Arizona Senate race: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema calls stay-at-home moms ‘leeches’

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Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), 42, is the first openly-bisexual person to be elected to Congress. She is now running to replace RINO Sen. Jeff Flake (R) in the U.S. Senate.

Raised a Mormon, Sinema began her political career as a Green Party activist, but switched to the Democrat Party. After she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2012, she shifted toward the political center, crafting an image and record as a “conservative” center-left Democrat, despite the fact that in 2002 in a letter to The Arizona Republic, she trashed capitalism: “Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule.” (Source: Wall Street Journal)

According to The New York Times, Sinema has given “contradictory answers about her early life,” describing her childhood as one of great financial hardships, without “running water or electricity,” but the Times found that Sinema’s mother and stepfather made monthly payments on gas, electricity, and phone bills. Asked whether she had embellished details from her childhood, Sinema insisted, “I’ve shared what I remember from my childhood. I know what I lived through.”

The Times also observed that Sinema is running “one of the most moderate-sounding and cautious Senate campaigns this year, keeping the media at arms-length and avoiding controversial issues” and mentions of President Trump. Both Republicans and Democrats have said Sinema has “few major legislative accomplishments to her record” and is running “on a political image that she has shaped and reshaped over the years. And nothing is more central to it now than her childhood homelessness.”

Despite her contrived image as a “conservative” Democrat, Sinema is pro-abortion, with a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, and committed to “advance” LBGT “rights”.

Writing for The Federalist on October 19, 2018, Bre Payton reminds Arizonans that:

  • In a 2006 interview with Scottsdale nightlife magazine 944, Sinema called stay-at-home moms “leeches”. She said: “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bullshit. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?”
  • In newly resurfaced videos, Sinema is seen calling conservatives “Neanderthals”.

In an email, Brian Burch, President of Catholic Vote, writes:

And this woman wants to represent Arizona in the United States Senate!?

Just imagine what ‘Senator Sinema’ would be like! She represents everything we oppose. She has a 100% pro-abortion voting record and will vote for Planned Parenthood every time. She favors a full government takeover of health care. She opposes religious freedom. And Chuck Schumer will be able to count on her to vote against every single judge Trump nominates…

Imagine if a Republican had called single mothers ‘leeches.’

This is the same crazy politician who referred to her home state of Arizona as the “meth lab of democracy.” And during her anti-war protest days, she depicted U.S. troops as skeletons inflicting “U.S. terror” in Iraq.

The Arizona Senate race is neck-and-neck in the polls. Some believe this race will decide who controls the Senate next.

Kyrsten Sinema is running against Republican Martha McSally in Arizona’s Senate race.

Like Sinema, Martha McSally, 52, is a Congresswoman in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is a retired military officer who served in the U. S. Air Force from 1988 to 2010, rising to the rank of colonel. One of the highest-ranking female pilots in the history of the Air Force, McSally was the first American woman to fly in combat after the 1991 lifting of the prohibition on female combat pilots.

As of October 19, 2018, Real Clear Politics‘ average of polling data has McSally narrowly ahead by just 0.7%, at 46% (McSally) vs. 45.4% (Sinema).

Update (Oct. 24):

Krysten Sinema is also a witch/satanist.


Emails reported in the Washington Examiner reveal that she invited a feminist witches coven called Pagan Cluster to help celebrate International Women’s Day and protest the Iraq war in March of 2003. Later that year, she wrote about a Miami protest in which she was “singing and spiraling in the pagan’s circle only 5 rows back from the police line.”

H/t Flanders


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40 responses to “Arizona Senate race: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema calls stay-at-home moms ‘leeches’

  1. Hard-working Housewife

    I challenge this woman to come live my life. I have been a stay at home mom the last 13.5 years. I have four children and have managed our home in daily life as well as through 5 moves. I am homeschooling all 4 of my children, while simultaneously dealing with special needs, as I have for the last 9 years. My husband has traveled for work, being gone anywhere from 50 to 90% of the time. I have received no help from family or friends. The Lord has been my helper. Over the course of the last 6 years, I have had to cook our meals from scratch. No take out ever, as my family combined is allergic to wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy, fish, nuts, peanuts, coconut, etc… I have cared for our home repairing things as needed, keeping up with the landscaping for our home as well as the neighborhood front entrance. I have sought to grow my own food and currently have 5 varieties of apple, 2 peach, pomegranate, and pear trees, one plumcot, cherry, and persimmon tree. I have two cherry and two elderberry bushes. Just yesterday I planted two beds of garlic. For the last 10 years I have sold my children’s outgrown clothing to pay for the next season’s wardrobe. I paint, teach, cook, repair, organize, plan, sell on ebay, budget, clean, iron, mow, weed, etc… We derive no benefits from the government. I do not “leech” off my husband or anyone else.

