Are you as smart as an African Grey Parrot?

You’ll be surprised by how you measure up. 😉

Parrots and crows are among the smartest of birds.

The African Grey Parrot (or just Grey parrot) is a medium-sized, predominantly grey, black-billed, red-tailed parrot, weighing 0.88 lb, with a length of around 13 in. and a wingspan of 18–20 in. A native of equatorial Africa, these parrots may live for 40–60 years in captivity, although their mean lifespan in the wild is shorter, about 23 years.

These parrots are one of the most popular avian pets, prized for these ability to mimic human speech. Grey parrots are also highly intelligent, as shown in experients:

  • Grey parrots perform at the cognitive level of a 4- to 6-year-old human child in some tasks.
  • The parrots can learn number sequences and can associate human voices with those humans’ faces.
  • Dr. Irene Pepperberg‘s work with Alex the parrot showed his ability to learn over 100 words, differentiating between objects, colors, materials, and shapes.
  • A recent study found that Grey parrots possess probabilistic reasoning, being able to make inferences about a sample based on information from a population. (Journal of Comparative Psychology)

Researchers have put African Grey Parrots through all kinds of intelligence tests. Baba Mail has one such test — a 12-question test that you’ll have to answer at least 10 of the questions correctly to outsmart African Grey Parrots.

Take this hint seriously:

Pay close attention to the photos in each question and try to memorize everything you see.

To take the quiz, click here.

How did you do?

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Many animals are capable of some degree of abstract thought. And they are certainly capable of love and kindness and compassion and they will even give up their lives for us if necessary. But it is precisely because they are unable to abstract on a human level that they are without sin. Good and evil are abstract conceptions. Some animals, whales and dolphins for instance, have complex and sophisticated languages. And if we measure relative intelligence using the metric of the ratio of endocranial capacity to body mass, dolphins are “smarter” than humans. Mimicing human language is not indicative of… Read more »


If I were an African Grey Parrot I’d be saying MERRY CHRISTMAS I LOVE YOU.


If I was an African Grey Parrot I’d poop on Adam Schiff’s head and say MAGA 2020. Then I’d say Merry Christmas 🙂




Dr. (((Pepperberg))) teaches at Harvard. She was also involved with the Washoe project, the name of the chimpanzee I mentioned earlier. Her work with Alex has been questioned because he is the only parrot she employed in her research, therefore her results cannot be generalized to parrots as a whole. My sense is that the objective of her research is to demonstrate that humans are not unique or exceptional, just another animal. A typical atheist/materialist viewpoint, at variance with the Christian position that humans are made in God’s image. Perhaps not surprisingly she is also a member of the Messaging… Read more »


10/12, not as smart!

Jackie Puppet

I also got 10/12 – that was a good quiz!