Arizona GOP Sells Out On "Birther" Bill

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Both tina and FS sounded the warning about this yesterday…and they’re right.

I don’t know why Republicans in Arizona or Congress refuse to confront the Obama birth eligibility issue when none other than Michelle Obama had declared in a public speech in 2008 that the Punk was born in Kenya.
Now that the Arizona Senate has backed off from voting on the “birther” bill because of a lack of support from some of its GOP members, after the bill’s been approved by the Arizona House, our hope that the Punk will be found to be an imposter is dashed for now. All is not lost, for it takes the legislature of just one state out of the 50 with the courage and integrity to pass a bill requiring 2012 presidential candidates to prove their birth eligibility.
Keep the faith, friends!

Arizona Sets Aside Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Show Birth Certificates

Associated Press – April 29, 2010 

A bill to require presidential candidates to show their birth certificates to get on the state’s ballot is being set aside at the Arizona Legislature.
With lawmakers working toward adjournment of their annual session, the sponsor of the bill used to resurrect the proposal says it won’t get a Senate vote because some fellow Republicans don’t support it.
The House narrowly approved the measure last week.
The bill is an outgrowth over some Obama critics’ doubts over whether he was born in the United States. Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama’s citizenship, and his Hawaiian birth certificate has been made public, along with newspaper birth notices
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4 responses to “Arizona GOP Sells Out On "Birther" Bill

  1. Steve,
    I’d like to get rid of the GOP and so would most conservatives but we aren’t strong enough to start a party on our own. The Tea Party would get my support but then in a fight for supremacy the Dems would win because we’d be split. It would be better to get the Dems fighting among themselves and cause a split there—Divide and conquer==That’s how battles are won. That’s why Obama got elected and that’s how Clinton got elected. The Repubs have always been divided. I’m an extremest on the far right and find it difficult to vote for any Repub. I like Palin’s philosophy but when she opens her mouth I get turned off. I think Herman Cain would be a good choice but few people know him and fewer would support him. I like Rubio out of Fl. but he’s only running for the senate right now. I also like Liz Cheney but she can’t get elected. I like Newt but he’s a party man all the way, not a man of true conviction.
    I’m afraid us conservatives are at best dreamers.
    I liked this country much better back in the forties.

  2. Rubio said he has no ambitions beyond Senator now. That may change one day.
    I also like Sarah’s philosophy, but she’s put herself out there too much. Remember when she was just posting comments on Facebook? People really paid attention to her posts. Now she’s decided to be in the media most of the time, and IMHO, that’s not good. People quit listening. She’s brash and bold and conservative, and I admire her for those qualities. She would be much better as a fund raiser than a candidate, again IMHO.
    Republicans keep wanting to run the same old faces for POTUS, and those folks just cannot win. We need new faces, people with guts to stand up to big government, and who can inspire voters. One person comes to mind, but he said he’s not willing to run for POTUS yet: Senator Jim DeMint from S.C. He’s the perfect conservative, but I think he’s grooming the younger conservatives to carry on to higher offices.
    Are you all tired of reading yet? Okay, off my soapbox (for now.) LOL
    Illegitimis nil carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down

  3. Steve, She has a whiny voice almost grates on ones nerves. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great conservative and that I like. As long as she doesn’t speak I’ll fight for her.

  4. I think Sarah is a great speaker, because the American people can hear and see that she is actually GENUINE! She is brave and a clear thinker! Somebody got to the Arizona legislators! But there is always hope-always hope!


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