Army stands ready to build wall when Trump declares national emergency

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Tonight, at 9 p.m. EST, President Trump will speak to America about security along our border with Mexico. Trump will follow his speech with a visit to the border on Thursday.

Vice President Pence said the national address is due to congressional Demonrats’ refusal to even negotiate on funds for border wall construction, which would end the partial (25%) federal government shut-down that began December 22. President Trump asks for $5.7 billion for construction of a steel border wall.

Note that the first order of business of the House Democrats was to pass bills to fund hundreds of millions of dollars for abortion by Planned Parenthood ($100 million), international NGOs ($500 million), and the UN Population Fund ($37.5 million).

A new Economist/YouGov survey, conducted Dec. 30-Jan. 1, found that:

  • A vast majority (86%) of Americans say illegal immigration is a problem, including 97% of Republicans, 82% of independents, and 83% of Democrats.
  • Only 7% of Americans think illegal immigration is “not a problem”, including 2% of Republicans, 7% of independents, and 12% of Democrats.
  • The remaining 6% of Americans are not sure if illegal immigration is a problem or not.

It is expected that in his national address, President Trump will declare a national emergency to build and pay for the wall. Indeed, border insecurity is a national emergency:

  • In fiscal 2017, as many as 3,755 known or suspected terrorists entered the U.S.
  • In fiscal 2018, which ended on Sept. 30, at the southern border:
    • Customs and Border Protection agents caught 17,000 adults who had criminal records.
    • Immigration and Customs Enforcement apprehended 6,000 members of gangs, including the violent MS-13.
    • A 73% increase in fentanyl, one of the deadliest drugs, totaling 2,400 pounds.
    • A 38% increase in methamphetamine.
    • A 38% increase in heroin.
    • 50 migrants a day required medical treatment.
    • 31% of female migrants said they were sexually assaulted on the journey to the U.S. (The Daily Signal)

And when/if President Trump declares border security is a national emergency, the U.S. Army will be the primary contractor to build the wall.

InfoWars reports that two days ago, on Sunday, January 6, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sent a letter to Democratic House committee chairs, informing them that the Customs and Border Protection agency is coordinating with the army to fulfill President Trump’s goal of securing the border with a steel wall.

The letter also says that President Trump’s request for $5.7 billion would fund construction of approximately 234 miles of a steel border wall, and several other areas pertaining to border security, including more border patrol personnel, humanitarian supplies, and technology resources. (Read the letter on ScribD, here.)

Yesterday, a White House official said, “If the president declares a national emergency, the Army Corps of Engineers will kick into high gear. They’re already handing out contracts, and that would speed up a lot.”

In fact, the Army Corps of Engineers had begun soliciting bids in mid-2017 for companies to produce “a mix of border fence, border wall, border patrol roads, border access roads, border lights, border gates (for access to border monuments, for maintenance, and for Border Patrol operational use), border drainage improvements, levee walls, and other miscellaneous improvements, repairs, and alterations.” (Daily Mail)


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19 responses to “Army stands ready to build wall when Trump declares national emergency

  1. I hope the President will make sure the demonrats are south of the wall when it goes up.

  2. Finally. In case people haven’t noticed it yet, democracy in America is just about over and done with, and if we don’t move on there’ll be no America left to save. The radical Left that owns the Democratic Party is now confident enough to openly demand dissolving America’s sovereignty—a virtual declaration of war—, largely because the Republican Party is so ungodly effeminate most of them think their honor is what the msm thinks of them. Instead of preparing patriots to defend their own country from a clear and present danger of domestic enemies, they’re having their noses powdered to look good for the cameras while rhey’re giving speeches from the scaffold.

  3. “Democracy” was brought to Rhodesia & SA and turned them into Liberal Utopian Hell holes

  4. Steve in Missouri

    I think the Army Engineers are up to the task. I think it’s way overdue that the border be enforced. Why in the world do we even have a border if it’s not going to be enforced? While enforced in some places, the rule is if the border is enforced in one place, then go to a place where it’s not enforced. You need to enforce the entire border, or there’s no point in it.
    It’s like putting three padlocks on the front door, but leaving the back door wide open.
    Put a barrier on the entire thing, wall, fence, whatever necessary but put up the barrier.

  5. Chuck Norris wrote a piece about a proposed bill by Ted Cruz to seize the assets of drug cartel kingpin El Chapo who is currently in NY awaiting trial. The El Chapo Bill would pay for the wall and much more as El Chapo has assets of at least 14 billion. IF this bill could pass, Mexico would truly pay for the wall. Google this, read about it yourselves and contact your legislators.

    • greenworxx . . . Thank you for that extremely informative piece of news.
      I would say that Ted Cruz should push for getting this bill thru the Congress. Let the proceeds of illegal enterprise pay for The Wall, that would keep you and I and all US citizens safe.

      • Thanks, Auntie. I also read or heard yesterday that the MSM will likely try to say Trump is calling for martial law instead of a national emergency. It will be interesting to observe the fallout from the regressives.