    Hard-working Housewife
    P.S. I voted for Donald Trump by my own volition with no input from my husband.

  2. Just another ugly and unhappy troll coming out from under its bridge to wage war against good-looking happy people.

    This is basically what motivates almost all leftists. It’s so predictable and so tiring.

  3. The bi-sexual broad’s Congressional district is exclusive in Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County.

    Either white folks got stupid, or they’ve been rigging elections. First they elect a man called Flake as US Senator. This is a 77.2% White district; 4.9% Black, 5%Asian, 2.9%Hispanic, 2.7% Native American and 6%Other.

    Sinema (great name – sin and enema) was elected in 2016 with 61% of the vote vs. Republican Candidate getting 39%.

    Enough said!

  4. Krysten doesn’t approve of women making their own choice to stay at home? Demorats always critical of free choice…

    • DCG . . . Bravo! Excellent comment. What I fail to understand is, “How is it being a leech. if two parents have decided between themselves that one of them should, and will stay at home and parent the children of their union?” I certainly hope that the people of Arizona clearly see the evil in Sinema, and that they will vote to send McSally to Washington, DC. The problem is that there are way to many politicians who subscribe to the insanity that Sinema promotes.

      Just comparing the pictures of Sinema, and McSally . . . which of the two of these women has the look of righteousness? In my mind there is no doubt but what it is McSally. Somehow, evil often shows in the countenance of those who espouse it.

    • Yes, they are all tyrants. There is no creativity or individuality among them. That’s what makes them such good fodder for their masters.

  5. McSally flew an A10 while commanding other pilots. A lot of stuff flew from those planes to protect our troops on the ground and not so far away

  6. Her cruciform-looking necklace. Is that an A-10? Hilarious if so. Bigger balls than Barack.

  7. It’s called how to get the women’s vote when one’s I.Q. is so low they should not be allowed to run for any office.

  8. That’s pretty funny coming from a card-carrying member of the Professional Parasite Party.

  9. It never fails to amaze me how these illogical morons think that they should be selected to tell others how to live their lives. Maybe she should give up the parasite life and learn to bake pies.

  10. So this POS moron thinks women who stay at home are parasites. By her logic that means that somehow it is more virtuous to pay to leave my kids with another women who doesn’t give a crap about who they are, or their welfare, while that woman more than likely leaves her kids at some day care center and ad infinitum. It means I should pay another women to clean my house, and pay someone to cook my family dinner as well as perform any multitude of other various and sundry errands and tasks that it takes to keep a household running and make it into a REAL home as opposed to a flop house where everyone comes home to do nothing but sleep at night. This woman and the other feminazis that hold to similar ideas undoubtedly do not have families, and are clueless as to what it takes to run a home. I consider that I have always worked for my husband as opposed to some bureaucracy or corporation which is hardly being a parasite, and is eminently more satisfying because love is my motivation for work instead of money. Another Marxist lunatic busily trying to inflict her unhappiness and misery elsewhere. I truly wish these creeps would go crawl into a hole somewhere and contemplate their own navel as opposed to screwing with everyone elses life.

    • Hear, hear! The idea that being a mother is somehow “less important” than working for some shyster somewhere is ridiculous. That’s like the old question ‘do you work?’. My mother never stopped. Neither did her mother.

      No, I’m afraid people like her would rather farm that out to “The State”. We are living with the consequences of that.

      • Yes, isn’t it amazing how women’s liberation basically devalued all things associated with traditional feminine gifts, motherhood, homemaking, etc, and only validated women acting like men and competing with them!
        I hurt my back very bad when I was only 27 years old. I was in bed 20 hours out of the day for a couple years and I had two toddlers. If it had not been for my mother and my aunt ( who were homemakers) I don’t know how I would have taken care of my kids, and had food on the table at the end of the day. Now we are just supposed to let our sick and our elderly suffer or turn them over to nursing homes. Oh but I forgot, taking care of extended family members is surely parasitic too!
        There is a woman I know who is a Catholic mystic who said she had conversations with Mary. Mary told her that the highest vocation for a woman is that of motherhood i.e., the loving and devoted work of the formation of another human being. That sums it up for me.

        • I absolutely believe that. Men cannot replace that. They can help but that’s not a “replacement” for a mother’s love.

  11. Sinema is a moron and so are those who vote for her.

  12. That’s why the leftists need illegal slave labor to do the work they are too lazy to do for themselves.

    Kate Brown shamed Oregon crowing about her pride for being the first openly bisexual governor in the US. I pray we have the support to throw her out Nov. 6th.

