwood via Ft Meade.

  19. oops via Ft Leonardwood FROM Ft Meade originally. :-))

  20. Brolin, in and of itself, under an acceptable administration, I expect most FOTM bloggers would see this as a routine Army exercise for the commonsense “reasons” you have given. However, the elected “leader” of the present corrupt administration claims that more than 50% of the U.S population is his enemy. On top of that we see unusual developments going on within FEMA that scare the pants of intelligent observers plus said leader’s contempt for Congress, to name only a few concerns that all make for a healthy paranoia. Can you connect the dots?

    • Linda, since Ft. Leonard Wood is and has long been a very large basic and advanced training base, I suspect that only the training personnel came from Ft. Meade. Ft. Leonard has a pretty good supply of armored vehicles already on the base. Shipping those vehicles all the way from Ft. Meade by rail or flatbed would have been a pointless logistics exercise. Remember, we learned of this via a reporter who didnt’ know the difference between Ft. Leavenworth (just north of Kansas City) and Ft. Leonard Wood (only a 2-1/2 hour drive from his TV station.)
      Britcapitalist, I’d share your fears with regarded to our Il Duce Negra except for one thing — our all-volunteer military. Remember, to effect any martial law scenario he would have to rely upon the same men and women in uniform whom he felt it necessary to disarm when he visited them in a combat zone. I have a son, a nephew, and a future son-in-law serving in the Army and Marines. From their feedback, I think it safe to say that they and their fellow service members took an oath to uphold the Constitution first and obey the President as Commander-in-Chief under that Constitution second. If it were to come down to a choice between the two, I have no fears that President Zero would not be the one chosen. I have more faith in the members of our Armed Forces than that.

      • Which is the reason that they are using hundreds, if not thousands of foreign troops to train in urban U.S. environments. Our own guys may not fire on us, or round us up, but foreign troops would have no qualms about following those orders. Just saying…..

  21. Be prepared! The proverbial yoghurt is about to hit the fan. October surprise?


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