Arizona Has More Independents Than Democrats

Frustrated by the federal government’s refusal to enforce its own immigration laws, Arizona — a border state on the frontline of the illegal alien invasion — was the first State in the Disunion to pass its own immigration law last April. For that, Arizona was met with threats of boycott from other states such as California, as well as a lawsuit by the Obama administration.
Now Arizona is leading the way in the American people’s increasing repudiation of the two party system. For the first time, the number of Arizonans who register as non-partisan Independents (“other”) exceeds that of registered Democrats. Here’s the breakdown:

Registered Republicans……1,142,602…..35.8% of Arizona’s registered voters

Registered as “other”……….1,010,725…..31.66% of registered voters

Registered Democrats……..1,008,689…..31.59% of registered voters

Ginger Rough of the Arizona Republic reports, Jan. 24, 2011: 

The number of Arizona voters who do not designate an affiliation with any political party – the category that includes independents – has exceeded one million for the first time, according to numbers released Monday by the Secretary of State’s office.
It also marks the first time the number of independent voters is greater than those registered in one of the state’s two major political parties — in this case, the Democrats.
As of Jan. 1, there were 1,010,725 voters registered as “other” in the state, an increase of 28,248 since voter-registration statistics were released last fall. They account for 31.66 percent of Arizona’s registered voters.
The number of registered Democrats, by comparison, stands at 1,008,689. The Democratic Party has added just over 5,700 voters since November’s general election….
Meanwhile, the Republican Party — which won all the statewide races in November and holds a strong majority in the Arizona Legislature — picked up 10,803 voters during the same time period. There are now 1,142,602 registered Republican voters in the state.
But it’s not all rosy in the Grand Old Party. In the past two years, the percentage of voters who designate themselves as Republican has slipped from 37.1 to 35.8. Arizona Republican party spokesman Matt Roberts said the trend is worrisome, but he believes the GOP can lure new voters with strong leadership, both in state and in Washington, D.C….
Libertarians continue to make up a little less than 1 percent of the state’s total voter registration, with 24,880; there are 5,040 voters registered as Green Party members. Total voter registration is now 3,191,939.

H/t beloved fellow Judy.

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