  13. A weirdo sex moron liberal democRAT running against a female military fighter pilot vet. Should not even be a contest.

    • And yet McSally the fighter pilot is only 0.7 point ahead of the bisexual mommy-bashing pro-baby killer.
      That’s how depraved Arizonans have become.

  14. There is alot of election corruption in AZ, especially Maricopa County. They flip the vote here, especially in close races. Pretty much every single tax increase passes…now how can that be when everyone you meet is pretty much against a tax increase? If it’s 70 percent no and 30 percent yes, they flip it and make it the opposite so it passes. The big clue here is to hear the politicians say, “Let’s let the voters decide!” I also agree with Dr. Eowyn about depraved Arizonans as he called them, except I would just call them stupid and uninformed. Most of those that support/vote for Flake are Mormons like him. They take care of their own, no matter what they do wrong, they still support that piece of trash. Most of the politicians I have met here are most likely corrupt, except for a few decent ones. They will never change the voting system here in the AZ, as it keeps their criminal organization in power positions. SINema is a disgrace for sure but the large hispanic vote here will vote for her. Personally, I am sick of all these politicians who lie, get in office and then do the exact opposite of what they promised.

    • “Most of those that support/vote for Flake are Mormons like him. They take care of their own”

      Good grief. Kyrsten Sinema was raised a Mormon.

  15. Defeat_Liberalism

    Kyrsten Sinema must have read the book Feminine Mystic!

    The BIG Lie Hate men book and hate stay home moms book!

  16. So this woman says that she remembers her life as being homeless, so that settled it? I wonder if she is going to remember herself as Native American, or maybe black. Let’s hope that she doesn’t remember being sexually assaulted by her opponent, during some Sorority hazing that took place 30 some years ago. I don’t think that I could stand much more of the leaders of the Democrats crying on the media over the poor woman, forced to endure her pain for all these years.

    • “I was born a poor black girl…….”. Let’s see, how ’bout a black amputee with leprosy? Alcoholic parents? Abused by a wicked uncle.

      They’re gonna need boats to vote pretty soon from all the tears. It’s all YT’s fault. Damn YT!

  17. Wow, that is scary that SINema is a mormon. She is usually seen here at protests with alot of hispanics. She will have that democratic vote, plus the mormons. AZ is doomed…it figures. Look how long they kept mccain in and they will most likely get SINema in to carry on his horrible legacy against Americans.

  18. A dysfunctional leftist crusader who at the very apex of her being is nothing more than a subversive political leech. There is something ironic about that.

    Some censorship news from a woman who once may have agreed with her.

    “BREAKING! Twitter Locks LifeSite News for Reporting on Rising STDs Among Homosexuals”

    “I went from being a mom who didn’t care if her children were gay or straight, to a mom who didn’t want my child to be plagued with STDs and have a lifespan significantly shorter than his hetero peers.

    LifeSite red pilled me.

    I went on to red pill thousands of others with my social media and my website.

    This is what Twitter is trying to squash. Who would promote homosexuality if they knew and REALLY understood the facts?

    No one.

    But homosexuality is second only to feminism in the ranking of “best tools to break apart a civilization.” The Left doesn’t want to make America, or the West, great again. To them it was never great. They want to dismantle it -take it apart, bit by bit and rebuild a whole new creation.”

    • I’m one of those who really gets tired of the homo thing. First they claimed that they didn’t care what we thought. Fine! Then they want “recognition”. For what, being deviant? Then they want “praise”. What’s to praise?

      I remember when they were working the Church. There were these groups within the Church pushing for “acceptance”, etc.. I remember arguing with them that 1. it wasn’t a sin to BE homosexual, 2. it WAS a sin to practice it. And 3. none of us has the authority to “make it NOT a sin”.

      So, all these years later, they’re still at it. Now they want some sort of acknowledgement that it is a “superior” way of being. Of course you could take any sin and do the same with it.

      Many of us know who’s driving this agenda. They are doing it for a reason. Few things are going to make Western Civilization crash quicker than this. Praising queers is not a wise thing to do.

      Left to their own devices they would probably die off from disease or their “equipment” would simply drop off and it would become a moot point. As for me I’m tired of the whole thing. Just keep them away from anybody I know and let them slime themselves to death. That’s what quicklime’s for.

      • I’m with you. The word bludgeoned comes to mind; constantly bludgeoned with what to think of them, how to feel about them, how wonderful they all are, how they are so oppressed, how we are all bigots, how everyone else is responsible for their happiness, how we should all smile be grateful for having our kids and grandkids being indoctrinated into perversion, and on and on.

