Ariz. prof. says U.S. soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists, greater threat to world peace than ISIS

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The whacky professor...

The whacky professor…

Campus Reform: University of Arizona (UA) professor claims that American soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists who pose a greater threat to world peace than ISIS.
Musa al-Gharbi, a UA instructor and affiliate to the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC), asserts that the U.S. military is “heavily infiltrated by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups,” in an article titled “ How Much Moral High Ground Does the U.S. Have Over ISIS.” Al-Gharbi also affirms that Americans are “hypocritical” for their detestation of Islamic State, according to The Washington Free Beacon.
Look what those whacky US soldiers did...

Look what those whacky US soldiers did…

It would not be a stretch to say that the United States is actually a greater threat to peace and stability in the region than ISIS – not least because US policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria have largely paved the way for ISIS’s emergence as a major regional actor,” he wrote.
More whacky US soldiers?

More whacky US soldiers?

“But perhaps more disturbingly, many of the same behaviors condemned by the Obama administration and used to justify its most recent campaign into Iraq and Syria are commonly perpetrated by US troops and are ubiquitous in the broader American society. Until these problems are better addressed, United States’ efforts to undermine ISIS will be akin to using a dirty rag to clean an infected wound.”
Al-Gharbi insists that isolated instances of American soldiers committing rape, for which they are harshly reprimanded, are equal to systematic killings committed by ISIS.
behead infidels“Iraq’s refusal to grant US soldiers immunity was the reason the US ultimately abandoned the pursuit of a status of forces agreement there, contributing significantly to the security vacuum that allowed ISIS to rebuild in Iraq and expand into Syria,” writes al-Gharbi. “That is, ISIS’s crimes were largely enabled by America’s refusal to face up to its own.”
UA’s Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts says al-Gharbi’s words are not representative of its views.
“SISMEC is a consortium of researchers, instructors and intellectuals who work both collaboratively and independently on critical issues related to the MENA region,” a spokesman for the organization wrote to The Beacon. “We stand behind all work published on the SISMEC website, to include the research of al-Gharbi. However, those works published externally represent the views of the author and do not represent the initiative.”
Al-Gharbi told The Beacon his efforts are focused on challenging America grow better and stronger. “The goal of all of my work is to render U.S. policy more effective, efficient, and beneficent. I do this work out of my commitment to challenge America to grow better and stronger,” said al-Gharbi.
According to Fox News, al-Gharbi formerly wrote for Al Jazeera, where he contended in an article published last July, that Israel provoked Hamas to attack in order to justify invading Gaza.
Hey al-Gharbi:

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0 responses to “Ariz. prof. says U.S. soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists, greater threat to world peace than ISIS

  1. Robert McElhaney

    This so called a low life scum of the earth pile of manusha and needs to be treated as a traitor.

  2. Methinks he doth project too much…

  3. What can I say-it turns out EVERY University has it’s share of nutcase “Professors”. Guess I can’t blame it all on Mexifornia’s Schools of Higher Students-I mean LEARNING anymore.

  4. Our tax dollars at work!

  5. Actually, the armed forces are just about as bad as the soviet forces of back in the day, sniping civilians and domestic animals for “fun”, for example. Don’t think for a second that just because the U.S. grunts are “american” that makes them any better than dyncorp (child sex trafficing, among other things) or blackwater or similar satan-serving mercs. (Remember, even cops in the U.S. routinely do bad things to civilians, because that agency seeks to employ bad apples, remember that mandate recently found out about departments discriminating against potential officers because their IQ was too high?), same goes for the military, they don’t seek to employ people with honor, honor gets in the way of “taking orders” (that’s why the oath keepers are considered a terrorist organization).
    He is wrong though in that the currently on its way to being red (as in China’s sort of red) U.S. is a greater threat to world peace, since the U.S. is a part of the whole “isis” (ergo the same threat) group (or is obomber really that incompetent in dropping off supplies for the kurds?). How many wars of greed and resources has the U.S. spiked for it’s pimp, “israel” in the last 60 years. The U.S. govt. is a terrorist organization agaisnt it’s own citizens, why wouldn’t it use the military for the same ends elsewhere?
    Frankly his assesment is accurate for the most part, especially when troops are recruited from generations without a sense of honor or respect (and that includes those of the 90’s) they’ll pull any shenanighans they think they can get away with in foreign countries, because they’re still mentally teenagers, and will misbehave accordingly, then lie about it. We must remember that the military is a governmental organization, if the govt. is controlled by the devil, then so is the military, regardless of how Christian the average footman is, if he follows orders issued by the devil through the joint chief and brass, then he is in service to the devil.
    What needs to be done I think is same thing that always needs to be done, start at the local level, get good clean Christian folk in office that won’t be puppets for evil, same goes for the police, strip out all that fraternal/secret society malarkey and eventually the military at large can be corrected, have the nutbags stripped out and no more foreign deployment beyond 500 miles past the border in any direction.
    Sounds harsh I know and this most certainly won’t be agreeable to people, but the fact is that we must dispense with the lie and illusion that the U.S. is some “great hero” like in comic books, it never was, and looks to be following the same wheel ruts made by greece and rome, and will fall into the same pit those vile nations did, Unless the citizenry seeks God’s Guidance, and bothers to get out and do something about the matter, then it will meet the same fate as those past fallen nations.

