Arizona rancher’s video of armed illegal border-crossers

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John Chilton, 79, is an Arizona rancher who lives on the U.S.-Mexico border.

He has hidden cameras on his 50,000-acre property and collected hours of video of illegal aliens trespassing on his property, carrying large backpacks and wearing camouflage. Some brought horses.

As in the case of the “refugees” invading Europe, the illegals crossing into Chilton’s Arizona ranch are all young, military-aged males.

Some of them are armed, with guns.

Chilton is especially concerned about the drug mules and human traffickers crossing the border as his property is in a remote area known for drug and migrant smuggling. Chilton told the Associated Press, “We have drug runners coming through our ranch and this has become a very dangerous situation.”

Last June, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot on Chilton’s property while canvassing the area. The agent was wounded in the leg and the hand; several bullets also struck his protective vest. Chilton said that without the vest, the agent “probably would not be with us today.”

Chilton’s property is separated from Mexico by only a four-strand wire fence. He is a supporter of President Trump’s wall.

Below is a 25-minute video showing a steady stream of people illegally crossing into the United States and trampling over Chilton’s land. Some of the footage goes back to 2016, but most of it is from 2018.

Source: Daily Mail

H/t Clash Daily and maziel


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10 responses to “Arizona rancher’s video of armed illegal border-crossers

  1. And the left doesn’t want anyone to racially profile…when Mexican gangs and Lord knows what else are coming across our borders, many of whom end up killing American citizens. Trump knows, but the left and most of the phony right fight him on everything. Mob rule instead of the Rule of Law is what the left is all about.

  2. This is a sign that H. Kissinger’s advice to a Bilderberg Meeting in the early 1990s is being followed. He stated that under the circumstances of that day, no one here would accept UN or other global control, but, if invaded, UN troops would be welcomed as would be complete rulership by a New World Order ensuring our safety/security. Actually, the security being sought is that for those who want ninety-five percent of us dead with the remaining five percent (did I get that math rght, my calculator is broken, and my new math skills have faded) total slaves, body, soul, and spirit.

  3. Leftist thought is not based on law or morals. It is based on whatever gets them what they want when they want it. It can easily be totally the reverse if the situation warrants.

    They are immune to shame. They don’t know what it is. In order to feel shame one has to have a conscience and some moral underpinning that it is formed upon. Lacking those, the leftist is simply a creature of the self. They want what ever it is and they want it now.

    When in power they make a total hash of everything they touch. Why? Because they never think things through. Actions have consequences and that is an alien concept to the leftist. They want their cake and to eat it too. In fact, they want bakers who don’t want to participate to bake their cake in spite of that fact.

    • “It is based on whatever gets them what they want when they want it.”

      aka Do As Thou Will, the satanist dictum.

    • That is correct, Lophat. Most of the “real” left have little capacity for true independent thought. They receive the necessary (((guidance))) to make their arguments from you know who, for instance from the ACLU.

      “Illegal Aliens Refuse To Be Reunited With Their Children”

      • So true. I have tried to talk to a number of leftists. They all think Trump started this. No amount of discussion or proof will dissuade them.

        Secondly, if you take your kid with you when you commit a crime you place them at risk, no?

        All of this noise are talking points. They aren’t even logical. They are provided, as you say, by various leftist outlets and mimicked word for word by these whiny boot lickers. Their controllers know what they’re working with.

        Once they are all fully ensconced, they will be ratting out their neighbors right and left. This is really about a wildly divergent lifestyle and belief system from what has been called freedom. They don’t want “freedom”, they want to be taken care of.

  4. Seems we need some snipers in them thar hills.

  5. How many miles long is that border? How many other places in the US along that border is this happening every day/week/month year after year?
    How an this be called anything other than an invasion – those men in camo look like invading armies to me. Those square packs are kilos of weed or who knows what.
    We have no freakin idea how many illegals are in this country-they are coming in faster than we can ship em out. We have no idea how many come across every day-we only know what we catch!
    People wonder why there is so much crime, division and discord in our nation-this is why. 39 million cases of identity fraud-hummmmm wonder who is doing that?
    It amazes me that the libtards think this is a good thing-there is nothing good about this.
    NO diversity is not our strength! We need a wall NOW and we need immigration laws enforced. This is destroying our country.

  6. Flanders, you are correct: the Left have ZERO capacity for independent thought. I work with a Libby who DESPISED McCain when he he was running for office ( I remember, he doesn’t-typical) who was fawning all over him last week. “He was a great Patriot, amazing funeral, his moms still alive, blah, blah, blah….” I’m not usually at a loss for words, but this COMPLETE 180• left even me speechless & dumbfounded… I just nodded and thought to myself, “have you EVER had an independent thought?” Amazingly, this person is highly intelligent, and I would guess has an IQ somewhere around 130 or so….


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