  19. Follow Sinema’s reasoning: If woman are “leeches” or parasites, then it must follow that the fetus itself is a “leech,” a parasite. (Indeed, this was put forth somewhere in the Middle Earth of feminism years back!)
    So it just goes to prove that Sinema is against God’s Will and Plan for His Invention, the family, what Aquinas and others called “domestic society.”

    What Gives???

    This is what gives: These GOONS seek the collective like the little fish seeks to live in the center of the school of fish—safety. In this case, safety from Judgment from one’s terrible moral actions. In other words, the Id always wins.
    One cannot be excused for being “less evil” than, say, Caligula!

    Maybe Sinema can get a role in the remake of “Macbeth!”

    • Well yeah, Steven. They are equal-opportunity haters. They hate everything. Name something precious and they hate it. It is a death cult.

  20. “In Arizona, Democrat senatorial candidate Kyrsten Sinema got caught trashing her home state. In a clip from her speech at Netroots Nation, she calls Arizona “the meth lab of democracy.” In another, she shares “things that you can do to stop your state from becoming Arizona.”

    Emails reported in the Washington Examiner reveal that she invited a feminist witches coven called Pagan Cluster to help celebrate International Women’s Day and protest the Iraq war in March of 2003. Later that year, she wrote about a Miami protest in which she was “singing and spiraling in the pagan’s circle only 5 rows back from the police line.”–and-lunacy-n2530814

    • Well that’s an open secret with all of them. They HATE this country. Who in their right mind would vote for them? They are “the Enemy”.

      They are globalists who, by definition, don’t believe in countries. This is what Poppy Bush was talking about in the 80’s with his speeches on “the end of history”. They want to erase history and replace it with their dogma.

      There is no way that is strong enough to say this. They do not belong here. They are a threat to our country and our whole way of life. They openly admit it. You have to be self-loathing to vote for them. Worse, you have to be traitorous.

    • Thank you, Flanders!
      I’ve updated this post with your information.

  21. “Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) – the voice for Jewish Democrats and progressive, pro-Israel values – announced its fifth round of endorsements in the 2018 midterm elections. This brings JDCA’s total number of Senate and House endorsements to 31 in an election cycle where the Jewish vote will be critical in helping Democrats retake the House of Representatives and possibly the U.S. Senate. JDCA plans to announce additional endorsements prior to the election in November, and is mobilizing a Get Out the Jewish Vote (GOTJV) mobilization plan, including a Jewish election volunteer operation.

    In this most recent round, JDCA is endorsing Sen. Joe Donnelly (IN) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) for re-election, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) for election to the U.S. Senate, and House candidates Harley Rouda (CA-48), Kim Schrier (WA-8), and Jeff Van Drew (NJ-2).

    “JDCA stands with candidates who align with the Jewish community on a range of domestic and foreign policy issues. JDCA also seeks to endorse candidates running in states and districts where the Jewish vote could be pivotal in turning the seat blue,” said Halie Soifer, JDCA Executive Director. “The margin of victory in any of these races will be razor thin, and the Jewish vote could serve as the decisive factor in the outcome of the race. We are intentionally targeting those communities, and are building incredible momentum as we head into the November elections. We expect to see not only a blue wave in November, but also a Jewish blue wave, and JDCA will no doubt serve a critical role in helping Democrats win.”

    These six endorsements come on the heels of JDCA’s fourth round of endorsements, which included Senate candidates Sens. Bob Casey (PA) and Tina Smith (MN), and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (TX) as well as House candidates Rep. Matt Cartwright (PA-17), Andy Kim (NJ-3), Colin Allred (TX-32), Katie Hill (CA-25), David Trone (MD-6), and Jennifer Wexton (VA-10).”

    • Hard to imagine an election that hinged on 3% of the vote. That’s not even accurate, it would be significantly less than that. Blacks are 13%. So, “support” (sans blackmail) doesn’t really explain their success.

      They need to root out their influence like a disease. If I were in Congress I’d hire a guy just to throw them out of my office.

    • Organized Jewry’s support is predictable, for obvious reasons.

      What’s so alarming is the intellectual degeneracy and regressive irreligion characterizing the half of Arizona’s mostly non-Jewish electorate who identify with her hatred of Christianity and her hysterical hatred of the white values she she and they owe every good thing in their lives to.

      The Jews own the public forum in America and so control the election process, so it goes way beyond getting out their vote, a given anyway. The thing is, no one is forcing half the electorate around this country to vote against everything this country used to stand for and for the extirpation of Christianity and Western culture.

  22. Sinema is a WACK JOB of the First Order! LOL! But the moonbats will fall all over themselves to vote for her. I can’t understand it. It’s like voting to burn your own house down!


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