    • Nice taking the jackasses every military force has to deal with (which the U.S. does take pains to control better than most nations) and generalizing about America as whole using them… when morale goes down, you get more of that crap, I’ll admit (among anyone, too). Some truth, but not enough for the sake of moral equivalency. It’s still better here than elsewhere.

  6. Hey perfesser Akhmed, go fork yourself, sideways, then go wash a camel.
    And may the fleas of a thousand camels invade you armpits.

  7. I realize this is a crazy question, but why is this man a prof in an American university? Aren’t there some limits to our tolerance? And – has anyone done a background check on Seumas?!

    • Pnord, Just because I say something you don’t like, doesn’t give you permission to hunt for background checks and such, especially when what I say bears out with due diligence. Do the research, check on U.S. soldiers raping and killing civilians, the evidence is there (If it wasn’t why do you suppose there are provisions being written into the NDAAs against “sexploitation” of other soldiers? because they have a high moral standing?). Check on the connection of the U.S. to greece and rome (in case the statue of dike in court rooms around the country, and the giant statue of libertas in new york harbor isn’t good enough for you.)
      In case you missed it, I called for good Christian folk to get into local offices and to remove the corruption present. I also suggested folks seek God’s guidance, those are some of the chief threats to the NWO/satanist/lucerian/communist/feminist et al. shills that there is.
      Now why would you want to be doing a background check on me, if I recommend such things, what have I done that is so fearful? Review past comments, see what you find.

  8. Good points above, Anonymous. Seumas, I was in the military and almost everyone I served with was honorable and good. A few bad apples, sure, but they are the exception. Most join to get a paycheck and an education. The US is not a threat to world peace. Without the US, all hell would break loose. Look what’s happened in Iraq. With the US military still in Germany and Japan, those countries have flourished. Based on your comments, Pnordman has good reason to be alarmed. Pnordman is a patriot and a hero. I do commend you for calling for good Christians to hold office.

    • Seumas,
      The problem with over-generalizations is that it’s so easy to defeat them. As Mike observed, the U.S. military was a force for good in WW2, unless of course you’re a racist and would rather live in the “utopia” of either the German Nazis or Imperial Japan (who were the Asian counterparts of the Germans, also believing themselves to be the super-race as descendants of the sun goddess Amateratsu).
      Whether the post-WW2 U.S. military is a force for good or evil is debatable. But at a minimum, it would be useful and certainly more just if you make a distinction between soldiers and policy-makers. Condemn the policy-makers, not the soldiers, some of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice.

      • I certainly have no personal grudge against, nor mean any offense towards individual soldiers (I do feel they’ve been snookered, as the saying goes, and believe their choice to join was a foolish one.) nor against Pnordman, that’s as far as that goes. Perhaps I should clarify, my point is not that all U.S. soldiers are bad, rather that the percentage of good to evil has changed considerably from what it used to be, that is to say it now seems apathetic, or evil, now seem to constitute the majority (That is excluding “brassholes” that is, the high up muckity mucks that never “see action” or make themselves of much use and simply pass orders down the chain), rather than Good folk, this is why I said the professor had a point. Things certainly have changed quite a lot since WW2, and not for the better.
        It is worrisome though, with obomber as a “commander-in-chief” of the armed forces, ultimately he issues orders to the armed forces, and since we already know he is a servant of satan, what will the military likely be utilized to accomplish? Can anyone down the chain revoke his malarkey and say “no”, legally?
        I will say though, that I do appreciate those soldiers who manage to somehow keep their own free will and don’t buckle under threats (such as the Oath Keepers) and especially those that don’t follow orders blindly or under fear of reprimand if they don’t follow one that is obviously a bad one. Sadly too many folks are lost because the “suits” make wars for profit/resources or for territory (or sometimes just for their own amusement, they’re sick like that.) far too often and for little or no, real reason.
        That said, I am most certainly against anyone joining the military, for any reason, because modern war is not a business to get involved in, if it can be helped, it is also a vile and venomous beast that consumes people, sometimes killing them, sometimes spitting them back out used and abused, with such maladies as PTSD etc. (Defense against a valid adversary is one thing, using people to advance agendas, steal resources, or for “fun” is quite another) I do hope that people would quit signing up, at all, for any reason, then it would be up to the devil worshipers themselves to duke it out between each other. It is something to hope for.


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