Are you smart enough to decipher this ad?

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Please watch this ad, but stop the video before you get to the 1:00 mark.

What “Happy 40th Anniversary” is meant by the well-dressed black man with the seductive voice, holding a red rose?
Please take this poll before you read further.

Now continue watching the ad.
The ad is the product of the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the 40th anniversary is of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade that made abortion — the killing of innocent unborn human persons — lawful.
Ryan Bomberger, a Black pro-life leader, responded to the ad saying: “The Center for Reproductive Rights, like Planned Parenthood, certainly understands its main demographic. Happy 40th Anniversary Baby ironically uses a man (who is normally treated [by feminists] as persona non grata) to pitch abortion. The fact that they use a black man just screams irony . . . with the black abortion rate as high as it is and black fathers as absent as they are, it’s just sick to see Mehcad Brooks shill for the number one killer in the black community, and the killer of 55 million plus since ’73.”
Roe v Wade has been nothing less than genocidal for Blacks.
As Stephen Frank notes, whereas Blacks comprise 13% of the U.S. population, they account for 40% of aborted babies.  But when the Left talks about the large number of Blacks in jail or prison, they call it racist.
In the 40 years since Roe v. Wade, more than 54.5 million American babies were murdered through abortion. That’s more than the population of the following countries (a select list):

  • South Africa, pop. 51.77 million
  • South Korea, pop. 50 million
  • Columbia, pop. 46.89 million
  • Spain, pop. 46.815 million
  • Argentina, pop. 40.117 million
  • Canada, pop. 35 million
  • Iraq, pop. 33.33 million
  • Venezuela, pop. 28.9 million
  • Afghanistan, pop. 25.5 million
  • Australia, pop. 22.881 million
  • Netherlands, pop. 16.775 million
  • Belgium, pop. 11.139 million
  • Greece, pop. 10.815 million

California is the largest state (by population, not territory) in America, with an estimated population in 2012 of 38.041 million. Since Roe v Wade, we’ve killed 16.46 million more human lives than the population of California.
John Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews calls the ad “the creepiest abortion ad ever.” I think that’s an understatement.
This is an evil ad, celebrating the killing of innocents.
Instead of a suit and tie, Mehcad Brooks, the actor in the ad, really should be in a red cape, sprouting horns.
Tears for the 54.5 million little human persons who were slaughtered….
A big h/t to FOTM’s Stephanie O.

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0 responses to “Are you smart enough to decipher this ad?

  1. One word ;SICK.

  2. The fools don’t even know they are fools. If anything good could come from abortion, hopefully it will be to abort those that would grow up to support abortion.

    • I’m sorry, Laserboy. I understand the motivation of such a statement, but I cannot agree; nor, do I suspect, will you find many among the pro-life crowd who will. Every life is sacred, because every life has the potential to grow and become a force of Good in the world; to wish that even those who support the “right” to kill their offspring would be (or would have been) aborted violates the core principle of the pro-life philosophy. It’s often difficult, but we must practice what we preach, and extend the love that underlies our philosophy, even to them…

  3. While I may have submitted this post, I’m STILL having problems processing it. The leering and laughter, the FIRE in the background (uh, hello Hell???), the casual cruelty of celebrating the murder of an “inconvenient” child conceived through casual sex … my mind reels and recoils …
    Yet I know I had to see this. This is what the “liberated” mind thinks. This is what an unmoored in principle and Godless society has wrought us. The sickness and depravity and utter glee displayed in this ad is what resides in those who are lost, but can still cause harm to those I love.
    Though painful, I must acknowledge the Enemy’s machinations. I must
    accept their reality so I can fight it. And fight it I must.
    Although St. Francis’ gentle message would be my preference (“Lord, make an instrument of your peace”) I feel a Warrior’s calling. A calling to be a Defender of Truth. A Vehicle of Confrontation and Obstruction. A Clarion Caller, identifying Evil by its name and demanding it return to the darkness from whence it came.
    I pray I will be strong enough for this fight. I ask for St. Michael’s legion of angels to attend me as I find my way, as well as my voice, among those who hate God’s Love and his Light. And I pray that it is not too late to save this once-great country from the pervasive forces of darkness permeating every moment of this horrifying ad.

  4. I wasn’t able to do the poll since I had already seen this where somebody shared it to an internet group I’m on. So sick.

  5. I picked the anniversary of some happy day in American history – dead giveaway of subliminal advertising in all the innuendo from the rose, the fire, the suit, and the fact of millions having “fought” to preserve something supposedly important. I am however not pro abortion. Just aware of how their mind game works. Sick!

  6. Thank you Stephanie O. and Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Frankly, I knew right away that this was about abortion. It is so evil and so demonic in every way! We are in the midst of “in your face evil”, which is evidenced by a celebratory ad as set forth herein for the killing of millions of children. You really cannot get more evil than that. This black man in the ad mirrors the position of the king of this country, who is rabidly in support of abortion and infanticide. In Your Face Evil! We have been fighting it and continue to fight it. Many of the abortion mills in the State in which I reside are gone.

  7. I found this ad to be deplorable. “We the people” (low informed) have been brainwashed to believe genocide is not a crime when legalized by our government. I wrote a post (
    hoping to enlighten the Democratic minority voting block of the detriment of Democratic Policies.

  8. To celebrate this is just sick! Wonder how many more young girls and women will think abortion is ok, just because of this ad! Is this on TV now? I haven’t seen it!

    • How anyone can celebrate this blows my mind. In high school about 16 years ago for me I watched a good friend go through this. I won’t get into the problem of sex out of marriage or being too young. She was young, very in love with this guy, and got pregnant so her mom forced her to have the abortion by taking her to the clinic and signing the consent. If you saw what I saw after it would devastate you.
      Psychologically and emotionally the damage was terrible. She just lost it all. If I remember correctly she was always looking at baby oriented stuff – toys, clothes, strollers, etc. And I believe I remember stuff with actual dolls – baby dolls like a little child whom mimics their mom and carries one with them.
      I used to draw for her because she liked my art work and handwriting. I would make hand drawn/written love notes and cards she gave to the guy. I got my wake up call back then to what abortion can do to a person. There are better alternatives, and while I can understand the need to save a mother’s life during a high risk pregnancy or the damage of rape and incest the fact is life begins at conception and that life also can feel through the whole process the pain of an abortion. I won’t get into the song a Japanese band I listened to did on abortion. It was written from the perspective of the aborted child and brought me to tears about how all the child wanted was to be loved.

  9. This is utterly disgusting. No words for pure evil.

  10. First Teachers, I just read your article reflecting on how little has been achieved for Black Americans since Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech and have a lump in my throat. The statistics you cite are APPALLING. I’d never before read a piece detailing the true price Blacks have paid for being coerced into dependency on the government, all to (allegedly) “level the playing field.” And abortion has been yet another tool that has destroyed the Black family.
    Thank you for posting the link, and for writing such important truths. We ALL must speak the truth now, wherever falsehoods are being spoken. It’s the only way we can begin to awaken people to a different reality, re-awaken a sense of possibility and hope.

    • I am a licensed cosmetologist who did makeup for a fashion show in Dallas last year dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness in the black community. The statistics on that are also heartbreaking in terms of the African American demographic. Participating in that event awoke me to things I did not know.

  11. The bible says that Satan has “deceived the world”. We are are deceived in some way, but this way is so horrible. Abortion just should never have been invented. That person certainly is in the bowels of Hell.


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