  6. Dr Eowyn . . . This article literally brought a smile to my face. I hope that our President is indeed going to issue a state of emergency, and his intention of using our troops to start building The Wall.

    I know many complain that Donald Trump has so many flaws . . . I for one lead a rather circumspect life, but I did not vote for Mr Trump because I wanted a Saint for a President. I should think that having come from a wealthy family, and in all probability not having been taught better–he has not known what The Lord expects of His followers. I voted for Trump because after having eight years of the Kenyan-Muslim interloper, I was left in a state of extreme despair. Perhaps, just perhaps Mr Trump as a consummate business man could bring to the table the kind of skill that would turn things around for our nation. He, at least was acknowledging that he knew what kinds of things were bothering the plain Joe’s’ and Sally’s in our country (the unchecked flooding of our country by foreigner’s whose chief aim was to attach themselves to the teat that is the US Welfare system; the filthy rein of criminality of our political leaders, whose only aim is and was to enrich their own portfolios such as the stealing of land having belonged to families in some cases for over 100 years; the list goes on and on.) We have seen in many instances where he has indeed turned things around.

    Yes, I know this man in many instances excels in bluster and bragging . . . I don’t care. What I care about is that he turn this ship around, if we continue on the course that we have been heading for–it will become to late to turn anything around, and this great nation will fail.

    I for one feel a very strong debt of gratitude for the effort and perseverance which he has shown. I am sure that he is not used to the hatred and malice shown to him, day after day by the Progressive-Socialist-Communist politicians who have found their way into the top leaders spots in the party of the Democrats.

    I certainly do hope that he will be proclaiming a state of emergency on behalf of our country. I believe that we are indeed, in a state of emergency!

    • Good for you LuLu. Sometimes you need Mother Teresa. But sometimes you need Dirty Harry. There are two emergencies. One at the Southern Boder and one in Congress.

    • Yes auntie, I agree with you and share your sentiments. Let us hope that in this address tonight that is what we hear; I look forward to it.

  7. As Commander-in-Chief, in these circumstances he does not have to answer to anyone regarding building a wall. He can (and should) assign the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall and also assign well-amed troops to prevent that order from being delayed. If anyone is to attempt to answer for anything, it is those who are opening the doors for the invaders. Invaders, as in those in the process of bringing down another nation, as in when our troops were crossing the Atlantic for Normandy, they were invaders for a noble cause. Today, were must be defenders for this noble cause. Note the irony of complaints coming from those responsible for the laws they backed and are being followed today. It goes back to Senator Warner, VA, long ago, with the beginning of such legislation.

  8. I have no doubt THE WALL, whether concrete, iron, machine guns, barriers, is a fact. The higher the better, one dollar from every Trumpster will get us what we want with POTUS blessings.

  9. It’s not just a matter of a wall being built at this point. It has become Donald Trump & America against the Ruling Elites, and this very well could be a fight to the death: If Donald Trump cannot get this wall built, the Ruling Elites stand ready to dispose of him, his Administration and any remnant resembling a legacy.
    The fight really is that desperate.

    If President Trump can pull this off, he MUST take the gloves off and go after the Democratic Party and its sponsors and operatives with an ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE, because these moral bastards are never going to give up. This mob includes most Democrats and billionaires, central banks and some corporations and George Soros and his organizations. He has to cut all seven heads off the seven-headed snake. It really is this desperate.
    I hope he can pull it off.

    But there is yet another problem, and this problem comes from the American people themselves. This problem is the demographic death of America due to contraception and abortion. If we really are on God’s Side, we’re going to have to go after Planned Parenthood and abolish it, because they are aborting the future of America, indeed, the future of Civilization itself.

    This is a Great Battle between Good and Evil. Godspeed, Mr. President.

    • I agree but I think some are missing an obvious point. He HAS the authority. He doesn’t NEED permission. He should simply invoke the power and give the order.

      Under the same act he could order them to shut up about it as a matter of national security. Those who are openly inciting a coup should be arrested.

      It should be obvious that they are not going to play nice and he should stop asking. He should begin TELLING. If he has a loyal military he can do whatever he wants. If they try to stop him he can simply remove the problem.

  10. Clearly the Demonrats have decided to absolutely divide the country. There will be traitorous globalists and everyone else. They are already massing their forces to resist this. I wish that Trump would stop telling them what he plans to do and simply did it.

    If you look at the powers granted him in the “Emergency Powers Act” he could shut up those phony propagandists in an instant, and should. This is a slow-motion coup. How DARE they?

    They do not care what the voters say or believe. They do not work for us and are blatant in showing that to us. People are being told they either have to get in line or suffer the consequences.

    This is the most seditious bunch in office in our history. They all need to be rounded up.

  11. I forget where I heard this, perhaps Pat Buchanan’s protégé Tucker Carlson’s show, but if a tax was placed on money wire transfers to Mexico and Central & South America, that would easily pay for it.

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