Arizona Motorcycle Seat

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I wonder why….
Maybe, just maybe, it has somethin’ to do with Mexican drug lords and the violence seeping over the border into Arizona and Texas? You think? 
H/t my friend Bob W.

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  1. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    I have an unrelated question for FOTM’s….why does it look like it’s snowing on your pages?

  2. If I lived down there I wouldn’t be a second without this! Maybe,because there is a full blown war going down on our borders, “The Fraudulent” POTUS has basically turned his back on thee American people,there are terrorists of all types coming across in droves. The states simply cannot hold up all of these illegals. MSM including fox picking and choosing what they will and won’t tell Americans. We need to get the illegal out of the whitehouse,and put someone in that can handle the job! Every minute that passes by with this jackass in office-we are self destructing-and he knows this.

  3. This is sweeet!

  4. That is just too cool.


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